Need Advice Regarding Kidney Disease and Blood Pressure

Posted by Annie (Superior, Wi 54880, Usa) on 02/19/2011

Dear Ted, I read all your emails very carefully and I must say you took my attention with your background and knowledge, especially in chemistry. Thank you for helping to so many people around the Globe!

I would like to ask you several questions about my lovely dad (85 years old) with chronic kidney disease (elevated creatinine, normal urea) from years, hypertension, and kidney suggested anemia (low Erythrocytes, high CRP & Reaction of ER precipitation). He doesn't have diabetes, but is very near as he was diagnosed with metabolic syndrome. Dad have been treated for his high blood pressure with ARB, Furosemide, and beta blockers but not for his anemia as his HB 12, 8 (instead of the normal 13,5)and the doctors think that is too early he to be placed on EPO treatment. He takes also daily multivitamin, antioxidants- Alpha Lipoic Acid, vit C, vit D, pycnogenol, berberine, L-carnitine, 3 omega fish oil, B12-500 mg and the rest of the B group, lecithin, Co Q10 with digestive enzymes. His blood pressure has the tendency to be elevated, fluctuating between 149/80 to 180/100. Nothing from all his natural formulas helped him for his kidneys and BP. He used Chinese herbs -Kidney well and Berberine - but not much help with them either. Yesterday the MD found 1g of protein in his urine- proteiunuria. His electrolytes are normal, with exception of his Potassium that is reaching the upper referenced border, and Phosphorus - below its lower reference. He is on a low purine diet, low salt and sugars, no diet soda, but he craves constantly for bread, cheese, milk and fruits and consumes enough of them despite he should be restricting, because of his potassium levels.

My questions are the following:

1) Do you think he can start your (Soda, Lemon or ACV) treatment by taking into account his almost constantly elevated blood pressure? He suffers of GERD also.

2) Do you think I can stop or reverse his proteinuria and how?

3) How can I keep his blood pressure low?

4) Will I be able to help his kidney related anemia with natural formulas and which ones?

5) Any supplement that you think I should consider stopping or adding to his previous. I read that B1 helps with reversing diabetic kidney failure but he doesn't have diabetes, and also that vit D2 helps in case of hyperpathyroid status, which he might have in case his Phosphorus is so low.

6) Any specific ideas for eventual changes in his diet?

Thank you for your time before hand! Best wishes to you and your family.


Replied by Julia
Athol, Idaho

Annie, blood pressure meds can cause increase in potassium levels and also affect liver. And kidneys. L-Arginine is a semi-essential amino acid that dissolves plaque in the arteries and is good for liver and kidney disorders. Best if taken with L-Histidine(a semi-essential amino acid). There's a book called Miracle Food Cures from the Bible by Reese Dubin, published by Reward Books that might be helpful to you.

Replied by Annie
Superior, Wi

Thank you Julia, Your advice is very much appreciated. I will be very thankful if Ted would be able to find time to answer all my questions, as my wish is to act as quickly as possible and to help with my dad's issues: kidney anemia, resistant blood pressure to drugs (ARB, beta blocker and Furosemide), secondary "hyperparathyroid" related hyposphatemia, diet, natural formulas and mainly how to reverse his proteinuria in the urine. Time means allot in case of older old age. His time and help will be very much appreciated.
Again, thank you so much, Annie

Replied by Joseph Brian
Davao, Philippines

To Annie, To lower the HBP in Chronic kidney failure, the patient must eat free cholesterol diet, low fat, protein from veggies, low fat, low uric acid food (animal food has high uric acid). Secondly, we should remember that kidney is dependent on physical work like walking in order our kidney will function normally. In his age 80 plus is very hard to recover for him because he is too weak for walking perhaps. If he can walk let him walk slowly. That is why it is very crucial to make our system boost early. Now, if the patient can't walk or do physical work I suggest to give him hydrotherapy. The concept is to cleanse and stimulate his kidney by cleansing and stimulating his whole body organs. Let the patient lay down in hot tub with concoction diuretic herbs along the hot water. See to it that the hot water is not too hot but not too low. He is just like relaxing in the bath tab with cold towel in his forehead. Test 5 minutes if he will not get short his breath and if it is okay continue for 30 mins. Do it twice a day 2 hours after meal or empty stomach. You may contact me if you need assistance. May God help us and comfort us in times of needs. Godspeed!

Joseph Brian

Replied by Barnard
Jakarta, Indonesia

I don't know much about anything. I help my very high BP with breathing. Try the breathing to help his BP. Hope it helps a bit.

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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The main issue is that certain diets are causing high blood pressure, which is caused from snacks, processed foods, chocolates, previous smoking, and tap water. They are caused by heavy metals, mainly cadmium. Therefore the best change is to take 50 mg to 100 mg EDTA twice a day and stay away from the ones mentioned, and I am not kidding. These lead to kidney destruction from high heavy metals and high blood pressure! Measure urine pH to equal to 6.5 to 7.0 below 5 and above 8 is unacceptable. Apple cider or lemon juice with baking soda have a reduction in blood pressure.

Proteinuria can be reversed with Assam tea, BCAA and some arginine. Sugar craving will be reduced with glycine and glutamine. Some unexplained issues may be reduced with DHEA 25 to 50 mg. a day. His anemia is usually (my experience) the lack of iron, but not the kind of supplements that are commonly taken, since I used partially cooked liver, by that I mean small slices of raw liver in boiling water a couple of seconds. Try the assam tea it improves most of the kidney parameters.