Causes for Why Gray Hair at Young Age?

Posted by Carly (Windsor, NH) on 01/31/2007

Hi, I have been reading all the information about taking blackstrap molasses along with wheat germ & brewers yeast to help turn gray hair back to original color. I too am way too young for gray hair. I just turned 29 and I have tons of gray underneath & it keeps coming to the surface. My siblings also have gray hair at such a young age(none of us are even 30 yet) What does cause gray so young? We are all frustrated to the hilt with having to deal with this. I think everything is just a scam and makes people go crazy so just do what everybody starts doing once the gray starts coming.... start going to Miss Clairol, that will help a whole lot better than having to use all these things and just hoping that it will work a miracle. C'mon, its just normal food.

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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Dear Carly: Wheat germ, molasses, and brewers yeast (vitamin B13) are classic home remedies for gray hair, but so is fulvic acid, sodium ascorbate and manganese.

The cause of gray hair is a deficiency of certain vitamin B complex, along with B13 from brewer's yeast, manganese and vitamin C.

A much simpler remedy is sodium ascorbate vitamin C, which helps the body increase manganese absorption and taking vitamin B complex as a supportive measures works. Just remember, 10 years ago, I had gray hairs and I am now 49 years old and now hardly have any gray hairs. No secret. Just taking plenty of sodium ascorbate, vitamin B complex and manganese when I need too. My personal theory is that dogs don't get gray hairs like human because their liver can produce as much vitamin C as they want. Besides, most people I know with premature gray hair hardly eat any fruits either. Gray hair doesn't run in the family, I think it is the bad diets that does.