Friend with Polycystic Kidney Disease

Posted by B. on 07/28/2008

Hello Ted, I often visit the site for treatments for various ailments and have found your suggestions very helpful. A friend of mine suffers from polycystic kidney disease and I was wondering if you knew of any cures and/or treatments for this particular disease. I look forward to hearing from you. Thank you for your time.

Replied by Dan
Clearwater, Florida

This posting seems to have a typo, as 1000mg of Selenium would probably be a toxic dose. I think Ted probably meant 1000mcg (micrograms) not mg (milligrams).

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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Sorry that I cannot be unable to answer this email quickly, as I was not near the p.c. most of the times.

As to the polycystic kidney issue, I do have some success in this issue. It seems that sugar increases the solubility of calcium of the bone and increases the serum calcium by many fold. The sugar increases blood calcium, which is one of the many causes of this condition. Lowering the blood calcium through the lowering of blood sugar is of prime concern. Of particular foods to avoid are potatoes (high calcium), fungus, yeast, mushrooms, fruits, sugar and artificial sugar. These are of prime concern. However, blood sugar can be reduced much more efficiently I have found through reducing blood glucose by chromium supplementation. A chromium supplement, with no calcium added, having between 1000-2000 mcg are the most common dose I have employed using chromium polynicotinate, with medium dose of 1000-1500 mcg. If I should use chromium chloride, because of their lower bioavailability I may take larger dose of this, such as 25-50 mg and seems to have a similar effect in lowering blood sugar. That's just only my observations. Bloot sugar must be monitored carefully where blood sugar are kept between 80-90 I think is a reasonable levels.

Monitoring or keeping blood pressure normal is paramount, as it will protect the kidneys. Some EDTA, such as 250 mg dissolved in 2 liters of water with disodium EDTA, for example, non calcium EDTA will help remove excessive calcium, but excessive amount will lead to bloody urine. The dose of EDTA is kept intentionally low an diluted to reduce the pressure buildup of the kidney from erupting.

CoQ10 I have found to be of prime concern in preventing kidney pain and support healing. My most concern is the healing that is also needed. Granulated lecithin is taken at 1 tablespoon 3 times a day will reduce fatty buildup and might be protective of the kidney problems.

In event of this kidney problem I think a 1/4 teaspoon of baking soda plus 1/4 teaspoon of potassium citrate in 1 glass of water taken twice to three times a day will alkalize the blood and reducing the leeching effects of calcium from the bones. Both sugar and acidity from acid forming food causes excessive kidney issues.

If there is nay other things that may or remotely remove the cyst problem then I think iodine are of importance in normalizing the hormones so that the body can achieve greater balance. The source of iodine can come from two sources, kelp, you get more of it, but frequent dose may cause acne. I have notice there maybe some relationship between cysts in kidneys and acne. For some reason or another some calcium cysts are reduced in the kidney, but it pops out on the skin showing acne. This means if I know someone with a polycystic issue and take a lot of kelp such as 10 capsules, for example or just even 5 capsules for a couple of days, the acne comes out, but the polycystic is reduced or at least some of the pressure. The iodine that I have tested can come from lugol's solution taken internally in low dose of 5 drops per glass of water, a kelp taken at 1-5 capsules of 250 mg each, or even a iodine tablets at 10 mg. are the ones I noticed to work the best. It would seem that in some cases this condition exist more in people with high blood sugar, acid forming food, eat too much fruits, take too much aspartame and artificial sugars, and lack iodine.

There is one food I try to avoid and that is vegetable oils used for cooking. They seem to promote lipid peroxidation, which kill the kidney. This happens because vegetable oils have low boiling point, get oxidized quickly and its oils further damage the delicate cells of the kidney.

In other cases if the person who has polycystic and have depression, I have found certain heavy metal to be in excess which kills of kidney. One is excessive copper the other is excessive arsenic. EDTA may help, but cilantro and chlorella is a more practical option because they are easier to find in case of heavy metal. The problem exists that removal of calcium may be best initiated with an extremely dilute EDTA in a 2 liter bottle would be more ideal way to slowly remove the calcium found in cysts

In case pressure and pain is less from lowering of pressure from EDTA, this dose may be stopped (usually within 2-6 day) and then granulated lecithin is taken over the long term, along with chromium and diet control, but the pain I think will be helped with the CoQ10.

I am sure I have forgotten something here, but it should be noted that the common source of heavy metal contamination are wood treated with arsenic and the water faucet. If a hair mineral analysis is taken for people with polycystic kidney, it might in some people show that heavy metals might be the cause. At least for me I have noted the copper and arsenic,but there may be other oxidative metals involved. In any event if depression is linked, selenium supplements helped. If 200 mcg works for depression in only 4 hours, than 1000 mg usually lasts about a day and the selenium also displaces other heavy metals, especially mercury.and seems to reduce the toxic effect of arsenic caused kidney damage. But that's just my observations.


Replied by Benni
San Diego, California

Just wanted to confirm Ted's observation re. acne and kidney/liver cysts.

Last year, when my adult acne was at its worst, I also developed cysts in my liver, kidneys, breast, ovaries, one in my diaphram area - all found via MRI, endoscopy and ultrasound. Radiologist said none were connected to the other, which I found hard to believe.

Before the cysts, I had, 3-5 months prior, begun taking Lugol's, Apple Cider Vinegar or lime juice, baking soda and borax (small, infrequent doses of the last three, less frequent than Ted recommends) regulalry in the hopes of improving or rectifying my chronic fatigue, and so I have some concern that the cysts were induced directly by either the Lugol's or the borax. However, a different way to think about it might be that I had some kind of low grade systemic infection that finally manifested in the form of cysts and that those things brought them to a head.

About 6 months ago few of the cysts burst, and caused blood in my stool. At the point, my GP took it as a good sign that the infections might be healing.

I am wary of antibiotics, having had a major reaction to Bactrim which caused hospitalization, so did not agree to take them to help clear up the cysts until 8 months had passed and they were still causing pain. I took a course of tetracycline last month because it's the only antibiotic that hasn't caused me trouble in the past.

This created fungal issues (brown tongue, itchy feet, mild yeast infection) and a severe flaring of my acne (after experiencing a few days of improvement while on the tetracycline. ) I still have some pain in the cyst sights, but not as bad as before the anitbiotics. The cysts are still there. I am not convinced that antbiotics are entirely responsible for the reduced pain because, while taking them, I lost my appetite and it hasn't really returned. Only eating fruit, veggies, a little meat, rice and dairy - and very small servings of those. Eating itself causes less stress to my liver/kidneys, and wheat and anything with a lot of fat in particular cause a flare of the pain. The antibiotics may have had an effect on my appetite, but I've also stopped eating wheat and corn, and eliminating those things usually reduces my appetite too.

So, the cysts seem better and, as expected, the acne flared up with a vengeance a few days after stopping the antibiotics. So I began taking Milk Thistle, probiotics, and am doing the lime/baking soda twice a day too (for the fungal issues caused by the antibtiocs).

I have, in the past, take lecithin, milk thistle and NAC for liver cleansing and noticed each time I took those, that my acne was much improved. I've generally attributed better looking skin to NAC and was motivated by the recent acne flare up to start these things again, but when I went to the store, the only thing I could find was milk thistle. My schedule prevented me from obtaining the other things.

The Milk Thistle alone cleared up all the "bacne", and greatly reduced the new, existing flare up on my neck. (Usually don't get acne on my neck - it is located in area of thyroid glands.)

I also began taking Lugol's again, 5%, but this time only one or two drops, 5 days per week. It is possible that it is causing the neck acne but I am also trying to fight this infection still, because the cysts are still there. Not sure whether it caused the cysts! But I stoped taking it 6 months ago and the cysts persisted, so it's a crap shoot.

Additional things I take are 1 out of a 2 per day vitamin made by Life Extension, which is the best vitamin I can afford. I stopped taking those for a while because my diet had improved so much but began feeling much more run down after quitting them. Decided to only take 1/2 dose of the multi; 2-3,000 mg of vitamin c, selenium, zinc, 1/2 of a 5 mg nutritional lithium (depression - really helps), 500 mg metformin (used for hormonal issues, PCOS related, not diabetes), natural vitamin e once per week, melatonin, xanax and tramadol as needed for sleep.

I haven't noticed improvement of any of my symptoms from lecithin, which I took for 4 months in granulated, non GMO form - 1-2 tbs twice per day. However, I may have lost some weight from the lecithin, and may take it again to see if it's true.

I think Milk Thistle and NAC, by supporting my liver and kidneys, have made the most difference in relieving the pain of the cysts I've had that are painful (liver/kidneys), and that they each have had a big impact on reducing my acne.

Last note, obviously, right now, the Milk Thistle is helping the most because it is the only liver support I am taking, but previously, I felt my skin became much nicer in all ways (reduced wrinkles, and reduced acne) from NAC.

As usual, Ted's most basic recommendation is working fabulously to clear up the antibiotic-induced fungal issues - baking soda with lemon/lime/acv, twice per day.

I am considering starting bht just in case my chronic fatigue is caused by a virus. I have shingle-like flare ups occassionally when under stress, and also have herpes flare ups. The fatigue started after a stressful period in my life in which I also contracted mononucleosis. A virus, I suppose, could be related to the cysts as well.

Replied by Azurezea
Dallas, Texas

Lithium carbonate has caused cystic acne for my granddaughter. Changing to Lithium oratate remedied that situation with some time and correct nutrition. Hope this helps you.

Replied by John D

I am sorry for your loss of Ted. I have read all his posts on PKD and was wondering if you know if any of his recommendations for PKD were helpful to the patients who requested help with this disease?

I am 55 years old with this disease and would like to hear of successes in slowing/stopping the growth of the kidney cysts.

You reply will be grealty appreciated!

John D