Stage 4 Liver Cancer

Posted by C (UK) on 07/04/2012

Hi Ted, My aunt has been diagnosed with stage 4 liver cancer. Last year she was diagnosed with cervical cancer and had treatment as I didn't know about the Earth Clinic. Her case is quite complicated, as she has a lot of other problems with digestive system, her small bowel has collapsed, her spine/pelvis has shifted as is not aligned and she has air pockets all over her body.

It all started when during a smear her uterus was pull down causing something to tear. She felt something dangling inside her until one day she felt it attach to something. She convinced a surgeon to do a laparoscopy, after he said he untangled but didn't go into detail. A few months later she went to hospital with heart palpitations and passed a lot of clots. She was admitted to another hospital who did another laparoscopy and corrected whatever was done by the last hospital. To date they have refused to tell her what was wrong. She was bleeding internal, dried blood on walls of uterus and blood clots. When she told them she was going to America for second opinion, they diagnosed her with cervical cancer and gave her treatment . After she was told that the cancer had gone. She was still in pain and felt there was something wrong. So decided to go to America to find out what was really wrong with her as various hospital in the UK where stating that there was nothing wrong apart from fibroids.

She has returned from America with stage 4 liver cancer diagnosis, even one doctor stated that it was unlikely that it spread from the cervix. Offering a hysterectomy stating that her cervix was fragmented.

She is taking lysine 1/3, theronine 1/4, NAC 1/8 every hour for four hours in the morning and evening. She is using Dmso in the area. She has been advised to have a high fibre diet for the rest of her life due to digestive problems, so is eating granola. She is following your recommend diet but please if there is anything that she needs please let me know.

I can't understand all the medical terminology from the reports from America but will try to get some more information but in the meantime please respond with any recommendations. As I have suggested that she follow your remedies to cure the cancer.

Replied by Ted
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There are a couple of remedies, such as zinc chloride saturated solution, which should be taken 1 drop once a day at least, some people take up to 2 drops 3 times a day, but that is too much for some people. Zinc is the antioxidant and has antiviral properties and seems to inactivate the virus that caused cancer cells to be able to grow. It takes awhile of supplementation to work, such as 2 weeks.

Iodine in form of SSKI would be preferable and is taken 5 drops three times a day. The lugol's iodine also works, but it produces some side effects in non-cancer people while SSKI works well in all situations.

Lecithin may help for most fatty liver conditions. It seems that vegetable oil use seems to be the cause, as vegetable oil sold in supermarkets is not natural, they are trans fat, instead of cis fats, and they are hydrogenated, so the best thing is avoid fats and sugar, especially the fruits. There is disinformation in the internet concerning maple syrup and baking soda, this makes cancer much worse. Simple reason, most cancer patients are diabetic--about 97% if you use below 90 mg/dL as the standard blood sugar. So you do not need any sugar, and if blood sugar hovers around the 90s, need to take restrictive no carb policy. The digestive enzymes will help digestion, especially the B12 and the threonine, you can take twice more threonine if you want to to help. Digestive enzymes can be taken 4 times a day, the last one is before sleep.

The most important ways to control the blood sugar while you sleep are melatonin 10 mg at least and at least 25 mg of DHEA. That will get you through the night without the high blood sugar. Most meals are around 12.30 pm to 5.30 pm, before this is a problem and after this is a problem with the blood sugar. Blood sugar seems to have a mind of its own in the morning, it goes up with or without food, I think is hormone related or vitamin b deficiency related, especially the B6 and the B3, or hormone related. But take very limited meals if in the morning. Take more water to help dilute the blood sugar by white tea in the morning helps.