Seeking Ted's Help For Late Stage CKD

Posted by Maureen (Joppa, Md ) on 02/05/2015

I have stage 3 ckd. Had uti and Dr.prescribed Bactrim. I've had terrible side effects. Is there something I can take for uti and/or kidney or bladder infection besides these harmful antibiotics. Took Cipro also and that was terrible. The side effects of the antibiotics last for weeks and I feel worse than I did before. Please help. I also have adrenal masses and cysts.

Replied by Andrea
Costa Rica

Hello, for kidney the best is Bauhinia guianensis, ( escalera de mono) that cured my kidney failure when I was 5 years old. Actually, I have a dog with terminal kidney failure, and the only thing that is working is Bauhinia (escalera de mono), mixed with flax seed and also MMS.

Replied by Juan

And how can I get it and how to take it? I live in Spain. Gracias

Replied by Sonya
California, Usa

Can someone please help me find out how to buy the bauhinia guianensis (escalera de mono) that Andrea is talking about to cure kidney disease?


Replied by Teena
Melbourne, Australia
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Hello Sonya,

Searching for the complete plant name bought up nothing to purchase, so searching for just Bauhinia for kidney eventually bought up the name Bauhinia variegata, in some countries known as Mountain Ebony and in India known as kanchanara, used in Ayurvedic medicine.

Many uses inc kidney protective, liver protective anti tumour, anticancer, anti diabetic, thyroid support, deobstruent, used for fibroids in breasts, haemorrhoids, rectal prolapse, regulating menstruation, it is a powerful antioxidant also increasing glutathione levels.

Hope this information helps you

Replied by Teena
Melbourne Australia
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Sonya, I was going over my notes and saw I have written guava leaves for kidney health. I have pages typed with headings Heart, Stroke, Liver, Heavy Metal removal, etc and when I read something effective I quickly open the corresponding page and add it, as there is so much info out there I know I will not remember when I need it. This may be easier to get hold of than your bauhinia guianensis is proving to be.

Study showing protection against damaging cancer treatment[138].pdf

And in words I can understand:

Here's a place that sells organic guava leaves: