Baking Soda and Lime for How Long?

Posted by A

Hello Ted and thank you for your response. Your recommendation has so far changed my life and I am very grateful. I have been using for my bad breath as advised baking soda + lime for a week now and the change is wonderful - thank you! I wanted to use the oil pulling remedy but I am not sure about the instructions and whether I can use it with the baking soda + lime remedy. Also, how long do I need to use each remedy? I also need more accurate instructions for treating my bad nail fungus as I am a little confused. Do I need to use the Iodine remedy as well as the ACV + Hydrogen Peroxide that I have been using so far? What is the best thing to use, How do I use it, at what quantity, When do I use it? Looking forward to your advice, MANY MANY THANKS