How to Promote Weight Gain W/ Liver Cancer

Posted by Anonymous (Anonymous) on 12/05/2011

Hi Ted, Can you please tell me how to help my dad (in late stage cancer) to try to gain weight? His appetite is OK still but he lost a lot of weight because of the cancer.

The doctor told my dad he can eat anything he wants (pastries, meat, foods with sugar etc as the doctor says there is no way to help my dad and that he will die from the liver cancer so it makes no difference his diet now) but I worry that this is not great advice if one needs to stay away from sugar, etc. We are giving him the Budwig diet (cottage cheese and flax oil and flax seeds) as well as buckwheat, brown rice, very little chicken (no other meat), gouda cheese (a little) and various vegetables (including some carrot juice).

Thank you again for your input!

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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Well, the doctors didn't read the medical journals, he cannot eat sugar, especially fructose and ribose, and you have to take 2 readings, one Fasting Blood Sugar, and one hour after meal Blood Glucose. The numbers for fasting blood sugar (glucose) must be below 90 mg/dL, and after meals must be 100 mg/dL. Chances are he won't pass the test. In liver cancer cases, people live as long as they want, as long as they avoid sugar. If he avoids all this and his sugar is still high he has to be on a carbohydrate free diet, which is basically a ketogenic diet, the diet you give to diabetics.

Once you get sugar under control, at the very least one hour after meals below 100 mg/dL to increase his weight he needs more glutamine and BCAA, this will increase the weight, but only if there is plenty of lysine, that means you equal your lysine as well as glutamine in terms of dosage.

An average patient in a hospital will survive (based on my experience) with Liver cancer for between 2 weeks to 4 weeks, but if he can do without sugar, his survival rate is definitely more than one year. And that is only if you avoid morphine, otherwise the average survival after morphine (patches, injections, etc.) is a maximum of 3 days. The immune system shuts down, and it's downhill after that.

The reason why the weight is down is simple, the muscles are digested to help the immune system to fight off the disease. But I don't have time to dig information on that in every detail, what I do know is creatine, BCAA, glutamine and CoQ10 are needed for sure, but only if lysine and threonine are taken more. If lysine is taken an average of 4 tablespoons, and threonine is an average of 3 tablespoons, you start with that dose for 2 days or better 3 days, then would you consider the other one at approximately 2 tablespoons of each. It takes 2 weeks for results to show, but B50 (B complex) must be taken throughout that time).