Ingredients for Cure of Gray Hairs

on 04/02/2007

Hi, i am a 30 year old male and have a lot of gray hair .i got hold of the earthclinic site and read about black strap molasses,brewers' yeast and wheat germ that if taken together they can reverse the greying to it's original color.i live in virginia USA and was wondering where can i get all three of them and how to take them daily in what dose? i'd appreciate if you reply back with the info.

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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A reasonable dose for black strap molasses is about two teaspoons, with plenty of water. Brewer's yeast about 10 grams/day, wheat germ about any amount, but minimum is about 20 grams.

It is important that sodium ascorbate vitamin C 1000 mg x 3 times a day is taken. It takes about 3 months to notice clear improvement. Vitamin B complex is taken too, but I think once or twice a week is more ideal.

Two or three tablespoon Cocoa powder mixed in drinks is helpful and should be taken everyday as it is high in copper and vitamin C will help its absorption. To prevent imbalances of copper and zinc taking 50 mg zinc gluconate once every two weeks should be sufficient.

I have as yet to perfect this, but then my white and gray hair are barely visible now. Bangkok the drinking water is quite high in copper, so merely taking vitamin C would do the trick, but in other areas cocoa may need to be added.

Replied by Marsha
Bangkok, Thailand

hey, am from bangkok, i would like to know where i can get all that ingrident, i had been asking BLACK STRAP MORASSESS, most of the pharmacy in bangkok they had no idea:(pls someone guide me where to get all that

Replied by Narinja
Kaunas, Lithuania

I have a question about the amount of Brewer' s Yeast dosage. I bought it and it is 500 mg each tablet, do I really have to take 20 tablets per day totally 10 grams to have any effect for reversing gray hair? And for how long it should be done?

Replied by Joy
Battleground, Wash

There are some warning with using brewers yeast because of purines>>> kidney and gout >>>> some things of that nature....anyway

I know two people with copper toxicity whose hair does not grey and they are over 60 with dark hair. Too much copper is not good but try a multi mineral with trace minerals and a good multi vitamin supplement to get rid of the grey and also some hormone imbalances or absorbtion disorders cause grey