How Does Vco Affect the Skin?

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I saw a reduction (though not a total elimination) of the cellulite I've had on the back of my legs since I was 18 (I'm 28 now). I ate a very poor diet high in refined flours and no amount of high-intensity cardio and rigorous dieting would reduce the rolls on the backs of my legs. I saw results in about a month. I also used it on the tiny red bumps on my arms and saw results in a week. I just this week started using it as a moisturizer on my face -- I have painful cysts around my chin. I had been using Proactiv, which worked for about a year, but the cysts came back. Also, I was concerned about what I was hearing about benzoyl peroxide damaging the skin. So I've been applying a thin coat of EVCO to my skin morning and night. So far, the results have been... bad. I've had about a dozen tiny pimples and several old spots that I thought had healed flared back up. I'm not sure if my skin is healing itself and getting all sorts of junk out, or if I'm just clogging up my pores. I'm going to try to stick it out for another week or so and will update if it improves. I'm wondering which is worse... a few painful cysts around my chin or numerous tiny pimples all over my forehead and chin? Hmmm.

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Problems of skin are often skin deep. Taking some zinc acetate or zinc gluconate or zinc citrate will help reduce some problems, but often the issue is also acid diets which will show quite often in your urine, where the urinary pH will be below 6.5. Most people with skin problems i found have a urinary pH which averages 5.5 or below and often it is quite cloudy when it is examined in a small cup.

Skin problems are due to high fats, high oxalates - eating too much legumes, beans, cocoa, for example causing the cloudy urine and have a tendency for these oxalates salts to clogged up the skin. Therefore taking some vitamin B complex, vitamin C sodium ascorbate, reducing sugar, white flour, fats, and take beans, nuts, peanuts, and legumes to only once a week would help reduce your conditions. Once the urine becomes clear, the skin may also become clear too. The body has way too much toxins so it tries to expel them to the skin because the elimination systems are currently overloaded and its pH is too acid.

Sodium ascobate will neutralize or dissolve some oxalate and the dose, if I know I have this will often be about 1000 mg/day. In fact cloudy urine should be taken seriously, as a long term cloudy urine may lead to kidney stones from long term dietary intakes of high oxalate dietary food. Vitamin B complex in general, and baking soda will remove or at least neutralize them in the intestines before getting into the blood from forming calcium oxalate which have a tendency not only to clogged the skins, but if happens long enough will cause kidney stones.

I'm wondering which is worse... a few painful cysts around my chin or numerous tiny pimples all over my forehead and chin?

The painful cysts are due to development of high oxalate diets, it is not the application of any creams lotions. Oxalates tend to form cysts. Changing your diet will help, to lower oxalate foods. The best ways to treat this skin in general is to use sodium bicarbonate and borax solution (50/50) and wash the face. Quite mild, won't clogged the pores, and best of all will neutralize wash away the oxalates thus stopping some cyst fromation too. If the skin is infected, it is best to apply 1% hydrogen peroxide baking soda 10% borax 5% to kill the invading parts. Citric acid can also dissolve the oxalate forming cysts also, so just use lemon juice instead. Therefore the long run lemon juice face solution is better to dissolve the cysts. If cysts are no longer there, then just the lemon juice baking soda until no fizz will work better in the long run. Rinse the skin dry. No scrubbing of face as this will cause large pores. Avoid any skin peelers or exhfoliation chemicals. Using lemon juice baking soda is only to kill the organism and you must rinse it, and not leave it on otherwise the lemon itself becomes an exfoliation agents and you will regret the large pores soon after.

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If coconut oil helped you a bit with your cellulite - you want to look into reboudning. Only two weeks and all I do is bounce on that for a few minutes here and there and I would I've easly lost 50-60% of the cellelute I had. Cellulite probelms ALWAYS have the do with a lymph problem and getting on a rebounder for 2-3 miuntes gets the lymphs pumpin!

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wow now I am floored. I have been taking virgin coconut oil for awhile. I have high blood pressure. Now I wonder if that is why it will not come down. Also I have always had a flat stomach and now my belly fathas gotten really bad. Will reconsider taking this although it does seem to help my fibromyalgia.

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Are you giving yourself the break of a few days off? Coconut oil, while great for the body, is an oil, and I believe in doing all things in moderation. If you were taking it everyday, maybe reduce the dose to 4 days on, and 3 days off. Also, I believe letchin helps your body process oils, but I don't really enjoy taking it, so I can't personally speaks to its merits.