32 Year Old with Gout for the Past 8 Years - Help!

Posted by Ryan on 02/27/2010


I have had gout 8 years. I am 32 years old. i have been misdiagnosed several times because of my age. The doctors i have been to in the U.S have not helped me much. originally they put me on allinpurnal 100mg, then they gave me 300mg. That worked for about 6 months. Then they gave me colchicine to get rid of the gout. well the allinpunal wasn't working and i was tired of getting the gout so i started taking the colchicine daily to prevent gout. It worked for about 3 months, then i started taking 0.6 mg twice a day. That worked for another 3 months. The problem with that is once i got a gout attack i could not take the colchicine to get rid of the acute attack.So they put me on indomethacin to help with the gout. The gout started progressively getting worse and more frequent about 2 years ago. Now i get the gout every 4 days and it can last up to 2 weeks. I have recently tried natural remedies such as Brolmein, vitamin C , vitamin B5, vitamin E, and potassium pills. I also tried celery seed, devil's claw, and black cherry juice. The black cherry juice was a success, but it was short lived, it worked an several attacks. For maybe about 7 months but now that does not work anymore! Its almost like my body becomes immune to the remedies. Is this possible? I have also tried your baking soda remedy, it seemed to do OK. but i was worried about high blood pressure from continued use? Finally about 6 months ago i changed my diet to NO red meat, NO seafood, and eliminating foods with high purines in them. Still no success, I cant work because of the gout, cant enjoy foods, and have nearly no social life due to being bedridden 4 days a week!! I have read several of your posts and thought i would email you direct. Is there anything else i can do?? PLEASE email me back if there is anything else i can do. Should i try to go back on the baking soda 3 times a day?? If so do i try it with apple cider vinegar?? PLEASE help???

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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Dear Ryan:

Baking soda doesn't cause high blood pressure, it tends to lower blood pressure. Sodium retention is caused by high chlorides and body tends to increase sodium to keep chloride low. Therefore the cause is chlorides, found in sodium chloride (salt), chlorine chemicals (bleach), most chlorides, sulfites, and basically high oils.

A low dose lithium will do it, but at only 1/100 of the dose they use in lithium carbonate, which is about 2.5 mg, instead of 250 mg of lithium carbonate currently in used. Coffee is the main problems I found causing the uric acid, in practice. Meats is possible, but in practice I found it to be from coffee and possibly tea. The body acquires more uric acid if you don't drink water during meals. If you want to lower gout, the body has to be alkaline first, such as urine pH is around 7, and saliva pH is around 7.3. Otherwise most medicines won't work.


Replied by Gary
Wauchope, Nsw Australia

Hi I know what your going through I just got over a 4 week bout with gout I tried most of the remedies mentioned for gout but with no luck so I asked our local health food store if they knew of something for it and she suggested the following put 4x 8 ounce glasses of pure or distilled water on to boil and add two and a half table spoons of whole juniper berries,two and a half table spoons of celery seed and two and a half table spoons of dandelion root and bring to the boil,once boiled simmer for 5 minutes and strain off the liqiude place in a suitable glass bottle or jar and allow to cool and keep in fridge,you can make it up as you need it from there. Have a six once glass of the liquid twice a day for three days and then once a day from then on until gout has gone. I use the left overs on my pot plants as a type of mulch.
let us know how you get on.

Kind regards Gary
PS I find with me gout is caused from drinking too much stronge TEA and Honey.

Replied by Judyofoz
Asheville, North Carolina

I noticed my water in our rental is very acidic therefore my urine is acidic. I bought a water filter to take out the Fluoride in the city water. It makes the water very alkaline. We are in a rental and it is a portable filter unit. Baking soda helps my bladder pain I get if my urine is too acidic. Regular Baking Soda has aluminum in it so I'm concerned over using it on a regular basis. Any chemist know about this?

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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Typically I will call the factory that makes the baking soda and find out if they added any aluminum. You can reconstitute the Reverse Osmosis water by adding the sea salt, which the pH are usually close to or above 7, but never the table salt. Sometimes the table salt also added the aluminum to prevent caking. Most chemists will usually check for MSDS sheets, and when they sell food grade, they usually don't add the aluminum. However when it goes through retail outlets, because technical specification sheets aren't there, they may have added them. Therefore it's best to call the company that makes the product. Ted