Questions About Azoxystrobin and Bloodroot for Cancer

Posted by JG on 08/12/2009

Hi Ted: I was reading "Ted's remedies" for cancer and would like to know how to prepare (In what proportion to mix) how to use (What doses and how long to take), and where to find these products you mention in your article: Azoxystrobin and bloodroot. Can they be used for children? I have three relatives with cancer: Oral cancer, liver cancer and pancreas cancer, with possible metastasis each one. Can this two remedies be used at the same time? I really appreciated your work to support others and thanks God for this attitude He has put in all of you at "Earth Clinic". Thanks very much for your help.

God bless with you peace...

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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I have found the bloodroot and azoxystrobin can all be used for cancer. They can be used at the same time but I may take them separate to monitor there effect, from time to time. It should be noted that others cannot be ignored either, HCl, tetrasodium EDTA, sodium bicarbonate, potassium citrate, and BHT are also essential. It requires a little finesse, but the azoxystrobin that I used is usually 25% concentration. The 10% is used if a child were to take it. I suspect all these cancer, may come from some of the vaccination programs some being mandatory in schools now. That's how the school get federal funding. No vaccination, no funding."

08/14/2009: JG replies: "Hi Ted: Hope you and yours be well. Ted, the product "Amistar" is a powder. How is made the solution, how much powder per water is used? Can the azoxystrobin be used at the same time with bloodroot tincture for liver cancer? Thanks for your valuable help."

08/14/2009: Ted replies, "The ones I used is in liquid form, which is has roughly 50% of the azoxystrobin. I often dilute that to further with water to a 25% concentration, and used that in drops. Therefore, if it is in powdered form, the concentration to be used is 25% and 75% water, if it mixes well and put that in a dropper bottle. I used only one drop, perhaps three times in human adult dose. The bloodroot tincture and azoxystrobin can be used together. It must be remembered, that hydrochloric acid, baking soda, potassium carbonate, and potassium citrate, BHT, and EDTA are essential in a cancer remedy for different reasons. Here are the reasons:

1. Azoxystrobin kills the "slow cancer" from advancing.

2. BHT prevents cancer from metastasis, which is a "fast cancer" and viral in nature. These fast cancer can kill people in matter of hours or few days.

3. EDTA is essential in preventing blood clots (your leg circulation gets blocked) or you just faint, leg pain, for example are example of blocked circulation whe blood coagulates, before it kills someone in a matter of hours. The EDTA I used is only tetrasodium EDTA. However, if supplies are lacking, Disodium EDTA will do.

4. Alkaline reduces cancer pain, and is taken in combination, equal amounts of sodium/potassium. Such as sodium bicarbonate, sodium carbonate, potassium carbonate, potassium citrate for example. Where the total of these are about 1-2 teaspoon. And is taken dissolved in a glass of water, one hour or more after eating only, three times a day (since we do eat 3 times a day). This neutralize the lactic acid to become lactate, which is less toxic to the body's cell and is primarily what is causing the pain.

5. HCl is essential, which in full name is called Hydrochloric acid 35%. I put them in a bottle. This is the one of the few only known cure for the so called "cachexia", where cancer victims vomits and loose appetite and then dies of starvation. The cure is simple. I managed to observe low stomach acid from a very simple observation: people with cachexia cancer have diarrhea and vomiting, as well as stomach upsets and edema (in a few cases). This is a simple low stomach acid, on the basis of this symptoms.

Therefore, not just azoxystrobin alone is used. Those list above I mentioned are at least just as important, but especially the HCl, alkalization, and EDTA (namely tetrasodium EDTA or at least disodium EDTA).

On the liver cancer, I believe HCl is important and hence, the drops of HCl I used can be from 4- 12 drops, in a glass of water. This is taken immediately before meal, during meal and immediately afater meals. If the person experiences loss of appetite, or even vomiting and nausea, the HCl will remove that in a matter of less than an hour. So it makes for an excellent cure for cachexia. At least it's better than hydrazine sulfate, which is not even as natural as your stomach acid, which is low in most cancer patients anyway.

Sorry I have been unable to answer lately. Been investigating a cure agressive inoperable brain tumor in a little girl, a Chikungunya viruses, and a newer remedy in Swine flu, at least a novel one at that.


Replied by Tspcbd
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Ted, When possible - would love to hear about a sensible way to counter the DIPG type cancer in children that arise possibly as a result of vaccinations. Thanks