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There are several possible causes for bad breath:

1. Cavities. One small cavity in the tooth with some food in there is one main cause. Get it capped.

2. Acidic body. Take 1/2 teaspoon of baking soda plus 1/2 teaspoon of citric acid twice a day. Get plenty of sleep so the body can restore the bicarbonate levels.

3. Brushing your teeth with sea salt powder on every part of the gums and every nook and cranny especially the back gums and teeth both inside and outside the jaws. Extremely important NOT to leave any stones unturned. Do this three times a day. Morning, Lunch and before sleep. If that doesn't work, brush with sodium perborate, use flossing, and prepare a 3% H2O2 mouthwash.

4. Lack of stomach acids. To drinking water add 1/4 teaspoon of sea salt per liter of water. Or take betaine HCl to restore the stomach acids. If foods are well digested, stomach acids should be eliminated.

5. Improper digestive system. Usually when constipation comes, it is obvious you will have bad breath. A simple remedy is to drink 1/4 teaspoon of Magnesium chloride everyday and eat more high fiber foods. Avoid all white flours, vegetable oils, margarine, canola oils, sugar. Eat millet or whole wheat. No pizzas, sandwiches, shakes, and ABSOLUTELY NO MILK. Milk will cause bad breath within minutes.

6. Improper blood sugar. If the body is high in blood sugar, just avoid all vegetable oils, fried foods, soda, high carbohydrate diets and take 9 mg. of biotin per day plus 1 teaspoon of granulated lecithin. This will help body get rid of excess fats and reduce the blood sugar. Vitamin D3 or D4 also works.

7. No late night meals! The digestive system doesn't work well in late evening!

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Boca Raton, Fl

I've had success with this one. Similar to Ted's steps 4 and 5. Increasing Chloride consumption seems to do the trick. I went with Morton's light salt, 50% NaCl, 50% KCl. I don't have dosing down, but a teaspoon a day in a glass of water seems to do the trick. 1/2 a teaspoon has an effect as well. Before bed seems more effective as well, but you can get results any time.

Regular salt seems to lead to water retention and bloating, whereas this one doesn't. I suspect Chloride activates the Sodium-Potassium pump... and NaCl alone may upset the Sodium Potassium Balance.

I've tried mixing 1/2 teaspoon Sodium Ascorbate with 1/2 teaspoon of this Salt with success as well; however, unclear if the Vit C is necessary... this helps with Sinus congestion as well, or if you feel a cold coming on.

Replied by Nina
London, Canada

How can one tell if their body is acidic or its the lack of stomach acid problem? Thank you.

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Amsterdam, Netherlands

Hi Ted,

I really want to try the potassium citrate and lemon baking soda mix, but i can only find potassium in capsule form. I suffer from bad breath for 12 years now and i can't handle it anymore. I wanna know if it ok to buy potassium in capsule form.

EC: Billie is referring to some of Ted's remedies in the Q&A section here: https://www.earthclinic.com/cures/breath_questions.html

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Hi Billie. My dad has the worst breath in the world! You could not stand to be around him and have a conversation, because you would literally GAG if you were to close.

Some how he found out about Chlorophyll. When he takes the Chlorophyll pills, his breath does not stink. But if he does not take the pills his breath is awful!

Others have said this works to. So it would be worth a try. It is not that expensive and can be bought from most of the vitamin companies.

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Dhaka, Bangladesh, Dhaka

Hello everybody (specially Ted)I have been suffering from halitosis for 20 years. I am just going mad for this unspeakable problem. Mental situation is such that I even tried to commit suicide for this! Finally just 1 week ago found Ted's remedy and was so happy to try. I brush with baking soda hydrogen peroxide mix twice a day. Taking 1/4 ts baking soda 1/4 potassium bicarbonate with 1/2 glass of water for a week. Sometimes I mix the mix with ACV sometimes with 2 ts of lemon juice. But my BB is not curing fully. There is significant reduction (maybe 70%) but the bb is returning again I feel. I gargle twice a day with 3% HP with water in the ration of 1:5 mixed with pinch of salt and baking soda. It works to reduce the bb significantly but not fully. Even if I use hp with more concentration (1:3)still I see people cover their nose while I talk! Meaning it is not 100% working. I also tried ACV but hp seems more perfect. My question to u (specially Ted) despite having potassium bicarbonate and soda for 1 week why bb is not going forever? Is the formulation okay? Should I mix baking soda and potassium bicarbonate with lemon juice or ACV or should take just baking soda and potassium bicarbonate without mixing with anything. How long should I take it? Is there any side effect of soda and potassium bicarb? Actually doctors don't recommend these products to take like this. My urine ph is 5. 0. I scrape my tongue very well but still smells immediately after! I feel bitter taste after taking soda and potassium. Before taking these I felt metallic taste or mouth felt heavy even immediately after brushing. I don't take milk product, sweet product. Also do not use toothpaste from market anymore. Anybody specially Ted help me getting my life back. Please be kind to help sort this out. I am eagerly looking forward to hear something from anybody sir/madam. Thanking you.

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Johannesburg, South Africa

Halitosis - really bad please help, seems like it is coming from my stomach, I am 40 years and am suffering from the age of 15.

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Graford, Texas

Eat yogurt for natural bacteria in your stomach and take chlorophyl gel caps. This will deodorize your entire system. Poor digestion, bad teeth or gums, coated tongue or ulcer; find the cause in your body. Ulcers can be eliminated or healed with AloeVera Juice and yogurt daily. Good Luck!!

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Dhaka, Bangladesh

Hello Ted and other readers

Please take my salam and good wishes from Bangladesh. I thank God that I got many persons (specially Ted)to talk about my chronic bad breath. Thanks to earthclinic. I am now 33 and suffering from halitosis for may be 20 years! I am a teacher and you can just imagine how much I am suffering from this shameful ailment as I have to interact with many people each day. I face humiliation at each and every moment, second! Sometimes feel to commit suicide! Even I dare to wed and unless it is over I will not/can not wed too. My life is jeopardized. I seek your kind help in combating bb. I am following the advice you provided to various people suffering from different dimensions of halitosis in the form of question-answer. I brush with paste made from baking soda hydrogen peroxide salt mix twice a day. I gargle twice a day with 3% HP with water in the ration of 1:5 mixed with pinch of salt and baking soda. Sometimes I mix the mouthwash with ACV. I am also taking internally 1/4 ts baking soda 1/4 potassium bicarbonate 2 tsp of lemon juice with 1/2 glass of water daily twice for 2 weeks. But my BB is not curing fully. There was significant reduction first few days but the bb has returned again. Even if I use hp with more concentration (1:3) still I see people cover their nose while I talk! Meaning it is not 100% working. My question to u despite having potassium bicarbonate and soda for 1. 5 week why bb is not going forever? Is the formulation okay? How long should I take it? Is there any side effect of soda and potassium bicarb? Actually doctors don't recommend these products to take like this in our country. My urine ph is 5. 0 before starting taking the soda and potassium. Don't know how much now. I scrape my tongue very well by brush/tongue scrapper with soda and hp and salt mix but still smells immediately after! I feel the smell is in the saliva. Don't know whether this is due to lack of any essential element in the saliva secretion/composition (?). Is there any hormonal problem do u think for which this bb occurs?

I felt bitter taste in the mouth 2/3 days after starting taking soda and potassium and noticed significant reduction in bb (3-4 days) but after that I no more feel bitter taste in mouth despite regular taking of soda and potassium bicarb in the usual doses and bb has returned again. Hp is also not working now well. I don't take milk product, sweet product following oraltech advice (oraltech. Com. Au). Also do not use toothpaste from market anymore. I don't have any PND. Doctors operated my tonsil 10 years back thinking that bad breath was due to chronic tonsillitis but after the operation my bad breath did not cure at all! Therefore I don't have tonsil stones too. I have no lever disease too. No constipation. I am no teeth problem/gum disease. I maintain very good oral hygiene. After eating anything I wash the mouth/tongue.
My tongue is hairy and there is a thick white covering in it. Whatever way I scrap the tongue white covering never goes clearly. Tongue is hairy and blotchy. Is this type of tongue related to bb? Or is this the main cause of my bb? Thinking yeast problem, from yesterday I started using Nystatine (as found in earthclinic and recommended by someone in similar problem). From today (29-08-10) I have started taking multivitamin tablet. From tomorrow I will try to find pumpkin seed as zinc supplement as you recommended to another guy in earthclinic. Probably I will manage magnesium citrate too from tomorrow. Will try to find Acidophilus ( but not sure whether it is available in Bangladesh). Oraltech Labs wrote to consume natural yogurt without sweet to create culture of good bacteria in intestine but it is said that of all the dairy products, cheese is the worst offender followed closely by yogurts- is not it contradictory? Will taking yogurt thicken the biofilm in the mouth and worsen bb?

I have described in details so that you can understand well my problem and diagnose it. Now kindly provide me what should I do presently to combat bb. I can no longer sustain life with this, no longer..

Replied by Lisa
Thousand Oaks, Ca, Usa

Hi Akbor, I'm sorry to hear of your desperation. This bad breath problem can be addressed. I have helped people with this condition successfully. First off, your ph is very acidic. A highly acidic body is at risk of all sorts of problems. The acidity indicates your internal ecosystem condition. My acupuncturist would say that bad breath has to do with the stomach. I think it goes even beyond that.

You will have to work diligently at changing your diet and cleaning up your internal ecosystem. Just working on your mouth is too superficial. If your internal system is clean then you won't even have bad breath even if you haven't just brushed your teeth. You will want to eat plenty of fresh vegetables but steer clear of fruit for a few months due to the fact that if you have a candida condition this will only help foster the bacteria due to the sugars. Stay away from refined carbs- breads, pastas, chips, processed food, etc. No dairy for awhile until you've cleaned up your intestines. The vegetables will help alkalinize your system. If you can take fresh green vegetable drinks that will help tremendously. You can drink apple cider vinegar in water which you can find formulas for here on earth clinic- just look under apple cider vinegar. Simplify your diet to help your body clear itself of bacterias and old waste. If it's possible to get colonics, I would consider that to help speed up this process.

The description of your tongue indicates candida but you don't really talk much about your diet which you really need to address. As for the contradiction between dairy- cheese vs. yogurt, well yogurt is different because it is a fermented food. As of late, I have been doing extensive studying on yogurt and kefir. Much of the yogurt and kefir seen in the grocery store are of a commercial level and don't have the real benefits of all the bacterias as in your own homemade yogurts and kefirs. You will have to obtain starters and/or kefir grains. I actually found a website that offered real kefir grains and yogurts and have now been making my own for over two weeks. I have not had dairy since Oct. due to my own physical issues and was concerned about re-introducing dairy back into my diet. Through my research, I was re-assured that kefir is very special and those who have dairy issues usually tolerate it just fine. Anyway, I have had no problems at all with drinking the kefir which I do twice a day. It has removed all bloating and sensitivity in my stomach and my facial skin is glowing. Do some research on the internet and you'll learn about this extremely beneficial living food. Anyway, I hope this helps. Remember too, food is medicine and used properly, can heal us. Know that you will overcome this but you must be determined. Candida is a stubborn condition that you must be persistent in your actions. Bill from Luzon, Phillipines has a lot to say on this so read his posts on candida.

This page can also teach you about alkalizing:


Wishing you the best in getting on with life! Lisa

Replied by Frankii
Quincy, Ma, Usa

Hello akbor, I pretty much have the same issue with you like white hairy tongue and very bb. I was recently diagnosed with H-pylori bacteria in my stomach. Which this bacteria cause alot of problem like ulcer, stomach disease, dry mouth and possible bad breath. Well, I do have poor oral hygiene in my past 10 years but I think I got more than just gum disease. If I don't check with my MD last time, then I will never find out that I have H-pylori. I am on my 4th day of antibiotic and my white hairy tongue seems to clear up 80% now except it turn brownish it the middle of the tongue. I am currently taking florastor (probiotic) while I am on antibiotic (prevpac). Did you realize that the more time you spent on cleaning your mouth the worse it gets? Don't waste your time on scraping your tongue, you need antibiotic to get rid of it. I will post my result in 2 weeks, hopefully my bad breath will be completely gone and never return again.

Replied by Rene
Sacramento, Ca, Usa

I agree that Candida may be a problem. Also you are probably not digesting your food properly. Try a digestive enzyme and maybe hydrochloric acid after meals. There is a home test using baking soda to determine whether you are deficient in hydrochloric acid. You may be sensitive to some of the foods you are eating. Do you eat dairy? I know someone who gets bad breath when dairy is eaten due to an inability to digest the diary. I also had a friend who smelled bad when he did not eat vegetables. I agree with the poster who suggested an anti-candida and diet simple meals, so as not to overtax your digestive system. Muscle testing has helped me determine what is good/harmful to my body at a particular time. I don't think it is 100% fool proof, it does have its detractors, but it has helped me. Don't give up. Educate your self. Let us know the results. I KNOW you can get better.

Replied by Laura
London, Uk

This is a message for Akbor and everybody who suffers with bb. I have been myself through hell and back for 21 years with the same problem, have tried lots of things with no positive results. I have recently come across chlorophyllin copper supplements, please google it , you'll be amazed, it's natural, fairly cheap and it works!!! Been using it for a week, I forgot to chew a chewing gum for the first time in 21 years, had the green pills in my cupboard for 6 months but did not use as I was so afraid of yet another false hope, please please research and try, give yourself a new life!!!

Replied by Minda
Suncity Center, Florida, Usa

Re; Laura from London, Uk - use of chlorophyllin copper supplements for bad breath. Where can I buy this? and what is the exact name of the product. Thank you

Replied by Frank
Quincy, Ma

You can buy chlorophyll instead of chlorophyllin copper. They are the same thing except chlorophyllin is the derivatie of chlorophyll and is water soluble instead of fat soluble.

Replied by Akbor
Dhaka, Bangladesh

Hi Lisa, Frankii, Rene, Laura and other readers, good day nd greetings to all. Thanks for your reply and concern. My life is really in bad shape friends! I can no longer bear it! I tried all remedies prescribed in earthclinic (hp, baking soda, acv, salt, acidophilus, refrain from dairy and sweet products etc etc) except chlorophyll gel capsule as I am desperately looking for it in bangladesh (but not getting), search in pharmacies continuing. I don't have any dental problem. No tonsil stone. I take vegetable food, rice, curry, no red meat, no flour etc very simple food. I drink a lot water. Have no constipation. No acid reflux. No lever problem. Don't know whether I have H. Pylori. I took nystatine/micoral antifungal for two weeks but my white hairy tongue has not gone also bb. But first few days after applying nystatine I got very significant result (may be 80% cure! )and thought this is due to candida and thought continued application of nystatine would heal bb completely. But surprisingly the bb has returned again though I m continuing nystatine/micoral till today. As Ramadan is going on I can not take soda potassium bicarbonate water in empty stomach but continuing that too with no result. Many people, specially Laura from England, are saying abt chlorophyll gel caps but I wonder how can I get in Bangladesh. That would be my last try from earth clinic advice. I am taking now friendbac (acidophilus 12 billion - a probio), multivitamin tab for 1 week as somebody recommended in earthclinic but can not understand any improvement in bb. I also started taking natural homemade yogurt without sugar for 2 days. What more can I do as a human being??? Pls help me more friends by simply posting a comment in this link below. No wonder your simple comment/suggestion/remedy/imagination/ experience regarding bb would give new life and be a great help for those suffering from bb for long long years like me around the globe! Frankii u said rightly. The longer I scrap the tongue the worst the smell goes!!! It is a surprise. I wonder about the tongue chemistry behind this. Do u think it is a tissue problem of the tongue? why the remedies are working for me temporarily and bb returning again? I can no longer imagine! Should the bb have been a local issue it would have cured after applying hp/soda/salt/acv, isn't it? pls help help help

Replied by Msg
Somewhere, Europe

Try plain lettuce, parsley and any other green leafy veggie. (that's why the chlorophyl works)

Replied by Lisa From Lafayette
Lafayette, La

Hi. I had that problem, bad breath to the point that I didn't want to talk to anyone. It turned out that I had a bridge (3 teeth) that was actually 3 crowns hooked together, capping my own teeth that had been ground down to accept the crowns. The first dentist totally missed it, but the second found it. Seems that one of the teeth was rotting, and forming a pocket. Tiny particles of food were getting in there. I had to have the bridge removed, the teeth pulled, and implants put in (jaw teeth). Problem solved. The first dentist just shrugged his shoulders, and said "I have no idea, maybe you need to brush better. " Ugh! I'm glad I found the second guy. He was on the ball, and fixed me! Check to see if you have any pockets in your gums that could be holding food. It just has to be a little tiny bit to stink to high heavens! Get a waterpik, and go at all your teeth like there's no tomorrow. That kept me sane until my dental appt. Good luck, and may God be with you, sister.

Replied by Tahiti
Monroeville, Pa, United States Of America

Hi Akbor. You said you tried chlorophyll capsules. Better than that, take the liquid. I have the same problem and the liquid chlorophyll has worked wonders for me. I take one-tablespoon three times a day when I'm staying home. If I have to go out, I take two-tablespoons three times a day. I also take organic apple-cider vinegar twice a day, morning and afternoon. I brush with baking soda, salt and peroxide. You might want to mix a little mint or some other good smelling ingredient with it. Hope this helps! You are not alone! I'm finding out there are many of us that suffer with this affliction. My problems come from a lousy digestive system, probably my stomach mostly. Don't give up! I want to hear back from you that you have overcome this problem!!!

Replied by Frankii
Quincy, Ma

Hi, Akbor, if you leave me your email when you reply then I will give you more info on my progress.

Replied by Akbor
Dhaka, Bangladesh

Hello Frankii, Pls be kind to post me your latest developments in my email. Probably it will help a lot to sort out my problem. My one resembles yours I think. Also everybody, I cannot at all understand my tongue chemistry! Generally it should take at least few seconds for the oral bacteria to consume the food particles and release malodorous sulpher compounds. But I have noticed that as soon I put nearly all kinds of foods in my mouth it starts smelling! Why??? Is it more related with tongue chemistry I mean is this due to lack of macro/macro elements like sodium/potassium/magnesium/zinc etc rather than anaerobic bacteria in the mouth?

Despite applying nystatine or Povidone and taking other antifungal drugs e.g. Myconazole why my white coated tongue is not curing? Two doctors said me that my white tongue is not related with thrush/yeast/candida infection probably. They say it is normal for at least 15% people to have natural white coating on the tongue. Even one doctor showed me his own tongue which had a white but plain coating (but his mouth did not smell! ) Is really white tongue and bad breath interrelated?

Also I see after applying Povidone Iodine 1% soln my mouth smells a different kind of unpleasant smell immediately after which I am not liking actually. After gargling with povidone and hp/b.soda/salt mix if I smell my wrist licked and dried 10 seconds it does not smell but while I talk people cover their mouth and tries to maintain a great distance from me! Alas!! My fate!

Replied by Gavin
Manganui, New Zealand

Just chew parsley thats all you need.. It even cures garlic breath.

Replied by Debbiefudge
Brighton, East Sussex, Uk

Hi, I'd say look at your diet? Research having a sugar and yeast free diet. There is a lot of information available on this. Look at the ingrediants of everything you eat. Can't hurt to try?

Replied by Connie
Slc, Ut

Hello Akbor, Hello All,

Povidone Iodine is designed for external uses only(if at all). It contains the polymer, polyvinylpyrrolidone, PVP, which has caused severe allergic reactions in some people. For internal uses, Lugol's solution, Iodoral, and others are recommended. Should you choose to supplement with Iodine, you may find that after a period of two weeks or more, your breath odor will be greatly improved. During the first two weeks, however, you may find a temporary worsening of symptoms. Supplementaton with selenium, magnesium, b-complex, extra niacin and riboflavin are supportive. Some symptoms are alleviated by drinking a large glass of water, approx., 500ml or 16oz, with 1/4 tsp. Sea salt.

Vitamin C is to be taken seperately from iodine. I would personally recommend adding potassium to these suggestions because it has alleviated some of detox symptoms in my own case. (heart palpitations, headaches, fatigue, insomnia, "dark thoughts", etc. ) Iodine is also antibacterial in a more selective way than prescription types. Thanks, Connie

Replied by Akbor
Dhaka, Bangladesh

Hello Ted

Regards. You did not answer my previous mail probably due to it was very long. I regret. This time I have described my problem to u very shortly. Therefore be kind to respond this time sir. I am suffering from bad breath for 15 years. I tried hp, salt water, acidophilus, yogurt, baking soda (for 1 month or more)but bb returns again. I also took internally baking soda 1/4 ts and potassium bicarbonate 1/8 ts with lemon juice or ACV 2ts (Heinze) for one month but don't see any improvement. Present regime:

1) Using zinc chloride (%) and magnesium chloride (5%) solution together as mouth wash.

2) In empty stomach I take baking soda and trypotassium citrate with half glass of water.

3) Also taking internally cod lever oil, zinc acetate 50mg daily (as tabs), magnesium supplement (as caps containing citrate, chelate and oxide 470 mg, daily once), kelp (as tabs- having 225mcg of iodine), multivitamin caps. After 4/5 days of taking these I feel 50% improvement but don't know which element is just doing the work! Now I see some light at the end of the tunnel. Could you guess which one is more important so that I increase steadily the amount to take? Is it cod lever oil (as I guess)?

I collected magnesium citrate from a scientific store but it is of reagent grade containing maximum impurities as Arsenic (0. 0001%), Chloride (0. 01% and Sulphate (0. 02%). The rest is pure magnesium citrate. Can I take this internally? If yes how many mg daily? I am worried about the overdose. Also not very sure the diff betn food grade and reagent grade. But that what I got. No other option. Are the supplements in the form of caps and raw the same? e. G. Taking magnesium citrate salt (obtained from scientific store in plastic container) or magnesium citrate tabs available in the market the same? Or one is more effective than another?

Any other comment from any other body regarding bad breath is most welcome. Pls feel free to post. No wonder it helps greatly many other sufferers. Thanks

Replied by Bhem Pascual
Manila, Philippines

Akbor, try taking Spiriluna (which is very high in Chlorophyl).. I think your bb problem is coming from your stomach.. It cleanses intestines. Try to find spiriluna gel or liquid in chinese drugstores..

Replied by Akbor
Dhaka, Bangladesh

Thanks a lot Bhem Pascual. I will try find spirulina just tomorrow. But I can not put absolute trust on any more product as my bb is on and off. When I try a new product I see some result but after 3/4 days it goes to the original place!

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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Check the saliva pH as it is likely to be below 7 as it supports bacterial growth. The best supplements to raise saliva pH I know of is potassium citrate - technical name tripotassium citrate. It's taken about 1/4 twice a day to three times a day preferably 30 minutes after meals. The other supplement is to use lugol's say 10 drops to 20 drops as a mouthwash mixed with a little water such as 1/4 glass of water. Quite often there is a thick mass of bacteria plaque in the way back of the mouth on the upper or lower teeth in between the gums where toothpick might be able to dig it out that dentist might be able to find. Cavities is the other one. Finally a saliva low on certain enzymes will accelerate plaque and biofilm formation. The best that can dissolving is to make a bromelain or other enzymes to remove that. Finally in addition to taking potassium citrate and some baking soda is to drink plenty of water with sea salt say 1/4 teaspoon per liter of water. This will increase saliva production and reduce bacteria smell. Having a xylitol powder in mouth but never xylitol gums as they contain aspartame sometimes help. Low zinc increases bacteria in mouth preferably 1/16 teaspoon for first 3 days should get zinc levels normal. Constipation can cause bad breath and if necessary no dinner, snacks and fruits as those are possible suspect. I would likely see a dentist and look for hidden massive ball of plaque just in the gums in back of the mouth once you find it dental hygiene in that particular area helps.


Replied by M
Anywhere, Usa

Hi Ted and everybody else,

I have been suffering from bad breath since a teenager for 20 years. It seems like my breath has been getting progressively worse over the years as well. :( My digestive system used to be a mess and I thought that was the cause. I had chronic constipation and used to get heartburn and reflux a lot. Also had IBS. However, my digestive system has calmed a lot now, and I haven't had an IBS flare-up in a while. Only occasaionally. And and also occasional constipation.

My current symptoms are: very dry mouth toward the evening that drinking of water does NOT seem to help. My mouth would feel filmy and dirty within a very short time of brushing and scraping and flossing. I'm very good with my oral hygiene - but the smell returns within minutes of brushing. I would have lots of thick saliva/phlegm that tastes slightly salty all over my mouth almost all the time. Again, water would only make it feel slightly better for a little while. I also flush my sinuses everyday but it helps very little, if at all.

The odor changes through the day from stale to a sickly sweet to just weird at night. Depending on the time of the day and what I've eaten, it's like there's a whole variety of odors that my mouth is capable of producing. I can smell it in my nose when I swallow sometimes and it is certainly so strong that I have to put up with the smell all the time- when I talk, or just when I breathe. Eating seems to temporarily make it better but not for long.

The worst part about it - it seems to be contagious. I have given it to partners and would eventually have to stop kissing them. They would not be stained permanently but then it'd still take days for the odor on them to go away if they had kissed me. I even suspect that sharing utensils with me was detrimental to others, although I'm not sure. After extended stay with family, my mother would start smelling like me and she'd always drink /eat from my utensils. So it has completely affected the most intimate and personal part of my life. I can't even imagine dating anyone anymore even though I am a clean, hygienic, and not unattractive. Even currently there is someone who has shown an interest in me (despite this?) and I am interested as well. But I just feel like I can't allow it to flourish and pass germs to others and things like that. It just seems like bacteria would just build up in an out of control way in my mouth all the time. And it pretty much always taste yucky. Like I said, it seems like it's been getting worse through the years, and it just all of a sudden hit when I was a teenager.

Remedies I've tried: first of all dental appointments. My dentist doesn't see any indication of extraordinary problems with the health of my mouth. Medical tests over the years have not shown a marked deficiency of anything. I've tried all kinds of breath products available from "breath experts", all kinds of commercially available products, supplements, (currently taking digestive probiotics which helped my digestive system, but not sure if it has done anything for my breath at all). I've tried apple cider vinegar, oil pulling, peroxide, baking soda, salt - nothing has worked. Of course I have not tried EVERYTHING under the sun or that I've read about, but I can only spend so much on this, and my body can only take experimenting to a certain extent! I can't tell you how much money I've spent on trying to eliminate this condition already. I've tried different diets, and I generally try to eat healthy although stress doesn't always help me in doing so. But mostly I'd say I don't eat too badly.

I am totally at the end of my wits. I suppose the other thing that I can add is that I've had many emotional traumas in my life, and I've always connected this condition with my depression as well. But I don't know which is the chicken and which is the egg. And I still don't.

Hope someone can give me some insight. I can be an optimistic person but it is getting more and more difficult as I become older to not let this define myself and my life.

Replied by Cat
Austin, Tx

Tonsilloliths or tonsil stones could be the problem if you still have your tonsils. Research and you will find they commonly cause persistant bad breath. I have noticed that candida over-proliferation can cause bad breath as well and takes a consistant candida diet of perhaps a year to alleviate bad breath and that yuckey mouth feel. Anyway, check your tonsils.

Replied by Kathy
Fayetteville, Ar Usa

I agree with 3 of the main suggestions over tha past several months. 1) Everything we eat is secreted back through the pores of our bodies. Garlic, onions, spice - you can tell what person eats as you walk by him on the streets.... If you don't carry the same odors. 2) My husband had the worst halitosis ever - until we discovered that he had 'wrinkly' tonsils. When those were removed, both his frequent throat infections, his post nasal drip, and his halitosis disappeared. And we limit the garlic and onion we eat. C) Gum disease is sneaky and unsuspected but regular dental checkups will find it and treat it. It's not a thing to wait on. If you lose teeth, you lose jaw bone and your whole health is in jeopardy.

Replied by Af
Del Mar, Ca

I have found 2 remedies that work, Smart Mouth 12 hour and Therabreath, mouthwashes. Both work well. Not as natural as whats listed above but if you want results these have both worked for me.

Replied by Darlene
Otto, Nc, Usa

Hi Akbor, I also suffered with bad breath and a white coating on my tongue for many years.

I changed my diet to one that would make my body more alkaline plus juicing any green veg. , beets, etc. And drinking; and started doing "Ted's fountain of youth" recipe. Also I started making my own tooth powder for brushing: 2Tbl. Sp of baking soda, 1Tbs. Sea salt, 1Tbs. Borax. After brushing I do not rinse my mouth, and immediately sip a mouthful glycern, using my tongue to rub the glycerine all over my teeth... Then swallow the glycerine. My breath no longer smells bad, and tastes fresh; and for the first time I can remember... my tongue is beautiful pink.

Even when I don't brush... I can use the glycerine... my tongue will turn pink, and my breath is immediately refreshed.

I found out about the glycerine here on earth clinic, and was able to buy some at the local pharmacy. Also Wal-mart carries it in the cake decoration section.

Hope you find it as helpful for you as it was for me.

Replied by Lisa

Hi Darlene,

I tried looking for Glycerin in cake dec area and could not find it, I did however find it next to the hydr peroxide, it says glycerin- skin protectant, liquid. Is this the same one, and how has this worked for you?


Replied by Darlene
Otto, Nc, Usa

Hi Lisa,

I am using the glycerin from the pharmacy... Although the bottle said: "For External use only;" I have been using it without any visible side effects. You may be able to find the food grade glycerin in the cake decorating section of the grocery store.

I am still very happy with the results I get from using the glycerin, and I use it every day.

Replied by Darlene
Otto, Nc, Usa

I have been doing more research, and have read that glycern... Although good for getting rid of fungus, white tongue and bad breath... may not be so good for the teeth; supposedly it can coat the teeth and interfere with the re-mineralization of calcium that is in the saliva.

Thus, it is probably not good to rub glycerin on the teeth, but just sip enough to coat the tongue.

Replied by Lisa

Hi Darlene,

Thanks for the info, I also been using smartmouth the 12 hr mouthwash along with the morning routine of:

baking soda/hp/water gargle, seems to be working ok I guess.. I hope your doing well :)

Replied by Probo
Los Angeles, Ca

Well I've read all your stories and I'll reference some of these as I roll, but I can tell there is a lot of pain here, misery, questioning "Why me?" and what the! @#$ can I do about it. I feel that the question is: "When did this begin?".

When did I begin to notice that my breath was fetid?" Was it when you noticed people standing 15 or 20 feet away from you as you were talking about picking up the kids from soccer practice and an abrupt ending to the convo? Was it when you were at church trying to explain a prayer request to your pastor and he quickly in 3 seconds or less said "Lord PLEASE bless this guy and get that demon spirit out of him!" Or was it after you were camping in severe cold conditions and came down with Rhino Virus, leading to eustacian tube strains as well as inflamed tonsils and agitated adenoids, and an earwax build up that renderd you deaf? The latter is what happened in my case.

After this event I dutifully went to church, a fellowship dinner. During that event a friend said to me "Dude, your breath is a stenchfest!" I thought "Haha nice, I'm gonna torture these dorks like Godzilla". So I start breathing heavily on them all and they're like "NOOOOOO, NOOOOO. " So I was like "Hahaha got you." I thought it was merely a symptom of the Rhino Virus (aka common cold) and when my cold was over so would the Dragon Breath... but NO...

From that point on, even though my hearing, sniffles and mucous proliference subsided, my breath didn't. I started to see the covered noses, rattling Altoid boxes, gum discoveries "Want some? "Hehe, no thanks," and sideways glances as if to say "Hello? Do something about it." And I'm sure all of you know sugar and those check-out line breath treats are anathema to real sufferers: the sugar-feeds bad bacteria-the aspertame, fosillizes your organs, sterilizes you, blah blah blah. So what do you do? If the crappy products at the shopping line can't help me, like they do everyone else it seems, what in the name of anything Holy can I do.

Reasearch begins:Google Search:Breath so disturbing, your job is at stake, or at least your self esteem and social status. I know, long search question, but I wanted answers and fast. I got chicks to bone, places to Rock et al.

I discovered it could be: tonsils, tonsil stones and adenoids. It could be thrush it could be a liver deficiency it could be a colon cleanse. Whatever, from the basic, "Eat Parsley. Problem solved" to " First, so a full body organ cleanse. Then diagnose where the potential problem is by degree of fragrant stain emanating from your breath-held nostrils. To Ph balances to cod liver oil to zinc supplements to glycerine swallowing and pink tongue to the Final Solution, Suicide...

Now, throughout this time there are victories, "Oh this works I'm cured" then what happens? You're in a certain social situation where a group of people are laughing and giggling having a good old time and when you roll up it's "So hey nice seeing you all I have to go" (others "Oh yeah, me too, me too) with you standing there with your valuable social contributions and wit and humor et al. Shunned and essentially discarded like a deformed infant Spartan. You learn all the mocking faces of teenage girls on the train whispering into each others' ears, something you are unable to do for your stench, laughing at you. An entire train car of people rife with the din of chatter coming to an abupt silence as you enter the car holding your breath, looking straight down and asking God just to get you home.

So what's the answer? I say it's: P R O B O I T I C S

I've tried all the things you guys suggest and recommend everyone try everything to see if it works. Some of the more dramatic things I have done are: Buy most of Dr. Katz's stuff(like the paste, rinse, tongue scraper, lozenges, zox, french kiss gum[which garnered me even more disdain from onsmellers] to the full nose irrigation system which lies useless in my closet for lack of use. Until I discovered the probiotic. It actually worked. Sometimes, maybe after a bar-hopping night of boozing I would see the reactions but in ordinary situations it was basically gone using Dr. Katz method. I think that all the people that have contributed here have felt the pain and have searched and maybe found some things that have worked for them and good for them! No more mockery and shame. But for those that these regimens were of only temporary use, like myself, up to and including ingesting food grade O2H2 to kill thrush and oxygen kills bad bacteria right? To having my tonsils removed for $1200 dollars leading to my eviction. Do you think I wanted to be cured of this vaporous concentration camp? My path will be along the lines of PROBIOTICS. Kefir is a good start and the Katz probiotic is where my next research lies. Good fortune to you all, may your research lead you to the final solution(in a good way) and ultimately a cure. A cure that allows you to speak your mind and reveal the things that are excellent about you and speaking up when you otherwise could'nt or would'nt because you were so consumed with the thought of what your breath might smell like.

I have more on this but this is already too long. If you want more on my findings or what led me to write this post... I'm here.


Replied by Lisa

Hi Probo,

Ur story is funny but true, this is the fate that we are all suffering with.. not being able to socialize and tell about what we are thinking.. etc, whispering.. just the little things.

May I ask which probiotic you are using?


Replied by Patrick
Asheville, Nc

Good suggestions on getting rid of halitosis. However, I brushed, flossed, ate the right foods but nothing really worked. My bad breath just came back time and time again. The one thing that helped me was looking into some natural herbs like green tea. It was green tea that finally did the trick. While I still pay attention to good dental care and the foods I eat, I make a practice of drinking a small cup of green tea everday. This combination has worked wonders for me.

Replied by Lou
Tyler, Tx

Look up health benefits of Mastic Gum. It works great to remove bacteria from the intestines! I also use probiotics, but Mastic Gum is the bomb! They claim it even cures the bacteria that causes ulcers. It is grown in Chios, Greece. Good luck!

Replied by 25yr Old Nutritionist To Be
Brisbane, Qld, Australia

It is a horrible condition. It's almost like you have aids! People sort of turn their head away, or walk away altogether! As a teen and young adult I had this problem really bad. I'm half Asian and half european and I live in Australia. When I stopped eating my mothers Asian cooking I started onto quick foods and fatty free-radical foods. Since learning that I wanted to be a nutritionist (and have been studying for the last 3 years... 2 more to go! ) I've learnt that it's to do with your whole entire body working in sync. For eg... you can't expect to take b12 supplements to cure it's deficiency - the body uses the whole b vitamin range for b12 processes in the body.

So I changed back to my genetic and heritage of eating Asian foods again. After eating lots of Asian greens and significantly reducing dairy and heavy meats in six months bad breath was gone! Not only that, I literally had no pimples, I lost weight and I had plenty of stamina. Now for me, it is hard to maintain and it fluctuates a bit as I do love a bit of naughty food.... but after a weekend of junk food I quickly revert back to eating healthy again.

I eat heaps of bok choy, wombok, onion, ginger, garlic, spinach, lean chicken, soy sauce, green and camomile tea, green Asian beans, rice, rice noodles, quinioa, cous cous, capsicum, olive oil for salads.

You really don't have to go to extremes, food costs me about $50 to $80 a week depending if I want to be more adventurous with cooking or if I need to have quick meals due to a busy lifestyle.

Do stay away from starchy foods- or at least have them minimum.

If halitosis is due to candida, you really need to be persistent with treatment and don't forget stress. Stress alone with dealing with this ailment is plenty, let alone the pressures in every day life. So keep that in check too.

Instead of trying to do this yourself, see a doctor and then see a nutritionist or a naturopath. Most people need support medically as well as emotionally. After all, in the end we're all the same and like most things it can affect anyone.

Replied by Miguel
Lawrence, Ma

Hi, I'm 19 yo Male and I suffer from unbearable life changing twenty four hour bad breath. Its really effected my life in a negative way. Ive always been a really clean person. I brush 6 times a day at least, and I always brush after every meal. When I have completed a session of about 10 min of brushing it only seem to change the aroma to minty but still bad smell.

My symptoms include morning breath from hell, 24/7 mucus irritation in my throat, a lump behind the left side of my throat, burning sensation in throat that comes and goes, gets worse when drinking liquids even plain water, and I have bumps on the back of my tongue. At earlier stages for two months I was coughing up white smelly balls that I noticed that were attached to my throat or tonsils but stopped within that time. I feel that at times my burning sensation in my throat can be best described as placing a drop of hot sauce in the back your throat and trying to breath in and the pain so intense that it feels that I have to halt my involuntary breathing muscles until that pain dissipates.

I have tried a few natural remedies which includes apple cider vinegar drink, apple cider juice, apple sauce in between meals, changing eating habits like no spicy or fried foods. I've noticed it had helped with the acid rising but my bad breath still continues. Ive been to an ENT and he says everything looks fine but prescribed me prilosec which had no effect. I'm currently waiting to see a stomach specialist as my last hope.

If anyone out there knows what the f*** I'm going through and knows ways to get rid of this forever, please help me reach relief THANKS also I boil ginger root and add lemon every morning works miracles with burning sensation and clears mucous but just temp.

Replied by Timh
Louisville, Usa
2073 posts

Miguel, it's obvious you have some infection issues which are a signs of toxins issues (because of your age). But it is possible that you could have some nasty chronic type pathogen like Mononucleosis, Black Mold, Hepatitis. Have you seen an Immunologist?

You may need to start with your exterior environment as it can only seem like you'r staying clean. For a good rapid whole body detox, take Dr. Christopher's "Red Clover Combination" or the equivalent in another brand ("herbal detox") AND get in a steam room and do some serious sweating (be sure to drink lots of water). Clay and or Charcoal are always good oral route detox. For immediate relief of the tongue & tonsils take some Zinc Lozenges and some type of Elderberry cold formula (syrup). Also take at least 50 mg Zinc, 10, 000 iu Vit-A daily (taken together) and 500 mg Vit-C (taken alone 4 times day). If this doesn't cure for any length of time, you will need to do a Gallbladder Cleanse and a Colon Cleanse, and if this doesn't do the job the Master Cleanse.

Hope this helps and good luck.

Replied by Sunny April
Santa Fe, Nm

To Miguel from Lawrence, MA. I've just starting oil pulling this week using c.o. and I've read that it will stop bad breath and whiten your teeth and get all kinds of bacteria out of your body. I thank earth clinic for all the info on this and I'll report back in a month and let you know if it works. Miguel, look up oil pulling on EC and good luck.

Replied by Mary
St. Petersburg, Florida Usa

Hi Miguel, The symptoms you describe indicate an infection in your throat. Using baking soda in warm water to gargle/swish/spit several times a day would be a place to start. You can do this many times in a day and it won't be too much. It might be unpleasant at first since your mouth and throat are already sore.

The saltiness of the baking soda is what is going to disrupt the cell membrane of any bacteria and thereby killing them. One of the problems with conventional antibiotics is that they are in your blood, not in the surface of your mouth and throat where part of the infection seems to be. That is why gargling and rinsing with something salty helps fight the battle more directly. You can even brush with baking soda and leave off the commercial toothpaste and mouthwash for a few days.

Also, PLEASE have the lumps in your neck/throat assessed by a qualified person. People do not have lumps for no reason. The first doctor you described was unsatisfactory. Don't let that stop you from being diagnosed properly.

One more thought. Have you ever had a tick bite in your scalp or on your head anywhere? Nasty insect bites like that can infect and cause swollen, lumpy lymph nodes as the body is trying to stop the insect venom or infection from going further.

Good luck,


Replied by Ht
Los Angeles, California

Hi Miguel can't give you an answer for all the pain but am quite sure the "white smelly balls" you mentioned are "tonsil stones", these tonsil stones smell just like poo, wish I was joking but that is the unfortunate fact of tonsil stones. Go to Youtube and look up tonsil stones and you'll see this is exactly what you have, watch the videos of how some people remove them, when you remove the first one, smell it and you'll be shocked at how bad it smells and then you'll have an "Aha" moment and begin to realise these stones are major contributor to some unbelievably bad breath. Hope this really helps my friend, please reply back to let us know your status.

Replied by Lisa

Hello friends, I recently tried toothpaste from "epic dental" and chlorine dixiode mouthwash- works great! Just keep flossing and using these two products, you will see a big improvement...

Replied by Emma May
New York, Ny

I have had bad breath, lost my job due to it. Tried to find a new job but it's very hard once you stink up the office. I had tonsil stones and awful bad breath. My friend told me to Google Oraltech Labs as it got rid of his bad breath and his post nasal drip. I've been following Oraltech Labs for about 2 weeks now and I feel much better, also people are not avoiding me anymore so it seems to have cured my bad breath as well.

Replied by Lisa
Anywhere, Antwhere

Hi Emma, Sorry to hear you lost your job over this, but I'm glad to hear this is working for you :). Is this some sort of mouthwash? What did they say to do? Thanks

Replied by Roadstar
Leadville, Co

I have had great success ridding very bad breath by rinsing with vegatable glycerine, also got rid of a tooth abscess using this method as well. Hope it helps........