How Long for Results?

Posted by Larry on 05/01/2007

Hello, Finally a cure for graying hair. Hello and how are you. I have been taking blackstrap molasses for about a week so my email may be a little early. I would like to say that in a week my feet are looking revitalized as well as my hands. It does seem to be doing something. I am 40 either it's my imagination or I am beginning to look a little fresher. I take a spoonful in the morning and in the evening before I go to bed. Since this seems to be the bodies medicine that I know I am on the right track. What I want to find out is will the molasses turn all hair back to it's original color I'm speaking of mustache as well and facial hair also? How long should I take it before I realistically see some results?

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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Larry: It takes about 3 months for the colors to start coming but or at least be noticeable, and yes 1 spoonfuls x 2 times a day is the dose. Generally it will take more than a year to get all the colors black. Still, I won't generally recommend blackstrap molasses for diabetes, but it seems to work quite well for most people.