Questions to Ted About Virgin Coconut Oil

Posted by Martha on 11/25/2008

Good Day,

My name is Martha, I have been reading your comments regarding virgin coconut oil. I am inquiry about the information that you wanted to share about the product and how much to use. I have been struggling with weight issues and am hopeful that this may help. Thank you for your time. Warmest Regards

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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The use of coconut oil if mixed in small amounts, or taken separately such as one tablespoon before meal for example often acts as a lubricant in reduces constipation. The decrease time spent in the intestinal tract is what causes most of the weight loss. Whether the coconut oil speeds up the metabolism is a matter of debate, but it does limit digestion by decreasing the time along the intestinal tract.

Certain foods does in fact speeds up metabolism, but it's like to be certain amino acids, or at least reduces the appetite. I have found taurine to be the best in controlling or curbing appetite, resulting in a noticeable weight loss if taken for a month at about 1 level tablespoon mixed in one glass of water, usually once a day. Granulated lecithin, one tablespoons and 200 mg of alpha lipoic acid and 12.5 mg of DHEA for woman's dose are the major ones in helping weight loss also.

While vegetarian diets does decrease the calories, blood sugar issues is still a problem and perhaps taurine, carnosine, and glutamine will resolve or make up the problem. In fact both pure vegetarian diets and meats diets are almost equally overweight anyway from incomplete diets. The answer lies somewhere between the two extremes. Low fat, low sugar, high fish diets, and amino acids high in taurine seems to be the main things. Chlorine is going to make someone who are exposed to a lot obese very easy, as is true also of sweets such as sugar. The reason is chlorine reduces the metabolism by causing the body to excrete more iodine, causing hypothyroidism. Hence drinking water should be dechlorinated, such as sodium thiosulfate, one grain per liter of water. This is often sold in swimming pool supplier, but a colorless one, openly labeled to say sodium thiosulfate sold in aquarium shops referred to as dechlorinator can also do the same job too. Showers is the single biggest exposure to chlorine.

America has been jogging for the last almost 50 years, and weight loss is not even seen. This is because jogging, running, sprinting, usually burns sugar more then it does burn fats. The only one who really knows how to burn fats are the bodybuilders. In weight lifting exercise, for example, and perhaps, sit ups, pushups, and those exercise that requires strenght in moderate exercise (don't kill yourself doing it!) burns 60% or more of the fat, while in running for example, sugar is mostly burned, not fats. Some people get the impression that in swimming we burn more fats. That's true and false. True that you burn more fats when you swim. A lot of energy has been exerted, but the fact of the matter is chlorinated water will kill the glandulars such as thyroid that lowers the body metabolism is the major problem that swimming pools need to resolve. They are not going to do that anytime soon either.

What I can say about gaining weight fast is easy, eat wheat products, bread, mushrooms of any sort, peanut products, any diet coke, low fat products, chlorinated water, fluoridated products, chocolates, snacks, cakes, and any sweets or artificial sugars especially. Therefore doing the direct opposite will cause weight to stabilize.


Replied by Vee
Scottsdale, Az, USA

Hi I am new to all of this and I purchased ____ Organic Coconut oil refined, Expeller pressed...I am so confused because I read "Virgin" is unrefined but yet some posts say expeller pressed organic is ok. Please advise me on if I purchased the right one and also how it is best to take this.

Thank you so much for the help.
This site is very informative