Question About the Ester-c

Posted by TC (NYC)

Question for Ted: Dear Ted, what about ester-c, not the real ascorbic acid ester, but the trademarked version of calcium ascorbate? I used this with ACV because the vitamin c, ascorbic acid, is supposedly buffered by the calcium additive so I thought it would buffer the ACV too. Hadn't come across this site yet. I've used ester-c for years now to help with colds viruses etc. it also has added bioflavanoids. Put it in with the H2O2 because c is free radical scavenger and peroxide causes free O2. Your solution citric acid, lemon juice, and I guess maybe ACV same idea. Isn't malic acid an excellent free radical scavenger? I believe so. Also wonder your thoughts on the myeloperoxidase in phagocytosis. Hyper chloride is what kills the bugs I understand. And bromelain for dissolving protein shells of viruses. Thanx, your research confirms much of what I've thought for years. Very refreshing.