Peroxide and Then What?

Posted by Matt (Spring Hill, FL) on 11/30/2006

i have been using hydrogen peroxide for the last 3 days and it was eliminating my bad breath in the morning but then i could still see some bacteria on my tongue about a hour after. Do u think i should try using baking soda? Also, it feels like i can't get the taste of the hydrogen peroxide out of my mouth. i really need to get rid of this, i go to school and i can't even talk to anybody. i always try to cover my mouth when i talk, somebody please give me some suggestions thank u.

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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Dear Matt: Hydrogen peroxide is more ideal in killing virus and bacteria, but a long term bad breath represents your body's chemistry is more supportive of bad breath. Often I have used zinc chloride 1% to 5% mouthwash, with some magnesium chloride. Obviously, you won't find it! So a nearest substitute is lavoris mouthwash, which contains a small amount of zinc chloride, less than 1%.

Taking baking soda on empty stomach, such as 1/4 teaspoon maybe three times day would really help by raising the the body's alkalinity. Thus, reducing the bad breath.

Taking zinc supplements will help, but only zinc acetate, zinc chloride, or zinc citrate at 25 mg/day. Of course, getting those are not easy either, so just eat plenty of pumpkin seeds like a handful a day twice a day, preferably unsalted, as it has more zinc content. Taking some sunflower seeds, preferably unsalted is high on magnesium and is helpful too.

Most of the bad breath should noticeably be reduced within a week, depending on how much pumpkin seeds and baking soda you take. In this case hydrogen peroxide at lower concentration can be used and the smell should not return as quickly either. You need to resolve some constipation it reduces bad breath fairly quickly, if you have it.

I found from experience that quite often, bad breath is initiated by sleeping late hours and lack of sleep. It causes your body to have low levels of bicarbonates initiating a bad breath reaction. So if you sleep more, your bad breath will noticeably be reduced. Drink plenty of water, and perhaps some sea salt added at 1/4 teaspoon to one glass to drink internally, one dose on empty stomach 1 hour or more after eating or 1 or more hours before meals also were quite helpful.

Replied by Lakshmi

Hi Ted! this is Lakshmi from India. you suggested "taking zinc supplements will help, but only zinc acetate, zinc chloride, or zinc citrate at 25 mg/day.". I am unable to get these zinc combinations in India. I've been able to get hold of Capsules of Vitamins B-Complex & C with Zinc Sulphate. This is exactly what is mentioned on the capsule strip. Each capsule contains Zinc Sulfate Monohydrate USP 41.4 mg which equals to 15 mg of elemental Zinc (as mentioned on the strip). I'm concerned about the Zinc "Sulphate" here. Is it ok to take "sulphate" instead of "acetate", "chloride" or "citrate". Plz advice. Many thanks. Lakshmi