Posted by M (Australia) on 02/27/2008

Hi Ted, After researching your website for fertility cures I read that you should take vitamin C in the form of sodium ascorbate. I also read your bio where you mentioned that your mother had a craving for oranges when she was pregnant with you but mentioned that vitamin C is a cure for miscarriage and she ate by the bushels!! Could you please clarify this for me. Thank you.

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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Vitamin C promotes collagen formation which allows the baby to be attached to the mother's uterus preventing miscarriage. Vitamin C also reduces some autoimmunity against the unborn child. If autoimmunity exists, the mother will see the unborn child as a "foreign" tissue and immediately rejects it. However, I think a lot of immunity is always the fungus, mycoplasma (from those vaccines), for example, which may also bring down miscarriage. Basically the woman's eggs goes down the uterus and must attach itself to get pregnant. If it attaches itself not firmly enough the baby develops, then it becomes a miscarriage. The attachement of the eggs or the baby the mother needs sufficient collagen production, in which vitamin C is helpful with collagen, which prevents miscarriage. However, collagen is dependent on dietary collagen such as collagen supplements, from Knox chicken gelatine, sufficient silicon supplements from oatmeal, or water rich with silicon, and others. It should be noted that it is the ability of the body to produce the collagen which protects against miscarriage. But it must also be noted that excess pseudoestrogens (from canned foods), chlorine, fluorine, aspartame, fructose, and deficiency in magnesium can also initiate infertility. Fluorine and chlorine by reduction and mobility of sperm counts, but so is lack of zinc. Aspartame by damaging the neuroendocrine system. If you don't believe me taking aspartame will raise the urine pH to be very acid well below 6, and closer to 5. An ideal urine pH is 6.5 - 7.5, closer to 7, being neutral. Evidence of damages of neuroendocrine is easy to determine (which controls fertility) whenever urine pH suddenly becomes acid after aspartame intake. The long term trends toward sperm counts is at least after the 1960s to the present, comes mostly from fructose, vegetable oils used in high cooking temperatures (a dog or fish can be infertile if given these in their food supply - as a fried food), aspartame, fluoridation, and even vaccination. Certain impurities in vaccinations, such as mycoplasma, (possibly or more frequent yearly vaccination) initiates autoimmunity. Now when autoimmunity happens the mother becomes "autoimmune" against the baby in her stomach, causing miscarriage. All these modern technology may be causing miscarriage and infertility. All my woman friends have miscarriage if they happen to work or use computers. It could be to x ray radiation from those CRT monitors, but I have found testes of men to be damage just by putting the cellular phones in the pant's pockets. The microwave from the mobile phone may damage them, and a woman who place cellular phones in the womb area or blue jeans may initiate miscarriages from radiation of cellular phones too. There is an easy way to determine the extent of this microwave cooking from cellular phones, two cellular phones turn on for about an hour or so facing a raw egg can cook eggs. But a constant use of these can well cook fertilized eggs, ovaries and other things. A mother who doesn't know better might think ultrasound is safe, but the frequency of these ultrasound exists in the microwave frequency just like the oven, and they cause heat, just the same and can go deep with carrier waves they check for the fetus in their stomach. Ultrasound generates free radicals and heat and there are studies to show that it effects the fetus development and possibly miscarriage too. An ultrasound used for humidifiers or create a small fog can easily severely burn the hands (it did with mine!) and hence ultrasound is not safe to use either. There is a lot of risk we do and take for granted for our desire for convenience, but at the same time we are endangering the unborn child. Recently my local news announce that immunization may not be needed by the child in the face of some people finding out babies are getting autistic from MMR vaccines which contain mercury and monosodium glutamate (MSG) which causes holes in brain cells, and now they decided to immunized a pregnant mother instead. That's even worse, since the mercury and high heavy metals will cause an irreversible autism condition. It was easy enough to cure autism by metal chelation from vaccination in a small baby, but it is nearly impossible if term pregnant mother is high in mercury to begin with, as well as the amalgam tooth fillings, which is made of 50% mercury and 50% silver. Therefore, it is best to switch over to composites which doesn't have heavy metals, a year before pregnancy and I think taking iodide and cilantro will remove heavy metals before term pregnancy which might reduce risk exposure to miscarriage. There is also some disinformation on getting pregnant in relation to the woman's cycle...but that's another story altogether. However, a men should avoid testosterone supplements. These reduce sperm counts to nearly 0, especially injection of them, and a woman's estrogen can reduce pregnancy, but what is most interesting is nearly all canned foods has plastic lining which has pseudoestrogens from bisphenol A being created in those canned foods as it breaksdown. I would give more attention not just taking vitamin C, but avoiding a lot of things that is causing them, and authorities "don't know why the sperm counts decreases year by year for the past 40 something years", has got to be pretending to protect private industries major health risk. The risks is pretty well known, but you just have to be around to know some of these things like I did.