Exhaustion and Body Ache

Posted by S. on 03/13/2008

Hello. I have been seriously ill with ? for the last 3 mos. I was winding down to this status over the last few yrs. I have seen many specialists to no avail. My symptom list could go on forever but by far the most prevalent at this time would be unrelenting, profound debilitation exhaustion, entire body aches, pains and stiffness, ongoing stomach/lower esophageal pain (scope showed erosions and the esophagus was so inflamed doc had to use a dilator w/ force to get through it to see the stomach which had the erosions, redness and inflammation throughout and lots of polyps). I have zero energy and I feel like I will literally expire at any minute. I have been told I have a thyroid disorder, hyperactive/hashimotos, possible chronic lyme, heavy metals (lead, arsenic and mercury), headaches, brain fog, etc, etc, etc. I am greatly depressed now and scared to death. I am a christian and if it wasn't for God and my kiddos I would have purposely checked out before now. What can you advise I do? I tried reg apple cider vinegar....1 tsp in about 4 oz of water today and I felt no relief. I read a bit about the hydrogen peroxide and will add sev oz now to my footbath. It is as if all my cells are not carrying nutrition and/or oxygen to my body. Please advise. I am desperate for some hope. I accept your advise and look forward to your words of help, hope and health. Thanks!

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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Dear Shannon: For this condition ACV and baking soda will provide little relief.

Your conditions appears to be similar to one case in Canada that was debilitated and could not work at all for 20 years and that person too has seen many doctors and to no avail. She contacted me from emergency because of a simple heart failure and kidney failure she had a multiple of conditions but it was finally determined to be one of Morgellon's disease and a possible Epstein Barr virus as a side. The good news is that she is now working almost full time and now leading a generally normal life. Her major improvments came on the first or second week.

Morgellon's disease is generally speaking a man-made, somewhat of a bioweapons and there are chemtrails (from plane dusting) which seems to afflict people who love outdoors, and the method of getting into the system is from an insect bites coming from feet (many walk barefooted), or from drinking contaminated drinking water and getting sick for days and never really recovered. That's usually the case, and it eats up the body's organs. However, I have managed to find a remedy to keep it at bay and there will be a slow and eventual improvement after the first week or so. It often takes at least two weeks to see the effect, but it should be continued taken always or at least 5 days out of a week. Sometimes the body needs a 2 day break.

The most important thing for people with extreme weakness and organ inflammation is to completely avoid aspartame products, diet products, fat free, non-fat products, meats, steaks, cured meats and barbecue products. Those causes severe inflammation and should be avoided. The grain foods can be replaced. Instead of using bread, I would use rice. Foods that helps despite all the negative publicity is the fish, chicken and ducks, in the form of steamed, boiled or sometimes baked.

The method of remedy has two ways to do it, a simpler one or a more effective one, which I think often depends on the people who like it or not. The remedy dose is also often low, but that's usually the best place to begin with.

Alkalizing remedy:

1/2 teaspoon of baking soda in 1/2 glass taken three times a day.

A more effective alkalizing remedy, a.k.a. Carbicarb Remedy:

1/4 teaspoon of baking soda plus 1/4 teaspoon of sodium carbonate (washing soda) in 1/2 glass of water taken three times a day. This is a more effective solution and energy should return quicker than the first one

My own favorite remedy that I used, although I think the effect of alkalizing lasts longer, it's generally difficult to obtain this, although, for some people with kidney problems this is better since it reduces calcium buildup in kidneys that causes kidney pains and heart problems. Calcium tends to clog the tissues and interfere with metabolism:

1/2 teaspoon of trisodium citrate in 1/2 glass of water taken three times a day.

Vitamin B complex, in the form of B50, or B100, where most vitamin Bs are 100 mg each. And initially can be taken every other day. However, the form of vitamin Bs I prefer is in a B1, it should be thiamine mononitrate, not thiamine hydrochloride. In a B3 niacinamide, not niacin. In a B6, it should be pyridoxine phosphate, not pyridoxine hydrochloride. Most of the B's such as B1, B2, B3, B5, B8 can be either 50 mg or 100 mg each. Initially it can be taken slowly such as three times a week. The strength should return within about 30 minutes or some energy. some people liked it so much they will be taking it everyday. Everybody has a specific biochemical needs for each one.

In addition to this I would at least use 1/4 teaspoon of borax (it's usually found in mule team borax) in one liter of drinking water taken throughout the day for about 5 days out of a week. It is always the borax and the alkalization that will reduce most of the problems and organ inflammation, and for weakness, especially with the heart problem, it's the vitamin B complex that help, but the body needs to be sufficiently alkaline. Some hydrogen peroxide food grade 3% 10-30 drops added in one liter of drinking water helps.

Some occasional spirulina and chlorella supplements helps usually between 250-500 mg taken only once every two days, or one every other day. Often best taken in the morning.

Initially the body will respond well to hydrogen peroxide drops added into drinking water for a couple of months, before not needing it, and a switchover to sodium thiosulfate 1 crystals mixed in a glass of water per day before sleep is used instead, but I think by that time, the health should be near normal.

This is just the basic remedies. Other nutrients and things, are not important until the energy is returned first, however in later stages, amino acid supplements, or whey protein can be used and taken in the morning, on an empty stomach. Some bathing in sodium thiosulfate 10% solution, often sold as dechlorinator may help too, for some people at least.

Again most of the recovery will depend mostly on three things, alkalizing, borax, and hydrogen peroxide. More energy may be posslble with vitamin B complex. If heart weakness exists usually CoQ10 helps, but the amount they sell today is too small and a couple of capsules is needed to work, such ss 4 or 5 times the dose level.

Replied by Healthy248
Digby, Nova Scotia, Canada

Do I detect from this message that you are not a great Spiruline advocate, as a daily all around supplement. Is there a rational for that, and perhaps you know of a brand or species of Spirulina that is best. I am looking for a HBP, type 2 diebetic, high cholesterol, low libdo, chronic depression cure. It seems it contains many of the things I might be missing in my diet.

Thank you Ted, truly you are a godsend.