Difference Between Alkalizing Blood and Body?

Posted by Linda (Gainesville, FL) on 08/30/2007

Hi Ted, Thanks so much for the work that you do. It is a wealth of information! I was wondering if you could expound on the differences in alkalizing the blood and alkalizing the body tissue. Does ACV/BS and Lemon/Lime/BS alkalize both blood and tissue? I happened across this question in some of my reading and thought perhaps you would be able to get to the bottom of this query. Thanks so much of your past responses to me. I do appreciate your time and interest in others. Regards, Linda

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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The Apple Cider vinegar and Baking soda actually alkalizes both. The malate and acetate content is used inside the cells. Malate is used as part of the Kreb's cycle, which give you more energy. The acetate, interestingly also does this, but the effect is seen in helping inside of the cells get rid of the lactic acid wastes faster. Biochemically, lactic acid and even lactate is quite toxic to the cells and are not used in tissue cultures as cells die if the lactate or lactic acid is used as buffering solutions such as mammalian Ringer's solution. The potassium content of the apple cider vinegar is also used inside the cells and its tissue as well. The major fluids inside the cells are actually the potassium and magnesium, while certain nutrients used by the mitochrondria that is helpful includes the malates, citrates, and others. What is so interesting about malates is it get rids of aluminum by chelation of the malates and this might remotely help Alzheimer. Although tea might be also implicated due to its high aluminum content that needs to be controlled too. What is missing from the apple cider vinegar obviously is the citrates (which helps removes calcium from inside the cells) and are fairly toxic to fluids inside cells but also citrates is also part of the Kreb's Cycle, sometimes known as citric acid cycle, which gives us energy or provides energy for the cells to work. The other thing that is missing is also the magnesium in order to complete the major intracellular fluids or fluids inside the cells. The key to all this alkalizing drinks is to try to cover all grounds and hence for my frequency of recommendation that are used alternatively such as:

Apple cider vinegar plus baking soda Lemon (or lime) plus baking soda and one more thing that is important: magnesium. Which might be helpful if a supplemental form is taken such as magnesium citrate, or magnesium chloride. However natural form, which is a bit more difficult for the body to utilize is the magnesium found in sunflower seeds.

As to the sodium bicarbonate, this is used to help with the body extracellular fluids in maintaining overall pH of the blood more than does its tissue. However in some remedies where the potassium is mentioned, I always make sure the sodium is also used since potassium if given alone can cause a worse imbalance, than the sodium. In livestock when raising pigs, pigs have all kinds of side effect if potassium is given alone and hence it is more ideal to give sodium and potassium together, or just sodium and some potassium found in the apple cider vinegar, or some in lemon or lime.

Biochemically the remedy of ACV plus Baking soda and the Lemon and Baking soda it does a lot of things more so than most people can realized.

The one major remedy that I have found to be so dramatic as to the recovery of a great many kinds of ailments are just found usually in baking soda, lemon, and apple cider vinegar, and sometimes the addition of magnesium and zinc. As a result, it would indicate that if the body is bathe in a solution where the body can attain NORMAL fluids of both extracellularly and intracellular, can a cell survive.

The one major element that is missing from this remedy is the sea salt added to the drinking water, which has the benefit of alkalization and microminerals. The reason why this was not recommended as often is that our diets is already high in salt (sodium chloride), but our body is mostly missing the alkalization portions. And hence I used the sea salt solution as more of an antibiotics or a solution that can help some detoxification, although most of the alkalinity of the bicarbonates is more useful. However, I believe that a more effective alkalizing formula is the citrates, although they are harder to find and hence, I don't often recommend that because people don't know where to get them. Much of my remedy depends on whether supermarkets generally have the supplies or not as well.

I am sure ten year from now, I might further expound the benefits of amino acids, which is a nutrient needed by the cells for normal functions. I won't need sugar, glucose, and fructose for example as the current diet is off the charts on those. However amino acid is the prime nutrients needed by the cells for normal repair and recovery and is needed mostly by the inside of the cells. The reason this is not recommend as often is due to both availability and costs. I still can't even afford to buy the amino acid as it is currently too expensive even to do such experiments. However, a more useful proteins such as soy protein or soy sauce (MSG free and sodium free) appears to be one alternative common remedy I might consider. One example for remedy for people who have kidney problems, heart problems or organ and tissue problems for example is between 2- 4 tablespoons of soy sauce taken 3 times a day to help with the recovery or sickness. Amino acid is the key for cellular repairs and recovery once we get all those pH issues, electrolytes, sugars, ORP (oxidation reduction potentials), and antibiotic minerals (magnesium, zinc, selenium and molybdenum) or even toxic heavy metals (mercury, cadmium, free radical iron, lead) out of our system, besides the usual chemical toxins as well (e.g. pseudoestrogens, dioxins).

As you can see the secret to recovery and healing is simply to achieve normal fluid parameters and nutrition. As you can see I don't expound big dosages, I just give only enough for the cells to be normal.

Replied by Steve

I wish Ted was still around today as he is/was a special man with a wealth of useful information, like thie above.
I am looking to balance my wife's body due to adv cancer which has sadly been devasted by ‘conventional' treatment. She now has problems with bloating/fluid retention (ascites) and is finding it hard to keep anything down. I would appreciate if anyone with Ted's understandings can advise on this subject other than what's written on EC boards. Thanks.