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Sea Salt Questions

Posted by Scott (Sun Prairie, USA) on 07/28/2008

Ted, thank you so much for your contributions here. I too am aware of the global plan for population control. It sadly seems to be working. However, with the input from this site and others like it. The world may sooner awaken.

I have a few questions and some additional information if I may.

Is it true that the type of sea salt ingested in a diet can help reestablish a "base" in regards to a body's requirement of trace minerals? Along with adding other life important factors such as "life force" and Iodine/Iodide as well? Isn't this true of water also? Like Artesian spring water over most bottled waters or tap water? The life force, trace minerals and purity of which are so important? Does the body itself when ingesting these combination's create the perfect "saline" or "PH" solution within the body of which is so important? Like the saline content within an egg of which a human embryo develops? In your opinion is it this "unbalance of saline" which may very well contribute to birth defects of new born babies? Is it also safe to say that most psychological disorders also stem from simple nutritional deficiencies which contribute to "chemical Imbalances"?

Some Sea Salts I'm aware of contain up to 84 trace minerals. The ancients claimed salt was worth its weight in gold. How were the Pharaohs to live a long life without it? Doesn't salt preserve the body and also kill fungi? Isn't Cancer just a Fungi? A Candida Yeast over growth, and by balancing the body's PH level...A person eliminates the odds of getting Cancer or the other diseases that live in a state of acidosis? Isn't formaldehyde used to preserve the dead a type of antifungal and is even produced by our own bodies in very small amounts similarly like Hydrogen Peroxide but only in very small amounts. Does this formaldehyde naturally produced by the body help in defending the body against fungi?

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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You have many questions, but basically most of the health benefits of sea salt comes from a couple of issues, we drink so much water we may loose salinity. On the other hand, if we eat so much processed food, we have a lot more salinity, but can result in trace mineral deficiencies. The "life force" may have to do with certain monoatomic elements found in sea salt that may not be found in tap water. A tap water is now often polluted with fluorine and chlorine. Now we find many pharma drugs in trace amount in our tap water. The life force of any water can easily be tested with a bean sprout germination comparing between tap water and a natural water source. The differences is quite often large and this may explain why farmer have trouble growing plants without rain water, even though there is plenty of irrigated water. As to the Pharoahs, some may live a long life from consuming monoatomic elements the source is presently not known, but what is known is you can get it from sea salt. Monoatomic elements were created also from precious metals. So the assumption of their no consuming may have been lost in history.

As to the health benefits of salt and preservation, in excess it does that, but it's not necessarily healthy to take too much sea salt either. It causes headaches. On the other extreme, not consuming at all added to the food can create trace mineral deficiencies. The issue of something in water may always be a mystery. For instance, I have noted that if a small amount of battery is applied to water, even over a week after which is applied, the health benefits of water is still seen through my own series of germination plant experiment. Water may have a "memory effect". It it didn't the plant would have grown at an equally rate with other water, which it didn't. A plant growing near a metal rod or a t.v. antenna, will cause the plants treated with that water to grow faster. But strangely enough. If another tray water is treated with magnet nearby the tray with an antenna, even within 1-3 feet, the surrounding energy fields will concentrated to the water treated with magnetic source, causing the t.v. antenna treated water (electromagnetic radiation), to have a stunting effect. Even more strange is that even a trace hydrogen gas in the parts per billion range in a water has an effect in increasing plant growth much more and is found in very high amounts in sacred healing water throughout the world. So it may be not just the sea salt, there is a lot of hidden element in the water itself. Maybe people cannot explain why the current popularity occurs in drinking mineral water half way around the world, but one cynical view is tap water now contains fluorine, chlorine, free heavy metals (in a majority homes I tested!) and now I hear there is presence of trace amount of drugs from pharma industry found in a local tap water.

A simple nutritional imbalance very often contribute to psychological problems. One example I had of a case of a severe depression by one reader. Although this one had tried other vitamins before, such as vitamin C, folic acid, or even sun gazing, nothing seemed to work. However, she missed selenium and when selenium supplements were given the depression was controlled. There was no need for prozac. In many studies now conducted, many violent crime are now found to be one of nutritional issues, which resulted in hypoglycemia. Inducing hypoglycemia is easy just eat junk food to cause blood sugar spikes. When this happens excess insulin is produced resulting in very low blood sugar. A majority of criminals of violent behavior were the result of consuming junk foods, cokes, cookies, candies, etc. When the diet was change to be a more healthy diets, in which blood sugar no longer spiked, hypoglycemia disappeared and the person's violent behavior disappeared. Many couldn't believe he was a changed person. I have a lot of experience in noticing behavioral changes, before things get out of hand and people were hurt. In one cases the argument was so severe that a niacinamide 500 mg was given before it becomes violent. Within 30 minutes the argument calmed down. This has happened not just niacinamide, but also amino acid supplements. I remember there was a high correlation between violent behavior (suicide and homicide) in places where lithium was very low, such as the middle east, while in other places, very peaceful, such as in many mineral springs in Europe, which had high lithium content. The lithium drinking water can be added at only 1 -5 parts per million will get results in reducing reported violent, but it is not done, with the exception of a more toxic addition to drinking water as fluorine which is not an essential mineral as in lithium or even selenium. The easiest way to resolve a lot of problems of trace mineral deficiency is simply adding a small amount of sea salt in a drinking water.

As to the question of formaldehyde, I once took them, in the form of artificial sugar, these breakdown in the body into methanol and formaldehyde, which I once was tested positive for methanol in the blood after ingestion a long time back from eating aspartame. That destroys the neural system, and then the body becomes metabolic acidosis, and that can induce a chain of events such as lowered immune system, brain damage (you see from a brain scan, such as SPECT scan after ingestion of aspartame by about 6 hours that the damage was done). Those are some of the examples of consuming artificial sugars and diet products. So metabolic acidosis lead to candida issues, when combined with high sugar intakes.


Replied by Barbara
Denver, Co

Ted, I have been asking this question of all the so called "health" food sources and sites, with no answer yet that I can trust. Then I thought of you, and I am hoping you can ease my concerns.

I was using Himalayan Pink salt for a couple months, happy to have discovered it and finding it very affordable compared to Celtic sea salts. Then I read on one of the more popular health advisor sites that they did not recommend the Himalayan salt, as it was naturally very high in fluoride and heavy metal contamination. I am no scientist, but started researching as best I could, looking for some answers. There is so much conflicting information out there! I got as far as finding a chemical analysis of it, and it is extremely high in fluoride, but then read from another site that since it is naturally occuring calcium fluoride rather than mfg. Sodium fluoride that the body could handle much higher amounts without danger. But then the next guy says fluoride in either form is toxic.

What is the real deal? And what about the presence of lead, mercury and cadmium and aluminum? What, if any, are safe levels?

Like I said, it is the most affordable priced salt out there, but I don't want to save a few bucks a month and lose my health. Thank you for this site. It is amazing.