Does Gout Occur Due to Hormonal Imbalance?

Posted by Prashant

Ted, i have one more question to ask,does gout occur due to hormonal imbalance.if so can it be cured by the same. thanks for your precious time. prashant.

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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If hormone is the cause, than the ACTH (adrenocorticotropic hormone) for gout is not used to reduce uric acid or gout, it merely reduce the symptoms. At least that's is from the point of view of conventional medicine.

If you want other explainations, usually its renal failure and dehydration caused by either not drinking enough water, or that hormone imbalances which causes water retention as being a more likely cause.

Generally drinking tea and coffee sometimes lead to reduce uric acid, but I have seen instances of rise in uric acid as a result of those also. The paradox could be due to nondairy cream, cream, milk and sugar. However I didn't investigate them, but do know that a friend of mind if he drinks canned coffee (that includes milk, cream, etc.), then quite likely his gout gets unbearable within hours.

Aspirin reduces uric acid, but they should be dissolve in a glass of water to reduce stomach upsets, certain corticosteroids may reduce

Doctors commonly prescribe, allopurinol reduces uric acid, but I would prefer large doses of vitamin C rather than doctor's medicine. The sodium ascorbate vitamin C is an alkaline form that I used, but some sensitive people do have stomach sensitivity whenever it is too alkaline or too acid, and as a result they should be dissolved in a glass of water to reduce that effect by dilutions.

Hormonal like remedies may help gout by supporting normal kidney functions may also help, such as licorice extract, one tablespoon a day. Low protein diets helps. Gout a century ago used to be called rich man's food, because of the rich diets, full of meats, sugars, and oily food. So those diets tend to be associated with gout. Today, with modern food technology the availability of rich foods of high protein diets are causing gout.

Liver problems can bring on high uric caicd due to reduce detoxification, bought on for example by alcohol, but can be bought on also by mineral deficiency such as selenium. Long term deficiency and toxic chemicals leading to cirrhosis can lead to gout also, due to reduce liver function as a result of obstructive biliary disease that prevents transport of uric acid.

Drinking plenty of water usually reduces uric acid, but excess can lead to hypnotremia, so in that event, some sea salt added to thd drinking water can reduce the problems.

If a person is diabetes, that can lead to gout, so a remedy for me is usually 1 tablespoon of granulated lecithin once a day.

Urine should generally be clear (in a cup for examination) and will indicate either the body is high in solutes, or trying to get rid of the solutes. Unclear urine is often the first signs the body is either dehydrated from not drinking enough water, needs more alkalization, need to take less calcium rich foods, need to reduce fatty foods and high protein foods, need to take more vitamin C or take vitamin B complex. If the urine is clear, then the problems of gout and other hidden conditions that can lead to kidney stones, and other problems can be prevented early.

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One additional information on gout that most people, including me, keeps forgeting is that during the Roman times, they drank wine from Lead Kegs. As a result, gout was common from lead poisoning. In that event, removing lead will be helpful such as taking some oral EDTA (dissolved with plenty of water) to remove lead will reduce the problems of gout. I don't know how common lead poisoning is, but it was quite common with the use of lead based paints in the 1960s-1970s, as well as lead in gasoline, that has been banned, only to be replaced by an even more toxic metal, which is the cadmium.

Replied by Pauline
Norwich, UK

Hello Ted, I was very interested to read your advice about gout and intend to try your baking soda rememdy tonight (pray god it works) I have been suffering severely for the past six months with gout and am now at my wits end- I was perscribed Allopurinol 300mg but started to get Angina so stopped using them. The swelling and pain in my hands at the moment is almost unbearable so i'm keeping my fingers crossed that the baking Soda will do the trick!! Just a couple of questions Ted,

(1) is it ok to use the baking soda if you've suffered a heart attack? and (3) I'm also diabetic so the same question!

Thanks for your time Ted.

very best Regards, Pauline

Replied by Jack 1010
London, Middlesex

Hi Ted, Can Lithium Carbonate technical grade be used, and at what amount, for gout. As this is only available to me.