Polycystic Kidneys

Posted by D (CORAL SPRINGS,FLORIDA) on 08/17/2007

Polycystic Kidneys: I have this genetic desease and currently at 18% kidney function. What do you recommend to sustain this kidney function? What herbs would assist my organs to help eliminate what my kidneys cannot from my blood?? I am currently on a raw food diet hoping this helps. I have a family who needs me desperately and I whole heartly ask for your help. God Bless.Doug

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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First it is necessary to understand how the genescauses the cysts. Basically, if the genes don't do itfor you you just go to do it yourself. What genes areare instructions for the cells to do certainbiochemical responses and if it's not in the genes,than there is lack of biochemical reponses.

Therefore, the defect is the PKD gene in which acalcium ion allows to enter into the cell, thusdamaging the cells. Normally the cells needs to rid ofthe calcium as a result, it is possible to delay thisby reducing the serum calcium level and eat food withminimum calcium but plenty of magnesium which isantagonistic of calcium. So if too much calcium entersthe cells, they become cysts.

Certain supplements can reduce this, such as dietarywith minimum calcium, plenty of magnesium andalkalizing using citrates. The remedy for citratessuch as 1/4 teaspoon of baking soda plus 1/4 teaspoonof citric acid will usually reduce the serum calciumsince citrates chelates out excess calcium and at thesame time alkalization will reduce leeching effect ofcalcium that if the serum calcium is too high, thecells will uptake the calcium. So the goal appears tobe getting the urinary pH to 7, by taking sufficientbaking soda with some potassium bicarbonate (at leastthis is what I would do) and also vitamin B complexand magnesium citrate is also helpful in also reducingsome excess calcium.

The problem about cysts or even PKD, is that it canappear not just in the kidneys, but it can appear inother organs and hence reducing the blood serumcalcium levels with the use of citrate is what I woulddo as well as getting the urinary pH to 7. To preventtoo much imbalance in calcium, boron supplements mighthelp as it balances the body's calcium and magnesiumratio. However, the goal still remains the same in alkalizing to reduce calcium leeching and taking somemagnesium to counter balance excess serum calciumlevels.

Since the body has difficulty getting rid of calcium,in some cases some small amount of EDTA supplementswith plenty of water should also further facilitatethe excess calcium, however, it is only effective ifthe EDTA is in just the Disodium EDTA, and never theCalcium EDTA, as it would add more calcium into thesystem. I would likely check the U.S. Nutritionaldatabase for foods that are generally below average incalcium level also.

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I was just diagnosed with polycystic kidney disease. Neither of my parents dealt with any symptoms of this disease nor did any of my grandparents. I am currently 60 years old and started having side and back pain a few months ago. CT scan showed cysts in my kidneys and liver. With the baking soda and citric acid regimen, I have two questions. Is this something I do every day the rest of my life? Secondly, what is the best source of citric acid? Thanks.