Lithium and Gout

Posted by John on 09/30/2007

Hi Ted, Thanks for the information. Slight improvement today in the soreness - hard to figure.

I've decided to give the baking soda, apple cider vinegar and black cherry juice more time to work their wonders until resorting to the lithium. I do like the potential anti-aging aspects it provides though.

I apologize for my ignorance when it comes to biology. I had never heard of lecithin before your mentioning it. So, I looked it up. I was immediately caught by the fact that it's a brain and nerve nutrient. It protects the sheaths covering the nerves.

In 1993 I was diagnosed with chronic inflamatory dimyelinating neuropathy. The myelin sheath is being attacked by my own anti-bodies. Perhaps this will help to redevelop the nerve sheath protection that's been lost.

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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Yes, lecithin is one of the remedies I used to protect the brain sheats against demyelination, as in the movie Lorenzo's oil, not exactly correct in its information, but a lot of people saw that movie.

It should be noted that the blood uric and urea should be measured whenever that happens. Apparently there's
a link on blood urea and uric levels and the body's autoimmunity condition. Copper level is implicated which low copper can initiate an autoimmunity reponse where CuII converts to CuI in presence of fatty brain deposit as a food source. Also if the level is low in urea (as in Multiple Sclerosis) for example then we are dealing is the use of urea as a possible supplement.

There's also a link between virus, fungus, free heavy metals as well. But a virus which attacks the brain has a possible remedy from the use of BHT. A genetic cause can be bypassed by avoiding certain biochemical nutrients which accelerates the condition just the same.