How to Know Cause for Flare Up?

Posted by Jared (Portland, Oregon) on 07/22/2007

I have been managing my flare ups for the past 3 years. After the first encounter, plenty of water and diet management seemed to work. Occasionally I would get what I call tinges. Slight pain without the severe pain. Anyways, I started using the recipe for ACV and honey and have seen immediate result. My question is how do I know what is causing a flare up? How much time passes between the item or items I ate and the elevated Uric Acid that causes a gout flare up? I always thought for me it was the brewers yeast in the craft brews I like drinking. I also always drink over 100 oz of water a day. I am currently in a flare up and have seen the benefits in only 3 doses.

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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From my own experience it is what I eat. Fatty foods, high calcium foods, too much coffee (with milk) and not enough water, alcoholic drinks, too much meats, acid forming foods (white bread, sugar, fried foods, etc.) and uric acid rich foods (shellfish, peanuts, etc). The list here is not complete but those are the main ones. Deficiencies in vitamin B can also lead to this as vitamin Bs (as well as selenium, cloves, glycine, etc.) are supportive of liver function toxicity. The most useful remedies of ACV is the acetates content which is helpful in liver detoxification. The liver generally detoxify poisons by acetylation, and hence acetates contant in liver may help and malates may help increase cellular energy necessary for detoxification, However, baking soda and others should also be considered too as being helpful. Alkalinity tends to help the body dissolve uric acid better, so drinking more water may not help. I would generally focus on supplements supportive of liver detoxification and there are many, such as milk thistle.

How much time passes between the item or items I ate and the elevated Uric Acid that causes a gout flare up?

Sometimes the flare ups should be noticed the next day. Usually it is a gradual due to bad diets and foods that destroy liver function (e.g. alcohol, wine, vodka) sometimes certain foods causes a gout flare up in some people such as coffee or tea (despite what some researchers say that it prevents gout). Coffee and tea may prevent gout if it has a diuretic effect and drink plenty of water, but it can even bring on that if water is not taken too much.

Whenever a gout is indicated, it is always alkalizing, either ACV, or baking soda, which the alkalinity will help dissolve uric acid.

However, I would rather pay strict attention to certain foods that might cause gout (different people have different sensitivities), such as shellfish, nuts, lack of vitamin b complex, lack of lecithin, acidosis, excess fatty foods, or alcoholic drinks. A liver cirrhosis can also lead to high uric acid since the liver cannot detoxify them. As such, I would look at alkalizing the body, and detoxify the liver by removing excess fats from the diet and lecithin, as well as some selenium supplements. Most liver detox remedy posted does not cover all 4 phases of causes of liver detoxification. One simple remedy at least from my own experience is to take 5-10 mg of lithium carbonate before bedtime as lithium is well known for its efficiency in dissolving uric acid, along with ACV and baking soda too.