Reducing Irritable Bowel Syndrome Bloating?

Posted by Paul on 07/31/2007

Hi Ted.....Paul here again...Durham, England.......I havent found a thing to better the flavour of the brewers yeast...Boy ,it tastes Foul! though im percervering! Any ideae on this? im currently taking it on bran flakes and milk.....Also any good ideas for reducing irritable bowel syndrom bloating? Best wishes...

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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To best handle gray hair, I would likely to concentrate on vitamin C (plenty of them, it might at the time I wasn't measuring the exact dose, but it appears to be something closer to 1000 mg 4 times or 5 times a day, along with 4 times a week vitamin B complex. Cocoa and manganese is the other things, as well as the black strap molasses. I was taking lots of vitamin C at the time, it seems people here don't like my gray hair. That gave me an extra incentive to take more too. However where I live the water here has a very high copper contaminants which also helped as the vitamin C increases copper bioavailability. However other people may not be lucky so cocoa appears to have the copper. The reason why black strap molasses can restore gray hair in some cases is the copper and manganese.

Therefore, brewer's yeast don't need to be taken as often, since they are supportive of gray hair. The other things, are more important.

As to the brewer's yeast, the ones I used are debittered so it should not taste foul. In case it is a problem, I might just add some small amount of honey into the brewer's yeast.

While I don't know how widespread gray hairs are due to fungus. I do know that fungus, seems to eat the melanin and cause gray hair. Therefore a constant shampooing or my leaving borax solution overnight might also help, if of course they have fungal in origins. Interestingly, vitamin C also have antifungal properties, but then so does copper as well.

Replied by Vince
Toronto, Ont

regarding the use of vitamin C I assume that it impacts histidine which is implicated in both hair pigmentation and allergies. So food allergies, leaky gut, might be something that increases gray hair.