Uncle Suffering From Liver Cancer

Posted by Guest Mother (Toronto, Canada) on 01/25/2010


My uncle is suffering from liver cancer and is underoing chemotherapy which had been very painful so far. He is not able to eat and has refused to under further treatment(chemotherapy). I am baffled by so many remdies here, what should be my starting point. I wanted to start with "Essiac tea" and clove oil therapy. Please advise asap. He is in real painful state.

Also i have read somewhere that "clove oil" and clove bud oil are different.Which oil are we using here... is it the clove bud essential oil???

Please reply.......... our whole family is waiting for your reply "TED". Thanks in advance and regards

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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I used clove oil in general which can either be a regular clove oil, clove oil essential oil or clove bud essential oil. Any remedies can be tried, once at a time usually within 1/2 day for each of remedy since they generally respond to quickly. The key factor in the liver cancer, especially killing off cancer, is the resulting toxicity of the liver when cancer cells die. Hence I always look at people's appetite are normal, and bowel movements are normal and don't get vomiting etc, first. These I tend to look over first and give those supplements. The liver toxicity can be resulting from a number of things. Cancer liver relies on the liver to produce glucose from their waste lactic acid produced by cancer. Hence, it's of some primary importance that their glucose is somehow blocked or reduced. Reducing them, I may use chromium such as 2-5 mg dose, some B complex which normalizes liver metabolism and toxicity. However, in theory 60 mg of hydrazine sulfate with 2000 mg of vitamin C ascorbic acid will block the glucose metabolism in the liver. The cancer generally (at least initially) will avoid clove oil and cinnamon oil and I may use this with an appropriate carrier oil, usually aloe vera oil and/or olive oil and is applied to the liver. Castor oil hot packs is also applied to the right abdomen area where the liver resides tends to discourage liver. So any remedies maybe tried, it's most important that people don't have the side effects when cancer dies off and caused vomiting. That's when they usually quit doing the protocol. Therefore I tend to use these first. The other remedies may also be tried also.

The Budwig diet is generally slow in killing off cancer and it takes a lot of time. Some people do coffee enemas to reduce the toxicity during any cancer therapies. However, what I do found if, the person takes supporting digestive enzymes directly after meals, with a usually minimum of 2 drops of hydrochloric acid with water, the toxicity of the liver or autotoxicity is eliminated and the coffee enemas may not be needed. The prime problem about most cancer is that the white blood cells simply don't see the invading cancer cells. That's because it produces histamine which tells them not to attack the tumor. Hence to ALLOW the white blood cells to SEE these tumor, one has to take Cimetidine and perhaps Quercetin. Both these prevents tumor's release of histamine so that the cancer cells can be "seen". The other thing is to damage the tumor, such as punch holes in them so that the tumor can be seen through their natural cloaking device, the remedy i used but is usually 500 mg of aspirin hourly for only four hour, now and then but never every day. The aspirin is dissolved in a 1/4 glass of water so that they dissolved and become diluted so not to attack the stomach. The BHT is also taken perhaps 1/2 teaspoon to 1 teaspoon to prevent them become metastatic. Heat is one thing cancer do get destroyed, and that's why hot packs castor oil are used. Castor oil itself is also toxic to the cancer itself and I think these can be used ocassionally also. It's not a perfect art at the moment in killing off cancer. The pain may be reduced with a colloidal gold, which is it is most best known, and I may also use colloidal silver. Dose is around a tablespoon in general.

Replied by Jeff
New York, Ny

My mother has been diagnosed with liver and pancreatic cancer. Would your suggestions be the same? They said it came from the pancreas, spread to the liver and give her 3-6 months. I am trying the Budwig diet but it seems difficult. I'm thinking of trying Oleander but she takes Comoudin. Thanks in advance.