Bilateral Kidney Damage

Posted by AH on 04/08/2008

Hi, Ted I absolutely love this website. I have just found out that I have bilateral kidney damage.'My doctor told me my kidney function was at 60% and im 22 years old. He also told me that would never improve. But of course he won't give me a natural way to take care of my kidneys. Is there any way I can take care of my kidneys naturally and if possible improve their function? Thanks so much.

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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Usually a kidney damage often depends on what is causing the problem. Once the cause is identified, than we just treat the cause. The most common kidney causes at least in my observations are a couple I would look into, such as kidney damage from (the most common is at the top).

1. Acid urinary pH. Usually below pH of 6.5

2. Excess calcium

3. Kidney damage from fungus (from antibiotics, wheat, white bread, mushrooms, white flour)

4. High uric acid (from uric acid rich foods such as beans, spinach, shellfish) B complex and vitamin C ascorbate reduces uric acid.

5. High urinary sugar

6. High blood pressure.

7. Slow wound healing from kidney damage Most important is likely to be alkalizing the body, to cause urinary pH to be higher such as 6.5 - 7.35, or especially neutral urine, so that the urine pH, acidity won't digest the kidney, causing kidney damage. A relatively mild remedy is 1/2 teaspoon of baking soda taken twice a day, in 1/2 glass of water. Alkalinity will reduce the acidity, lowers the excess serum calcium, stabilize the pH, reduce fungus since they grow in acid medium, and at the same time, alkalinity speeds up would healing. Interestingly, I remember one research years ago that mentioned slow wound healing of damage kidney came also from lack of proteins in diet. A very simple supplement to both speed up the healing and balance the protein is the whey protein. Taken preferably once a day only in the morning with early dinner. A dinner means no later than 4.30 p.m. This will help the body reduce excessive demands during resting period, giving the body sufficient time to recover when there is less things is needed to handle.

I remember one case of a woman with a Morgellon's who had kidney damage, and was helped mostly with alkalizing, but CoQ10 also, helped a lot, although that required larger than usual dose, such as 500 mg was needed, per day for about a couple of weeks. In order for kidney function to return, the urinary sugar (besides the getting NEUTRAL urinary pH at the very least at 7, or at blood pH of 7.35), is important. Excessive urinary sugar causes kidney healing to be suppressed, as sugar supplies yeast, and bacteria with the food preventing kidney healing. This can either be made worse if urinary salinity is low, where only a small amount of REAL sea salt is needed. The exact amounts of sea salt that I can calculate is a good quality natural sea salt at 1/4 teaspoon of sea salt PER one liter of drinking water. This normalization of salinity in urine, besides avoiding COMMON table salt, hidden in nuts, peanuts, potato chips, french fries, potentially damages the kidney because these common table salt causes the urine pH to be very acid. My local common table salt pH is 5, while a local sea salt I purchased has a pH of 7.5, which is quite close to the body's blood pH of 7.35.

To normalize the urinary sugar, I have found urinary sugar to be higher than average because of neuro-endocrine damage, especially the nerve damage bought on by chewing gum with aspartame products, causing extremely acidic urine pH. So if there is non-believers out there on aspartame dangers, just take any diet coke or diet pepsi, or ny aspartame product. This will not only cause urine pH to be very acid, my record urinary acid was almost like vinegar closer to pH of' 4- 5, which very damaging to the kidney. I won't do this experiment again. It causes my urine to be bloody once. When the body is too acid, the nerve can be damage just by the acid alone, or the breakdown of the aspartame into methanol into formaldehyde.

Therefore avoiding methanol containing products such as aspartame helps a lot. However, methanol found in tomatoes are generally relatively safe as it is bound to pectin, but STILL, I will also try to avoid tomatoes and ketchup. Fungus like products also causes the body's pH to be acid, accumulate heavy metals, but also may cause yeast infections and other problems that damages the kidneys, quite often I will avoid, mushrooms, white bread, antibiotics (they are made from fungus!), pastries, yeast products, peanuts, yogurt, and potatoes, for example. Potatoes are high in fungus and it is too high in calcium for a lowered function kidney to handle. It is very important that I avoided all sugar products and especially aspartame. This includes all fruits, sugar, honey and aspartame. The approach should be fairly important to remember. This is something I cannot forget. I remember a mother's school friend of mind had a kidney function of 50% from diabetes. She died just from eating fruits because they say fruits is good for you and won't damage the kidney. Over the next 3 or 4 months kidney function continue to declined until she died because she can't stop taking the fruits.

Interestingly there was one month that they did stop eating fruit and kidney function went to 100%, then for some reason or another, didn't believe it and went back to a fruit eating binge and died. To help wound healing is whey protein usually is 32 grams per serving.mixed in a glass of water taken once in the morning at least. Another interesting thing is taking vitamin D3 or D2, at least 2000 - 4000 i.u. (which in my books is a low dose), helps with improving kidney functions as vitamin D normalizes wound healing and lowers the blood sugar to some extent. But in my opinion the reason why vitamin D improved kidney function was it raised the body's immune system, and this is synergistic with vitamin K. The vitamin K I used is a cheap brand, which is 100 mcg of phytonadione. Interestingly soy has high vitamin K2 especially Natto, but soy milk improved kidney functions too such as unsweetened soy milk. The reason is the vitamin K and manganese (which controls blood sugar). Also chromium (chromium polynicotinate), and vanadium (vanadium sulfate or sodium vanadate) are quite helpful too. So most importantly, I will try to get a pH meter and control my pH urine to near 7 which is neutral and as a neutral pH is least damaging to the kidney, as compared to any acid which tends to digest the kidney. Second important fact is the urinary sugar and blood pressure. The third important factor is to avoid certain foods that damages the kidney, especially aspartame, fruits, sugar, honey, and supplements those that control urinary sugar, such as chromium and vanadium. However, vitamin B complex usually the B50 form or a B100 form (mostly 100 mg for each vitamin Bs) is needed to repair neural damage and help the brain signal recovery to the cells. This is especially true of B12, but also B1 and B6. The B3, should use only niacinamide, while B1 the manufacturer should use thiamine mononitrate, NOT thiamine hydrochloride, since they are ACID, and not helpful with the kidneys. The B6 I prefer is the pyridoxine phosphate, not the pyridoxine hydrochloride, since it is acid also. Wound healing of kidney is most helped with aloe vera (but DO NOT TAKE yogurt - it is acid!), whey protein, CoQ10 are the most important. So I have no idea what is wrong with your kidneys, but most common cause, I do know.

As a small observation, paracetamol and pain killers (NSAIDs) damages the kidneys in the long run. I am old fashion and prefer to use aspirin (americans have used a form of this) as a pain killer as it has good record of long use, but only after I mixed them in baking soda (to neutralize the acid) and dissolve them in a glass of water, so that it won't damage the stomach. It is the tablet form being concentrated that is damages, but the ones traditional form of aspirin has always been to dissolve the powder into a glass of water.