Family with Premature Grey Hair

Posted by R on 07/19/2007

Ted our family suffer from premature grey hair. My daughter is only 13 yrs and have a few. I have tried few things but it hasn't reversed the grey. I make fresh juice and add BSM in it. I have also been reading about ACV and the benefits. How can I combine it all so I can help them to reverse the greys. Also my husband is Thaleseamic. Should he be having BSM. Your advice will be greatly appreciated. I am desperate to cure my daughters hair. regards

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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How can I combine it all so I can help them to reverse the greys.

Just add one tablespoon to 2 tablespoon ACV and 1/4 teaspoon baking soda remedy, but when adding them together, I would much prefer to increase the 1/2 glass of water to about 1 glass of water to further dilute them to minimize the concentration so that it it minimizes negatively effect the blood sugar. Vitamin C sodium ascorbate 1000 mg in an adult dosage (or rose hips) can be taken anytime. A child dosage is proportionately taken less based on a weight of the child. So if the child's weight is 1/2 of an adult for example, the dose is halved.

Also my husband is Thaleseamic. Should he be having BSM.

For me the condition would be best if some simple chelation of iron, where green tea unsugared, no milk, no fructose is taken about twice a day.

Gray hairs are usually helped with vitamin C and vitamin B complex. Therefore vitamin b complex should be taken at least 3-4 times out of a week while vitamin C sodium ascorbate is taken about 5 days out a week.

There may be other minerals that caused gray hairs such as lowered antioxidant levels of vitamin E, molybdenum (yes it's an antioxidant), and zinc (which is also an antioxidant).

Manganese and copper are the common minerals I see missing due to gray hair. But some people who do hair mineral analysis I see other mineral missing just as well in addition to copper, molybdenum and manganese, such as magnesium, lithium, boron and iodine.

Of course, if someone was really serious about gray hair, a more complete hair mineral analysis should reveal others too, since the cases of people providing those information are few so and research are extensive, but not many is posting those key information that i would like to see.

Most of the problems about supplementation is that the minerals are poorly absorbed in a great majority of people (more like 80%!) after taking it for a full year. The reason is the supplements don't dissolve in a glass of water within 15 minutes. Therefore, it is generally helpful to grind them to powder and mixed them in a water. Manganese is a strange one where it is best taken on an empty stomach, and the body's vitamin C level should relatively be high in aid in manganese, iron and copper utilization, or its bioavailability.

Replied by Andiatmika Manuaba
Bali, Indonesia

apple cider vinegar, dear ted..i really confused about the vitamin c sodium ascorbate and vitamin c calcium ascorbate, i coud'nt find vit c with sodium ascorbate in my place, can i use the vit c calcium ascorbate, they say the calcium ascorbate are more save in the stomach.please let me know. thanks

Replied by Mark
The Woodlands, Texas, USA

I have had a reversal of graying hair in the last two months. The only thing I have changed is taking 5 to 8 grams of Allergy-C Caps (a buffered Vitamin C from Sago Palm - ea tablet 1500g C + 100g Calcium + 50g Magnesium). My life stress level is higher so it has to be the supplements.