Gout Resists Remedies

Posted by Adil (Pakistan) on 08/05/2012

hi Ted, I have been reading your posts and trying it on earthclinic for my gout. My gout don't respond to any HOME REMEDY or any DRUG. My question and issue is that I am allergic to apples they causes me severe stomach pain WITHOUT stools but with nausea. But I tried ACV, at first it didn't caused me any pain but after 3-6 days it started giving me pain and my stomach and intestines got inflammed then move to baking soda, it also didn't helped my gout but after 4-6 days I got same issue I have with apple or ACV. Now my problem is that I can't even drink ACV or Baking soda, oh wait a minute I am actually allergic to honey also so no honey in ACV even the slightest drop of honey cause me severe gastric issues. Anything which I try to make my body alkaline causes me gastric issues with severe pains. What should I try or do to make my gout normal. I have tonsillitis also this and u may not believe but whenever my tonsilitis is worse my gout also get worse. Thanks

P.S. I have hundred of small and big keloids on my shoulders and upper arms also.

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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Most gout is actually caused by sugar and most gout occurs in people who are potentially diabetic. And the gout can easily be missed by doctors, since I require the checking of sugar levels to be within normal range at least 2 hours after eating, my normal range is less than 90 mg/dL. The purines, or meats are actually a secondary cause, but I suspect lymphatic obstruction caused by high fats to play a role in clearance of gout also, that combined with low water intake and lack of alkalinity such as baking soda could make the matters worse by not dissolving the uric acid, with which you do have problems. So to bypass this problem, we do it topically.

I would prefer DMSO mixed 30 cc (30 grams), in a dropper bottle mixed with 100 mg of Lithium chloride with a bit of water such as 1 cc (one gram) of water. Mixed the lithium chloride and water first, once dissolved, then I would add pure DMSO to the solution. Then I would apply topically where the gout is bad. This bypasses the stomach due to infection possibly h. pylori or paratuberculosis. You may need treatment for that healing and killing of the parasites later on, such as with humid acid, lysine, and vitamin C, at least, but that requires more than a month of healing. An easy way is to take curcumin 5 times a day. The gout can be controlled with restrictive control of sugar, fats and some meats. Fats basically limit lymphatic drainage which worsens the gout.

With this remedy you should feel relief in 5 minutes, but more if you don't want any pain, but should disappear in 1 to 3 days.