Vitamin C Better Than Ascorbic Acid?

Posted by Donna (Miami, FL) on 10/18/2006

Ted, Is fat soluble vitamin c (C- ester) better than ascorbic acid? If so why?

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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Very good question to ask. They are both important. Your body has both fats and liquids inside the body which needs antioxidants to protect you.

If you just take only vitamin C water soluble kinds, the benefits antioxidants will only reach the water soluble portion of your body, but I will never reach the part of the body that has oil soluble components such as the cell structure, certain parts where oil is high, such as the liver, or certain portions of glandular systems. Therefore taking both Ester C and water soluble vitamin C would be most ideal. Of course, Ester C where I live is unobtainable, it is potentially an ideal antioxidants for the non water soluble components such as the retina of the eye and portions of fat soluble which will protect against macular degeneration, fatty tissues of the heart and other places. In fact people with high fat, or are overweight due in fact need more Ester C vitamin than most normal weight people. If your body is high in pathogens and heavy metals both which are fat soluble, this implies our body needs more Ester C than ordinary vitamin C, sodium ascorbate. However, in practice, our body needs both kinds of vitamin C, how much of each depends really on the level of percent fat in your body and the hydration level of your body being a rough guide to how much ester C and how much water soluble vitamin C. Assuming the body fats is 35% and level of hydration is about 45%, assuming, I would estimate you need roughly 35%-40% ester C and 60-65% water soluble vitamin C.

The figures of how much ester C falls closer to the figures of percent fat more than the level of hydration since fat ester C are fat soluble. While hydration levels reflect only solids and water, which can contain bones and to use such figures is not nearly as accurate as the use of fat body composition. Most electronic weighing device today do have this giving you a very rough guide on how much ester C you should take. The exceptions do exist that if you are sick or high in heavy metals, then very likely pathogens of fat soluble and heavy metals will be high. In that case ester C might be more helpful. However, I make it easy. I simply double the dose for both in the same portion based on approximate percent body fat as a rough guideline. How important is each depends on the % you allocate to ester C and to water soluble ascorbic acid.

In taking Ester C, it is in my opinion chewing them would help the absorption due to limited solubility or its limited ability to dissolve in your stomach.