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Posted by D on 12/23/2007

Will oil pulling with sesame oil help with bad breath? Thanks for your time and answer.

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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Diana: The mouth condition that causes it to become a fertile ground "fertilizer" for bad breath comes from our bad diets that are hidden both in unhealthy in certain supposedly healthy foods that I found to my horror. It is usually used just extra virgin olive oil straight, or I can mix with sunflower oil. However, I much prefer the extra virgin olive oil, based on real use and its effect on health. Bad breath can be stopped forever, provided the blood sugar are kept within normal healthy parameters, no cavities, no problems with gum disease, the body's pH or salivary pH is in alkalinity, coming most from the potassium citrate, which alkalizes the mouth effectively.

To stop bad breath forever is to first remove the fertilizer components (acid mouth, blood sugar, gum disease, etc.) otherwise it will keep coming back. Certain dietary preferences for fatty food, frequent colds, often leads me to bad breath. Killing them is the second important component, but never a primary one, which involves the use of xylitol, zinc chloride 0.1-0.5%, hydrogen peroxide, milk of magnesia for example are some of the most powerful mouthwash there is.

There are others that are more powerful and I am currently experimenting with them because increasingly deadly viruses will be the norm in the near future with all the bioweapons that are created, mostly in the U.S. and gets "accidentally" released to the unsuspecting population (e.g. lyme disease was released from near a military bioweapons lab, or the deadly adenovirus 14 occuring in outbreaks from military personel whose source might have been from infected compulsory vaccination). I will try to update more powerful mouthwash formulation, as it becomes available, aside from budgetary constraints.

Peppermint oil kills viruses as it deactivates the virus. The problem about using certain oil pulling such as sunflower oil or sesame seed oil for example can cause someone to have a virus cold as the bacteria where viruses is mounted comes loose from the mouth and goes down the throat. While oil pulling it does kill the bacteria, viruses are killed, it is the peppermint oil that prevents their spread, as they are slowly killed by the sunflower oil. Peppermint oil is synergistic with the use of sunflower and other oil pulling. Initially I got a lot of complaints about oil pulling use (initially, I didn't post this information but the information was from another website) and when peppermint oil was added, there were no longer any more problems with such use. This information of addition of peppermint oil was first posted at earthclinic, and no other website in the world really resolved this problem in the oil pulling use.

It should be noted that toothpaste manufacturers knew for years (I once moonlight as an industrial chemist, although did worked full-time as biochemist and microbiologist) that peppermint oil is a necessary component otherwise, it might cause some rise in catching cold easily. Peppermint also deactivates some bacteria, but my experience has been mostly the virus which causes the cough when they become symbiotic with the bacteria. A viral infection can lead to higher blood sugar and killing off the viruses by adding zinc component as a mouthwash helped prevent bad breath, in ways people never imagine, besides the fact that zinc is also strongly antiviral. You can tell, the biofilms in the mouth is slippery and sticky feel, when they die off the mouth becomes almost like a sandpaper, or a cloth inside the mouth, but the stickiness disappeared completely. That's why scientist know green tea can kill bacteria in the mouth, but drinking milk promotes bad breath and stickiness of the mouth.

Xylitol is a wood sugar, it is a white powder, that is a polyol sugar, or alcohol sugar. These alcohol sugar, much like alcohol to some extent, although a lot safer in use, is that they kill off bacteria and bad breath. A Canadian bought xylitol cheap by the pound or kilogram to use as a mouthwash and to take it internally now and then. I also add a small amount of xylitol to my ultrasounic humidifier to prevent pneumonia with the new deadly viruses called it adenovirus 14), which one of my relative, got weight loss of about 10 pounds after catching it too. Xylitol for some reason or another seems to prevent the bacteria and fungus from forming on the linings of lungs too. SO there is a lot of uses for xylitol, even for arthritis and lack bone density problem.

Chewing gum companies add this as a "sugar substitute" although the amount of xylitol they use is too small to really be that effective against cavities, the polyol sugars actually kill the cavities that eats up the teeth enamel. This can easily be proven.

My friend was about to had 4 of her teeth extracted because of the deep cavities. If she had removed that, she would practically have no back teeth to grind or eat any food. The teeth extraction was needed because the cavities were causing really bad toothache that she suffered for nearly 2 years (I don't know how she can handle so much pain!). Finally it became so unbearable, that extraction was needed, but I said, her to buy a little time and just used xylitol/ zinc/ hydrogen peroxide used as a mouthwash. Put 1/4 teaspoon of xylitol in the mouth leave it for 10 minutes and swallow it. The toothpain slowly decrease, obviously along with her very bad breath, completely disappeared and NEVER came back. The pain left completely never to come back and she found she no longer had to remove four of the teeth.