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Posted by Ted (Bangkok, Thailand) on 08/24/2007 391 posts

Most of the detoxing is from the garlic and the chelation if from cilantro. Oil pulling between brushing of teeth would have helped too. IN order not to damage the body from too much detoxing too quickly it is often taken only 4 days out of a week with 3 day break. Another schedule which has little effect from such quickly detoxing is to take it once every other day, but still needs a two take break per week also. The reason that is so is the liver, spleen, intestines, sweat glands and kidneys have a limited capacity for ridding of mercury and a break os needed so those organ can catch up.

I have read somewhere that tannic acid can also effectively chelate, lead, cadmium, iron and mercury surprisingly effective, but the secret lies in the dilution. For me to reduce those I usually take only 1/8 teaspoon of tannic acid diluted in one full liter of drinking water. There is so much heavy metals, not just from fishes as I found out but also from vegetables, prepared foods since there is high heavy metals in the fertilizers which resulted in similar problems too.

Replied by Judy
Reidsville, North Carolina, USA

For Ted or anyone who knows. I did a Provoked Urine Challenge Test for heavy metals and found out I have:

  • Extremely High Lead
  • High Mercury
  • High Thalliam (can't remember how it is spelled)
  • and several others.

I have 3 more amalgams of 7 to remove to composits and then will be able to start to detox.

Yes, it is expensive as it will be approx. $1500 - $2000 and I only live on $1200 per month but I am dying. I have no other choice but wish I had done this years ago. I'm 63

1. I have a St Jude Stainless Steel Aortic Heart Valve. And staples in my chest. Will pulling metals out do anything to my valve??

2. I also have extremely high mold inside me. I did a special test for that and have moved from the old moldy mobile home. I was deathly sick there and didn't know why.

3. I've heard when you detox you can sometimes rather then illiminate the metals they re-enter and obsorb back into your organs. How do I stop that from ever happening??

Love Earthclinic and thanks for any help. ~ Judy ~"

04/11/2011: Tobey from Eugene, OR replies: "I am not an expert in any way. I read recently about magnesium oil and nano colloidal detox and zeolite for pulling heavy metals out of the body.

I think it was magnesium oil, tho it could have been the nano colloidal product, pulls them out and sends the heavy metals out of your body through your urine, not your colon (which supposedly will set it up to be reingested into the body), therefore safer to you.

Worth checking it out.

Replied by P
Cedar Rapids, Ia

re - remedies; I see many people suggesting others do oil pulling, taking anti oxidants, prayer- which is great- but we must also act, not expect solutions to fall form the sky, possibly hazardous chemicals, loading up on natural ingredients and herbs- which can have a toxic effect, of course!

People - all of these things are not a good idea. I have decades of experience in Chinese Medicine- which is approximately 4,000 years old - yes, 3 zeros. US medicine, by comparison, is about 80 years old- since it has been using 'modern' principles. It's in an infantile stage by comparison.

Cilantro is a great, all around blood cleanser. Bee Venom therapy WILL CURE ALL FORMS OF ARTHRITIS- make sure you're not allergic first, or buy an epi pen, in case of inflammation in the throat area. Vit D3- in large doses - 10K IU/week will eliminate joint pain-outside of arthritis. -However just having your shirt off, in the sun for 30 minutes will give you 100,000 IU of V D3. Common clay WILL eliminate and bind to all mercury in your body- in gas form or liquid states. Take this before getting any mercury fillings removed and after for a few weeks, to avoid more problems IF you happen to have mercury released into your body during removal, which is common. I have learned this information from personl experience as well as my studies. Build an alkaline diet into your life and you will have good health. In Christ, P

Replied by Gonzalito
Capital Federal, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Ted, are you still recommending tannic acid to detoxify heavy metals? Were you able to confirm its chelating action? Thanks in advance.