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Posted by L (Indonesia) on 04/18/2007

Dear Ted, I read all of the comments and feedback, however, didn't find any issue related to my question i wish to ask now. I have been consuming VCO for 1 year least (and still until now), 2 capsules each day, taken before bed. So far, I am feeling great, keeping up my energy, skin and hair looks shinny and the most important is my hemmorhoid doesn't hurt any longer even though it still exist. And my question is, is VCO safe for my daily consuming since I am planning to conceive now, will there be any side effect during/ to my planning to conceive, and after the baby is born or even during my feeding later? Appreciate so much for your answer in advance.

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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Virgin Coconut oil is considered food if taken in proper amounts and can be consumed safely if you find them helpful for you. Usually taking them generally help with hair and skin problems and can be continued to be taken as long as you like.