Ted's Grey Hair Remedies

Ted's Remedies for Grey Hair?

Posted by AB on 04/17/2014

Hi Ted. Yesterday someone came to me with a problem with grey hair.he is only 31 and he has a lot of grey hair and also itchy scalp with dandruff. He tried all kinds of remedies antifungals and the worst part his hair keeps turning grey. Do u think is metal poisoning or genetics(his father is also grey from youth). What remedies do u recommend? Also, what diet?

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
Copper is deficient as evidenced from itchy scalp and he should be taking copper in form of chlorophyll and PABA 2000 mg mixed with baking soda twice a day after meals and before sleep. Might help his scalp especially dandruff, if he used vinegas and some water for hair washing.


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