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Bacteria, Does It Kill Good and Bad?

Posted by Usman (Islamabad, Pakistan) on 12/15/2006

I have a question for Ted about sea salt. You said that sea salt is an antibiotic. As for antibiotics, they kill both the good germs & the bad ones. Does sea salt performs the same actions i.e. kill all kind of bacteria bad for health & good for health?

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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There are two kinds of bacteria, those that thrive under acid conditions and those that thrive under alkaline conditions. Those that thrive under acid conditions are considered generally "bad bacteria" and "funguses". For example candida, yeast infection, hiatal hernia, etc. Then there is the "good bacteria" that thrives under alkaline conditions and those tend to coexist with humans since beginning of time, being one of symbiotic relationship.

Sea salt has very alkaline forming elements while our society of food we eat from fast food and supermarkets are acid forming due to excessive use of halogens, in particular, bromine process (in making bread displaces iodine), chlorinated water, etc.

Therefore, sea salt only kills acid forming bacteria. Just check out all the cures with Rene Quinton found just using sea salt, or Dr. Batmanhelidj Your Body Cries For Water.

For more information go here:

One doesn't need elaborate antibiotics when often a simple sea salt would do. I once suffered a terrible urinary tract infection along with several other people here in Bangkok. This has cured over 100 people of urinary tract infections and counting, but I don't receive any feedback at earthclinic from this remedy for some strange reason or another!

One teaspoon - two teaspoon of sea salt in 1 glass of water, ONE SINGLE dose stopped the urinary tract infection. People thinks it hurt taking this. It didn't. There might be exception, but those who say were exceptions, didn't even give it a chance and continue to experience the pain to today. It had no effects on friendly bacteria and the digestion and other things still remain normal.

It is no coincidence, I tried every antibiotics there is in the drug store. None worked as well as the amazing sea salt. And to think, I had to suffer this pain for about a month!

In fact a simpler form of cure for acid reflux, and other complicated disease, people should just first try a 1-2 teaspoon of sea salt ONE single dose and see if it works. It is a miracle this sea salt and it does kill off unfriendly bacteria. If improvement is seen, but not completely cured, then take it on the SECOND week, one single dose too! On empty stomach of course.

Sea salt is still a miracle in my book and people should just give it a chance!

Replied by Susan

Have been fighting a UTI for 16 days naturally as antibiotics no longer work. Tries the seas salt and I feel much better that day. The next day symptoms returned so I did it again. I felt really good for the whole day. Today I took no salt and the symptoms returned.

Can I keep doing this? Do you have any other suggestions?

Thank you for your time.

Replied by Nho
San Antonio. Tx
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I was having slow improvement until I switch to Celtic salt. It worked quickly then.