Natural Treatment for Liver Tumors

Posted by Sister-in-Law (Anonymous) on 12/17/2011

Hi Ted, I have been a follower of Earth Clinic for almost a year now and it has absolutely helped my life and my sons life. But this email isn't about me, it is about my brother in law. I will try best to describe what he is going through in summary.....

He is 31 yrs old. He is now a patient at John Hopkins. He has 2 huge benign tumors in his liver and has bile duct cancer. The problem right now is the tumors. The doctors said the tumors are in the position in the liver that they cannot go in and remove them. They are trying this procedure that they have tried on other organs, but never on the liver. They basically inject him with steroids in hopes that it will move the tumors to a different location in the liver so that they can then remove them. They tried this procedure 2 times already but his liver is otherwise healthy and repairs the incision before it can work. They just went in again this past Monday to try again but this time made the incision bigger in hopes that his liver cannot close it. He goes back next week to check if it worked. If it does not work, the doctors said there is nothing else they can do for him and they have given him 13 months to live, which is when they figure the tumors will completely engulf his liver. If the procedure does not work then his only option is a liver transplant. He has been placed on the liver transplant list just in case. The doctors said this procedure has been successful on other organs but as I said before, has never been performed on the liver so they are unsure if it will work. They are unable to treat the bile duct cancer until the issues with the liver are resolved.

It is a very discouraging thought that if this procedure doesn't work there is nothing else they can do and he may die if he does not receive a liver transplant. Have you ever heard of this procedure? Do you have any opinions or treatments on tumors? I am not sure if I explained everything to you in enough detail but can get more information if needed in order for you to recommend a treatment or give your opinion. Anything information that you can give me would be greatly appreciated. I have looked on earthclinic for treatments on tumors but have not been able to find anything. I trust your opinion and am hopeful that you can help. Thank you for your time and I look forward to hearing from you.

Thank you!

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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The DMSO applied to the area on the right side of the abdomen if applied enough, with just a little aloe vera oil would have cleared the bile duct. That procedure works well in Thailand for me anyway as DMSO is one of the few substances that convert cancer cells to normal cells. And always measure the blood sugar, it may be high, so we can treat for that condition also. When high it is over 90 mg/dL. Granulated lecithin also helps some. The other method is to apply enough of DMSO where it won't make the skin inflamed, then apply the aloe vera oil after that. Other substances that work to normalize the cells are buytric acid that can be mixed with DMSO. The hyaluronic acid and castor oil also works but differently, that can be mixed into DMSO, but that's getting too complicated. Try DMSO, aloe vera oil and for drinks, ginger tea or ginger oils to reduced the lipid peroxidation. This natural treatment has helped many liver cancer patients in the past, but the most common one in Thailand was that hepatitis B caused the cancer, I don't know enough about your case.