Gout Started in Youth, Now Increasing

Posted by HK (Anonymous) on 04/27/2012

Dear Ted, I have followed you on earth clinic and was looking for advice. I am a 30 year old Asian male suffering with gout since I was 18. I have been oil pulling with coconut oil for two months and have been taking 1 teaspoon of baking soda 1-2 daily for a month. But lately my gout attacks have been frequent like 2-3 times per week. I know the importance of diet and to avoid high purine foods (ie red meats, seafoods). I do have tophi on my toes and side of my foot. I am hoping for any advice that can help me more. I do not wish to take any medications. I have just graduated chiropractic school and gout makes it difficult for me to pursue my career and help others.

Any advice will greatly be appreciated. Thank you.

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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What you don't know about gout is it is caused mostly by the high fruit, high carbohydrate and high sugar diet. It can come from too much sugar in your coffee or even eating too much rice or just eating too much bananas, as an example. The other is not drinking enough water during meals which reduces the blood sugar. The high purine diets is overdone, the ones I am seeing, at least the clients, this is always the case, the high carb diet, not the high purine diets. It can be resolved two ways, taking the traditional allopurinol forever, or taking lithium 2 mg. to dissolve it, or changing your diets, or all of it. The whole problem of gout the blood sugar, is an unrecognized one because the way we were taught (like the move The Minority Report) not to see things, normal blood sugar cannot exceed 90 mg/dL, and people with gout somehow usually have blood sugar around 100 to 110 mg/dL, which is considered "normal" by Western doctors. But there is something wrong, since most mammals or apes, have blood sugar never exceeding 90 mg/dL, it is always something like 85 mg/dL. The other thing wrong is the rule that you are not allowed to drink water when you have your food, the problem is that, the blood sugar is ALWAYS higher during meals, and you need to reduced that, otherwise it lowers your immune system, and water is needed for human digestion, that is why people consider eating soup healthy in general. The single most important fact is measuring your blood sugar, which by western standards requires 12 hour fasting. The problem is that it tends to hide potential diabetes and gout conditions. Your blood sugar must be less than 110 mg/dL one hour after eating, but it should be in the case of gout it must be lower then 100 mg/dL after one hour or the recovery from gout is not possible, and ideally after 3 hours eating it should be normal at 70 to 90 range. In general people without gout their blood sugar rarely goes above 100 md/dL even after eating. So the best ways to fix the problem is drink more water after meals, eat less carbs of all kinds, and most of all do not eat after 5.00 pm. The blood sugar goes crazy if eaten late at night, and having a large meals for breakfast the same thing true, but not that extreme.


04/28/2012: HK replies: "Ted, Thank you for you quick reply. I am not familiar with lithium. Is this the same medical drug for depression? Also, is it possible to recover from gout without allopurinol even in the worst cases. My doctor did prescribe me allopurinol but I am worried about the side effects of this drug like all American drugs.

So if gout is caused by sugar, then will I be able to consume meat again? Of course without rice."

Replied by Ted
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Lithium is 2.5 mg, it is the same as the doctors, but the dosages are different the doctors used 250 mg.

Yes you might consume meat again, but you have to do a blood glucose meter test if your blood sugar DOES not spike after meals two hours, to over 90 mg/dL. Chances are it will spike. If does not spike a lot, more water between meals will prevent that. Most diabetics have gout, but there may be minority that might be that eating meats really causes gout, but that is in the minority. Your judge is yourself with the blood glucose meter.


04/30/2012: HK replies: "Ted, Thank you for your reply once again. I have began watching what I eat. I eat less sugar, fruits and carbs. I am looking to buy a blood sugar monitor soon. But I do believe I am starting to feel better.

I have another question about scars. I have a 12 year old hypertrophic scar on my nose (probably caused by acne) that was recently scratched off by a dog. It is round and a little smaller than a pencil eraser. It caused no physical problems other than looking red, raised and shiny. I have read your posts about treating keloids internally and topically. Prior to this accident. I have tried alkalizing my blood, eat less inflammation-causing foods, and I have applied tea tree oil, lavender oil, vitamin E. i have seen little or no results. Is there anything else I should do internally or externally?"

04/30/2012: Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: "Yes, once the sugar and carbs reduces, the gout reduces fairly quickly. As to your question of keloids, it is usually caused by some microorganisms, but I haven't had the time to examine that, however, the common things such as zinc acetate 10% solution applied topically, MSM applied topically, or chitosan. These may be tried individually or mixed synergistically to help the keloids. There are several different keloids, and they respond to very differently but the ones I mentioned are most commonly used.


Replied by HK

Hi Ted, I have been using topical msm for my scar for about two weeks. I have noticed small improvement. I was wondering if the chitosan is to be used topically or internally. It's hard to find zinc acetate. Do you have any other similar products you can recommend? Thank you."

05/24/2012: Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: "Chitosan is used topically for keloids also. -- Ted