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Late Stage CKD

Posted by Maureen (Joppa, Md ) on 02/05/2015
I have stage 3 ckd. Had uti and Dr.prescribed Bactrim. I've had terrible side effects. Is there something I can take for uti and/or kidney or bladder infection besides these harmful antibiotics. Took Cipro also and that was terrible. The side effects of the antibiotics last for weeks and I feel worse than I did before. Please help. I also have adrenal masses and cysts.

Replied by Andrea
Costa Rica
Hello, for kidney the best is Bauhinia guianensis, ( escalera de mono) that cured my kidney failure when I was 5 years old. Actually, I have a dog with terminal kidney failure, and the only thing that is working is Bauhinia (escalera de mono), mixed with flax seed and also MMS.
Replied by Juan
And how can I get it and how to take it? I live in Spain. Gracias
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