Questions About Alkalizing with Wood Ashes

Posted by Samuel on 06/23/2011

Mr Ted,

I have an interesting question about ashes that comes from burning wood. I have found that ash reacts with lemon like sodium bicarbonate even better, and it has cleansing properties like we all know that the only soap to clean was made of ashes
and oil.

My question: can we use ashes from wood to alkalize the body? Is it safe, how much is the dose? Have the ashes detoxifying properties
from heavy metals ,fluoride ,chlorine, or some medicinal power on the body? I am very interested to know about this subject,

please Mr Ted if there is some benefits from ashes can you inlighten me with this information.

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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Ashes are basically potassium hydroxide, which are very alkalizing but they don't have the buffering capacity as in potassium carbonate or potassium bicarbonate. But besides that they may have some minerals found in trace amounts. If consumption of ashes is desired, using a pH paper to measure the ashes so it is diluted with water whereby it doesn't exceed pH of 8, and add some sodium bicarbonate to have some buffering capacity.