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Lifetime of Respiratory Issues

Posted by Anonymous (Europe) on 12/18/2011

Dear Ted, I am 31 year old female and I am of very bad health. I have a 6 month old baby and a husband who is helping out with the baby. I have very many serious conditions, and I am afraid that I will die leaving my son with my husband who is emotionally damaged after my long sickness. I am sorry to disturb you, I know how busy you are, but I posted several times on earth clinic and got some really nice replies, but I still keep getting sicker, so I am desperate for help.... I will try to explain it well: as a kid I suffered from lung inflammation (pneumonia) 4 times and had chronic bronchitis. I had my tonsils removed due to constant infections. My parents were smokers and smoked inside and my mum is always cold, so we never had windows open, ever. That also meant mold, which was always present during winter. Summers were ok when we went to Croatia and sea side, I was most healthy then. When the war in Bosnia begun, we fled to Sweden and in Sweden I felt very good and had no health problems except for when I got a cold, my cough was veery bad. I also started to smoke and smoked for some 15 years of my life. When I got pregnant I was in Bosnia where my husband lives, so I stayed there. However, the central heating on the top floor of a flat-roof building that leaked together with drying clothes inside the house resulted in mold in 2 rooms during pregnancy. I grew up in mold, nobody even said it could be dangerous. I developed a horrible cough and my stomach started to hurt. I started bleeding in the 4 month of pregnancy due to low placenta and stayed on bed rest for couple of months. 2 months of the bed rest I was lying in the mold infested room, then the coughing begun. We had nowhere to go, so we stayed. It got worse and worse, so I in the end went to a hotel, but stayed only one night, and when I came back I started coughing blood. I thought I would die, I was in so much pain. My blood pressure was 75/45 and my pulse 130 while resting (still is!) . I was dizzy for months after and very weak with low immunity. Also a bit low on iron.

We had people cleaning the mold and painting with thermo resistant paint and bought an ionizer, which helped. We went to sweden to give birth, and I felt ok, except for horrible back pain. The back pain begun during early pregnancy when I had bedrest on a two seat sofa, since we could not use the bed which was mold infested. The sofa was bad quality and too short for me and I was very heavy too. Anyway, I went to sweden and I felt ok except when there was too much dust or smoke somewhere. I had very bad ocd during late pregnancy, and I could be horribly aggressive, sometimes I felt like I hated my husband and back then I didn´t... I would hit doors, hit him, scream and I just hated myself and my life. But my lungs were fine. When we went back to Bosnia we bought a car that had mold in it and we did not know. Also my husband had not cleaned the vacuum cleaner which was used to clear up the previous mold so I opened it and inhaled concentrated mold. Since then my life is hell. I am more aggressive then ever, I fantasize about suicide because I have sinus infection and congested throat which is driving me crazy, I get breathless fast and I forget things. It was worst during those months after we came back, because I felt like the hell begun again. I can not breath if somebody smokes and in Bosnia everybody smokes. Also exhausters make me go crazy, I get chest pains, can´t breath and I become aggressive, and want to kill someone.

We went back to Sweden, but then the apartment we were in also had mold in the ventilation. I purchased air filter, but still felt sick. I also begun having serious chest pains, I am not sure if it comes from the breasts or heart or lungs. My back is so bad, so I have slept on the floor for 6 months, bed is out of question. I feel smog even through the windows and cannot breath, so I have to change room. I sleep in the toilet now, I do not fell like a good mother, I can not take care of my child. I found out I had lung fungus and that my inner heart chamber had been damaged due to fungus. Also I have very painful joints and especially knees. Moreover, I hurt myself alot by hitting my head when i feel anxiety. I especially do that when my husband tells me he hates me or I can´t take care of my child or when I feel a smell that makes me breathless. My blood shows that I cannot digest food well and that there is fibrinic threads in the blood which indicated that my blood coagulates and clotts. Also there is some cholesterol although I eat almost nothing bad, no sugar, nothing. Also, it says there is not enough oxygen in my blood. There is also a lot of candida in my blood, as well as tons of free radicals and heavy metals. I have 2 amalgam fillings, and one is in a decayed tooth that had a part of it falling off when I started oil pulling. I have a psoriasis on my right ankle after oil pulling. I have tons of pimples coming out, so maybe that is a detox sign. I take a lot of remedies i have read about, but I am getting tired of not getting any real results. virgin coconut oil raised my pulse ( or I think it did, I stopped in few months ago and still the pulse is high...).

I am chronically tired and guess I have MCS or hyposmia, but for instance i am not bothered by baby diaper, only exhausts, new furniture, detergent, some parfumes, cigarettes and such. It is a very difficult life when everybody smokes. The blood also showed a huge huge stress level and the doctor said it could kill me if I continue, but my husband always yells at me calling me names and making me cry and stress although he knows it can kill me, but I cannot be without him because I am not capable of taking care of myself and my baby, and also I love him and hope he can be like before and stop hating me if I get healthy... Now we took another new apartment in Bosnia but they came with new furniture Do you think I can be heathy? Doctors do not seem to think so, and keep prescribing antibiotics and I hear that predison is standard prescription for fungi. I will not take that, as a child I got pencilins and antibiotics and was always always sick. Is there hope Ted? Please, please help me get my life back!! You are my only hope.

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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The mold is the major problem for lung problems, but you will be helped by getting B3 niacinamide 10% mixed into the sprays into the lungs like an inhaler. The B3 500 mg niacinamide will help the anxiety attacks also but taken at night, or whenever there is an anxiety attack, but can be taken light doses such as 500 mg x 4 throughout the day to calm things down. The other that has helped is lugol's iodine 5 drops for anxiety, fungus, and coughs too.

The best way to kill the fungus in the blood or help significantly is food grade H2O2 3% one to two capsule per liter of water, and drink say 1/2 glass every 30 minutes and you should be better after the 2 to 4 dose.

The back pain is caused by a deficiency in magnesium, and the best magnesium is magnesium chloride (or at least magnesium citrate) if it is saturated magnesium chloride solution it is taken at 10 drops before meals, twice a day should help detox with lessening of constipation also and help the back pain within 3 or 4 days.

Alkalization may help such as 1/4 teaspoon of baking soda 30 minutes after meals twice a day, is a beginning to help oxygenate the blood. The one thing I noticed is humic acid solution 3%, if mixed at 1 capfuls per liter will help the immune system within a day or two.

These are the basic remedies you need to try first.