Wheat Germ and Blackstrap Molasses Details

Posted by Anonymous (Anonymous) on 10/28/2011

Hi Ted, I have found your posts to be most insightful and have several queries which I hope you may be able to help me with. Firstly, regarding the type of wheat germ for curing grey hair: what form should the wheat germ be in? Should it be the granulated/powder type or the liquid capsule? It would be difficult to take 20 grams of the liquid capsule, and the granulated/powder type seems like it might be too little.

Secondly, the BSM: I have managed to find only one BSM at my local health food store. It does not list the copper content and when I contacted the manufacturer, they were not able to give a specific answer. Is there a test I could perform to measure how much copper is present? It would be a shame to discover after months of commitment that the product was deficient in copper.

Thirdly, can I mix the cocoa with the BSM? Please clarify. Thanks very much for your help.

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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Wheat germ that is best is powdered or granulated, preferably without any capsules as it is more bio-available (there's no capsule to dissolve). Those liquid capsules might be in soybean oils and other oils, and that leads to further congestion of the liver. The granulated or powdered can be added to food, so it makes consuming it easier, without effecting bio-availability.

Other brands might provide you with that information for their nutritional sheet that has copper, if not chlorophyll bought commercially is copper chlorophyllin and that can be taken if you just want copper, and the other ones is left to BSM.