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Is Mold Killing Me?

Posted by Brenda (USA) on 02/06/2015

Hi Ted..I have been diagnosed with hepc diabetes 2 r.a...fibromyalgia.I have insomnia and aches and pains so bad I stay in bed most days.2yrs ago I lost my smell and taste.I can still smell but everything smells aweful.had mris ct scans.seen erts..they're saying my nerve endings are burnt.I've lost 65 lbs and losing.I've tried suicide bcause I can't take it much more.some smells drive me crazy and I have anxiety attacks.could this be from mold? I know there's mold here and previous house I lived in was full of it. Is there a nasal spray I could try? I'm desperate.thank you.

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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While Bo Peep is too strong as it is, Ammonium Hydroxide a cup in a pail of water well mixed is weaker and used as a bathe and shower well rinsed will eliminate most the smells you are experiencing. Avoid table salt it causes both mold and autoimmune issues as well as loss of smell. Use sea salt instead in your bath if you want to. Ted