Nasal Cancer and Metastatic Liver Cancer

Posted by J (USA) on 02/24/2012

Hi Ted, My husband has the stage 4 nose cancer and metastasis to the liver right after the first treatment of radiation and chemo. They started the the second chemo with 5FU soon 2 week after the first. After the second dose they did a scan and it showed the tumor increased from 1.5 to 2.5 in 6 weeks, instead of decreasing. We just decided to quit chemo, but we afraid that too late to do the alternative treatment. I've been doing some search on the internet and luckily i found you with some hope in me. We are leaving in USA with has not much source of herbal treatments like in Asia, but i tried to order some SSG from the guy in Maylasia and hope it can pass the customs here soon. In the mean time i don't know what to do, would you please give me some advice!
Thank you!

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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The first thing is to measure his blood sugar, fasting blood sugar should be 85 mg/dL or at least less then 90 mg/dL. The reading 1 or 2 hours after meals must be below 100 mg/dL. Remember 97% of all cancer is diabetes, and therefore you have 97% success in one year if control of sugar is effective. The things that reduce the blood sugar are gymnema slvestre, N acetyl cysteine, lysine, and others, including the baking soda. The vitamin C ascorbic acid doesn't reduce the blood sugar but acts as a trojan horse for the cancer to think it is glucose from the point that vitamin C and glucose are structurally similar, The B3 niacinamide has an effect on reducing the blood sugar also, indirectly by the ATP input.

Well, it would be nice to have the major remedies in line, which is gymnema slyvester 400 mg taken at least twice a day and determine blood sugar again. If still over it may be required to take it up to every four hours, depending on how his is blood sugar is.

Lemon oil usually help at least 5 cc mixed with baking soda after meals at least 3 times a day, or appropriate lime juice without sugar about 1 lime mixed with say 1/4 teaspoon baking soda after meals 3 times a day. It dissolves the fat tissues which protect the cancer.

Lysine, 1/3 teaspoon and N Acetyl Cysteine 1/8 teaspoon are together taken in an hourly dose for 4 hours, in morning and in evening. You should feel a lot better by the third day. It helps if you can add 1/8 teaspoon of beta glucan also, if you can find it, to all the lysine supplements.

He would have to eat OAT BRAN, no sugar no artificial sugar, every day. It contains butyric acid, that helps normalized cancer cells into normal cells. Vitamin C can be taken all day at least every hour for 16 hours ideally 100 mg, to 250 mg, I haven't decided which ones are more appropriate at the moment. But vitamin C must be at least ascorbic acid only, without calcium or anything additive is ideally.

I have cured nose cancer in Bangkok (90% cured in 3 days) with just a topical application of DMSO and Aloe vera oil. and also getting the sugar down, at that time I used just lysine and N Acetyl Cysteine. The DMSO, but also the butyric acid, are the only two substances I know from first hand that causes cancer to change to normal cells in a few days. The hardest part about the treatment is the other 1%, the tiny unhealed area, which required another 1 month.

The other water soluble vitamin is the B50, again preferably without any calcium added, if possible, depending on appetite, if appetite is lost then 3 a day for 2 weeks, if he has appetite then once a week. The only exception of allowed calcium is perhaps calcium pyruvate, but still I prefer other forms of non calcium, if possible.

There are many supplements that help liver cancer, in Thailand we are ranked No. 1 in terms of liver cancer death in the world, which is basically comes from Hepatitis B that is found in S. E. Asian countries. But to keep things simple this will be the basic protocol first.

Other things that help liver cancer include lycopene, selenium, inositol, Acetyl L carnitine with Alpha Lipoic acid, carnitine, Low dose Naltrexone, magnesium, and the germanium (GE 132). But they are either hard to obtain or expensive, which is why I mention the others. There are more, but keep things simple first.

Remember that grain diets, such as wheat, or rice have high glutamic acid and this is not good, they are like glutamine, which keeps blood sugar high so you need to avoid grain diets and meats (contains phosphates) which promote cancer, that and fruits (contains fructose) which causes cancer to grow.


02/25/2012: J replies: "Hi Ted, I am so sorry that i have to bother you and i hope you understand my situation now, a mother of 3 little kids who can not lose their father. Since we decided on giving up the chemo, we urge to get a remedy to live on. I've been reading all your posts on the earthclinic and see that we have to cut off all the glucose and fructose. If so it will cause the imbalance or shortage of glucose in the body and the body will break the muscle and fat to form glucose by the cachexia to feed cancer cells. How can we starve the cancer cell while feeding our normal cells healthily. Would you please give me some advise please!"

02/25/2012: Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: "The cancer cachexia is due to loss of appetite, once the blood sugar is under control we can slowly add the glutamine in his diet and BCAA, once his blood sugar is normal first. The B50, digestive enzymes (a good one!!) taken with meals and on empty stomach is needed, at least 8 times a day. BCAA and glutamine will keep the muscles from breaking down, but his blood sugar must be under control first. Both the B50 and digestive enzyme will support his digestion and prevent bloating stomach if he has it.


02/25/2012: J replies: "Dear Ted, Last night after I wrote to you the last mail, I went to one of the vitamin store by some more things that I found in yr previous remedies such as Nac, threonine... My husband thrush and GI tract infection seems getting better today, so he can eat only one string of noodle to get his life longer. Yesterday we tried to control his sugar by eating egg white, whey protein powder and some broccoli to make to sugar low to 103. I made a mistake that I gave him 2 table spoon of oatmeal that made the sugar raised really fast to 120 that I figured out oatmeal and oat bran is different. As Asian I don't eat oatmeal so I don't know the deferent. I just bought the oat bran and will give him today, I try to measure the sugar after every meal. I am waiting for yr reply to get yr remedy, I don' t know what to do bc I know each cancer is different.

Thank you Ted, and i keep pray to God so he can send this message to you.

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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Yes Oat bran and oat meal are different, the whey and soy protein are the only two proteins that are appropriate. It must be below 100 mg/dL preferably 92 or 91 mg/dL after meals 2 hours. If you can achieve this feat for the entire weak in those ranges will be have a chance to survive 97%. If you have reishi mushrooms that would also help.


02/26/2012: J replies: "Hi Ted, I already bought all types of what you need but they don't have the liquid form they are pills. NAC 600mg, L-lysine 500mg and Green tea extract. The other thing you recommended I will try to find here online will pay with any cost. Currently I have Alpha lipoic Acid 600 pill and Milk thistle, Reishi extract (Reishi I give him 6 pills a day, normal dose is 2/ a day for my mom) and Fucoidan those he had been taking at home. We went to the Chinese herbal Dr he did recommend to take these but the chemo lately so strong that knot my husband down that he could not take any thing bc he could not swallow anything. He is getting better now after off chem and the thrush and pain reduce 90% now. Would you please recommend all the dose of these supplements in both liquid and pill form?

By the way, i would like to tell you that we when to a Chinese Dr he gave us a prescription in Chinese language, i had to send it to one of my friend's relative who is living in China and that lady is a herbal Dr in China too. She said that Chinese herbal prescription is good for my husband health condition now, it is all supplements that he is needing now to recover soon from chemo and rise the immunization system , no thing in there is for fight with cancer. In the mean time, I won't start it to get less stress and waiting for your advise, please give me and advise if i can take the Fucoidan made from Japan and all the Chinese supplements. I've been feeding him with sea cucumber, salmon , salmon egg, and a lot of organic caging free chicken egg (??? is it ok with this egg??? as the Chinese Dr recommended). Should i continue giving him these foods? After reading your posts I try to hold off everything from the Chinese Dr bc he said Fructose is good for cancer and that made me concerning all what he did recommended me before and his prescription.

Last night i gave him a mixture juice of bitter cucumber and carrot, this morning his blood sugar was 85 before meal and i just gave him a cup of whey protein ( sugar, carb and lactose free.) I plan to give this mixture of carrot and bitter melon in very 2 hour to control the sugar ( Is juice or whole thing is better). Yesterday he ate carrot and biter cucumber with oat bran with salmon egg in there, raw broccoli, raw almond seed but his sugar went up 121 after 1 hour and 108 after 2 hour. This morning his fasting blood sugar was 85 then it went up 101 1 hour after a cup of whey protein with no sugar in there. Why his sugar went up without eating sugar or carb? Just a cup of whey protein??? Please advise me.

I already order the DMCO oil, soon when i receive it can i use it to rub around my husband live area? Or wait for a while."

02/26/2012: Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: "Well, that means he cannot eat oat bran because of the carbohydrate content in that, or that there is some sugar in the whey. Some people cannot take whey, rice, wheat and other grains. Because he cannot take oat bran, the only safe source of butyric acid, is in its pure form, butyric acid, taken like 5 cc every 3 hours or 4 hours. Besides butyric acid the DMSO is the other one that converts cancer cells to normal cells. DMSO is taken 1/2 teaspoon every 4 hours is by best estimate for now.

Now you realized that the body simply cannot metabolize most carbs. Now the fructose and cancer connection is well established, and it is hardly the direction to do at the moment. You can perform google searches on fructose and cancer and it causes cancer to grow. Unlike glucose, it makes cancer grow too but not as fast as ribose and fructose. The Chinese Dr. might be more advanced then me, or is not aware that cancer depends on fructose. But I would not go that route at the moment.

The one thing that is easiest to try will be the vitamin C, it must be taken every hour, between 100 mg to 500 mg being the minimum, I haven't quite decided how much is optimum dose, but it's likely to be between 100 mg to 1000 mg every hour, I expect it is 100 to 250 mg.

As to a normal healthy person trying these it would be fine, but the results are somewhat improper, it should be tested on a diabetic, that results will be close to cancer case then anyone else. The NAC, gymnema slyvester, and chromium are the major elements for sugar control. In a normal person taking gymnema slyvestre that may cause the person to go into hypoglycemia if taken too much, but the antidote is just orange juice, and the amount needed to resolve that, is just 1/2 inches of orange juice just to fill the bottom of the glass. The hypogycemia is resolved in about 5 minutes.

The trojan horse for cancer will be the vitamin C (they are structurally similar to glucose), the one that converts cancer cells to normal cells is butyric acid and DMSO, there might be others such as pheylacetic acid, and others but I don't have enough cancer patients to conclude that. Excessive DMSO, always needs aloe vera oil to normalized the DMSO and possibly Butyric acid irritant effect, especially the DMSO, and helps reduce inflammation.

As to my confirmation about 1 or 2 hours. Well it is 1 hour, but in practice my clients have great difficulty getting that so they went for 2 hours. There is a better way to measure blood sugar by urine, using a Brix refractometer, where the level for normal blood sugar is 1.5x using a 1 to 10x Brix refractometer.

The only thing of fructose that is safe, somewhat is in their natural form as lime juice, added with baking soda in form of whole lime (with the rinds) mixed in baking soda. But I wouldn't experiment at this stage, but I do see people make improvement with this alone, in case of leukemia, brain cancer (gliomas), and others. It's probably posted somewhere in Earthclinic on leukemia and brain cancer. There are reports that Carey Reams actually treated all sorts of cancer with just lemon juice fast to over 10,000 cancer victims, but I couldn't confirm that.

As far as chicken eggs and sorts, basically what I know is you can eat them, if your blood sugar is low, but I could not confirm them, but you cannot give any oils or fats to cancer victims, exception being certain cancer cases respond to flax and cottage cheese, but not all.

Take Lysine and NAC for as long as possible, try a month first for sure.

Stress actually increases blood sugar as I have recently found out, and to reduce stress B3 niacinamide, DHEA, and melatonin, because they are cancerous, the B3 niacinamide maybe taken in evening 500 mg, and 3 times a day during the daytime, but it may cause drowsiness if given during the day. The effective dose for melatonin, and can't be exact is around 10 mg to 100 mg dose, to have anti cancer I believe it is between 50 mg to 100 mg at least. DHEA is between 25 mg to 100 mg a day at least to lower stress related sugar levels. It's from both diets and stress that may cause blood sugar to rise. I have seen people who haven't eaten anything for a whole day and just seeing Doctors, their blood sugar to rise. And it should be considered as part of overall anti cancer regimen.

The one thing I have not discussed is getting the immune system in order, which basically consists of threonine, but low dose naltrexone is required, it starts of at 1 mg, before bedtime, to 2 mg on second night, to 3 mg on the third night, and before settling down at 3.5 mg. is taken with melatonin and B3 niacinamide to help sleep. Immune system is little understood area but these two helps, there are others, such as zinc acetate, and things.

The other thing we haven't discussed is to kill or shrink tumor. thats the iodine, well discuss that much later. First we have to control cancer spread first.