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Mold and Fungus in the Body

Posted by S on 04/10/2008

Hello ed, I am new to the site but have been enjoying very much all the information provided by you and the feedback and contributions of the other posters. I thank you for me and all of them who learn and benefit. I also have a question....about mold/fungus in the body. There is not too much on the site about it and I want to be sure I get all the possible cures. I suspect I have some in my own body because of an odor coming from my head....ughh...that smells like old water....even though I may be showered etc. I cannot live with this, and I suspect it's from the environment as I eat very well. I live in Florida for 10 years and the house I'm living in has mold outside and we have to constantly have to pressure clean but it still grows due to rains moisture etc.

A couple of days ago when we pressure cleaned my roommate who has bad sinuses as a norm....and doesn't not like to help himself......got much worse and feels very sick. I asked if I could find a remedy to help clear it up would he take it and he said yes. I made an oil with the essential oil list to be applied and we will see. I am using it too. But I'd like something to remove the odor from my head and for my roommate. Can you recommend something ?

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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Dear S: Much of the recent sickness and my own surveys of food intolerance test that U.S. have today has a lot to do with the fungus /mold issue, that can resulted in candida, sinus, IBS, acid reflux, rhinitis, chronic fatigue, etc. If a person happens to reside in a moldy house for a long length of time, certain toxins in the fungus becomes cancerous. One of those toxins that accumulates in the body is called acetaldehyde, and is made much worse with aspartame products found in many sugar free xylitol, diet Coke, Coke Zero, Pepsi max, diet Pepsi etc. Both does nerve damage. Basically acetaldehyde, but mostly formaldehyde (from the aspartame) burns the nerves and suppresses the immune system. The three remedies that I have actually tested so far that has worked very well and has to be used together to work the best is baking soda, boron, and molybdenum. All three of these are antifungal. Sugar, sweet foods, vegetable oils, mushrooms, all fruits (fructose and corn syrup), honey, yogurt, table salt, milk, tomatoes wheat and cheese make the fungus inside our body much worse and should at least be avoided whenever we are sick. To reduce the environmental molds inside the house, and I DO IT MYSELF, since the area I lived in is highly polluted and has very high fungal count. Fungus would just literally fall into my bathroom sink everyday.So this is the thing I deal with almost everyday. The pump spray bottle I used is a 5% ammonium chloride solution, plus washing soda 3% (usually Arm & Hammer it), and 1% borax. If I can get sodium molybdate cheap, I might add that too. Xylitol added also helps in preventing fungus from attaching tiself, but that's optional too. In case I want to be simple about everything, then a 5% ammonium chloride plus 1 or 2% borax solution and spray all over the house is very helpful to disinfect the walls, ceilings, floors, bed, clothes, table, kitchen sink, bathroom areas, etc. A heavy duty ammonia cleaner is the best fungus disinfectant there is, the brand I used, when I first came to U.S. and I was only 6 years old, was the Bo-Peep ammonia cleaner, but try to avoid the smell and try to mixed them quickly in a water solution as a floor cleaner is what I did. That's another possibility. Hydrogen peroxide solution won't have a lasting protection against fungus if we compare to ammonium chloride, ammonium bicarbonate, so if I cannot find ammonium chloride, I might try ammonium bicarbonate also. I prefer to add some sodium carbonate if at all possible as it causes free ammonia to kill off the fungus. I have recently gotten myself purposely sick and try to get fungus to persists in causing the sniffles and breathing problem to test a theory of mine that molydbenum is an important element in reducing breathing problem, sinus and phlegm, and found that while baking soda and borax remedy did help, it was the molybdenum also taken together that completely stopped the sinus problem and breathing problems, and a colds that never go away were very much due to the fungus issue. The reason why molybdenum works is it detoxifies fungus toxins, acetaldehyde by converting into acetic acid. Acetaldehyde, along with other aldehyde perfumes, found in detergents, and disinfectants tend to accumulate in our body over the lifetime and the body has no means of getting rid of it. So the remedy I have used to reverse this condition was 25 mg of sodium molybdate, taken for about a week or two, along with 1/2 teaspoon of baking soda in 1/2 glas s of water twice a day, plus ocassional 1/8 teaspoon of borax in one liter of drinking water. Vitamin C sodium ascorbate was helpful, but its effect takes a while longer to kill the fungus which needs about 1 month or more to remove most of the fungus in the body, but I find molybdenum, baking soda and borax to be most helpful. Copper chloride solution of 1-2% as a fungus disinfectant are helpful, but the problems about such use is the staining issue. Same is true for the use of tannic acid. So what I have left is the ammonium chloride and ammonium bicarbonate as the most feasible one which also has a residual effect in further killing the moldy atmosphere. While I have read that chromium chloride, and other things, such as sodium silicate were helpful in fungus situation, they don't work nearly as well, in the short-term or its immediate effect on killing off fungus, or at least prevent them from growing. Long term fungus in the house also leads to skin problems, and burns on the skin, as well as cataract (fungus leaves some sort of glycation on the lens from the acetaldehyde) also. Once a person got this inside the system, the sickness can last a very long time even after they have moved out of the house that is moldy. The traditional approach of removing fungus from the roof tops, at least it is MY traditional method is a solution of Clorox bleach sprayed on the roof tops to remove the molds on the house roof exterior, but inside the house, I don't like the use of clorox because of the bleaching effect it has on the colors of the clothes and people are generally allergic to chlorine bleach mostly from the smell. Long term use causes the fibers of the cotton to turn to dust or looses its strenght and tears off easily. There was one house where the entire family lived in a moldy house for 20 years, where one had cancer of the ovaries, another had cancer of the brain, and yet another had chronic fatigue. Despite moving out of the house for 2 years, the sickness persists. Therefore the mold issue should be generally be tackled by removing the molds, avoiding certain fungus foods (mushfroom, yeast food, sugar, as mentioned) and the molybdenum/borax and baking soda remedies.

Replied by Kate
London, Uk

Ted, can I just check that's 25mg of sodium molybdate, not 2.5mg? Over on the Linus Pauling site they state that about 1.5 is fine, but the sorts of doses you're describing might be toxic:


Thoughts ? Cheers, Kate