Constipation Developed After Two Weeks?

Posted by Anne (Michigan) on 12/19/2006

I was taking Bicarbonate powder for acidity. I was doing fine for about 2 weeks and then the use of the bicarbonate powder became constipating. Why and what can I do since the powder is helping tremendously. Thanks.

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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Anne: Baking soda probably isn't the ingredient causing the constipation -- there might be several other issues at hand. Often colder weather can indeed be constipating. An immediate way to solve the constipation issue is to add potassium citrate to the formula. Or use a baking soda and lemon formula (Alkalizing Formula #3).

If you want to solve constipation, you need to know that most medications for constipation are often alkaline forming. Take for instance: Milk of Magnesia, which is magnesium hydroxide. If you want it to work better, then avoid fried foods, and white flour. These are the two single most constipating food I can find that also increase blood pressure. They are acid forming. Even diuretics and blood lowering pressure medications are also alkaline forming.

The other cause to constipation is WHEN you take it. If I take the baking soda formula immediately after meal, I will get a loose stool. But if you don't want a loose stool I take it on an empty stomach. Timing is everything. Italians are known to sometimes take some baking soda after their meals, which is likely to reduce their acidity from acid forming foods and prevent constipation.

Sometimes adding sea salt and baking soda at 50/50 will solve constipation. But here's the deal: if table salt is used, constipation will get worse. The reason is simple: table salt is acid forming and sea salt is alkaline forming. Why? Halogens such as chlorine, iodine, fluorine, bromine (found in bread), are acid forming. Sea salts don't have that much halogens, and hence are alkaline forming! In fact you can get constipation just drinking tap water. The reason is simple some tap water is high in both fluorine and chlorine. Even the act of taking baths in chlorinated water the body absorbs a lot of chlorine. It becomes acid forming, and STILL you get constipated.

The best way to solve constipation of course is what you eat. Avoiding especially fried food, sweets, white flour is the priority while meat is eaten occassionally while 70% of the diet should be green leafy vegetables with fresh whole fruits. Boiled and bake foods are the safest.

To try to explain all the causes of constipation is quite long and detailed, but the simplest explaination is acid forming. You can argue with me that fiber foods helps prevent constipation. That's true, but vegetables are also alkaline forming too.

If you have a gluten problem that too may cause constipation and there might be a need to avoid gluten products.

If nothing STILL works, follow the instructions of Milk of Magnesia, but it should be 100% magnesium hydroxide. Those are the safest and should not have aluminum compound as aluminum is not safe.