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Other Salts Effective?

Posted by Mark (Staffs, England) on 08/11/2006

Would like to ask Ted on the effectivness of Himalyan crystal salts to balance ph levels and clean acid wastes out of the body.

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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Mark: Most natural salts, wherever the salts come from are generally acceptable. The pink color of salts have to do with different mineral makeup of the salts. Generally mineral rich salts are preferable, but not a requirement as this can be added from fulvic acid, but sea salts often come from Dead Sea, Himalayan, Celtic etc. The secret is really is to buy many varieties of salts is best used rather from any specific area so you will get a broad spectrum of various minerals from various places. I tend to favor buying sea salts from all over the world, if you can find it!

For me I buy my sea salts from Thailand sources only because they are cheap and easy to obtain. Since sea salts here can be purchased directly from the supermarket. I will then add the fulvic/humic acid separately to get the required minerals.

Most of the pH balancing will come from the bicarbonates or the citrates which is often the case. There is still a gray area which works the best, but in practice for me it is the bicarbonates and the citrates together that seemed to work the best. A sea salt will often have varying quantities of magnesium being the most important elements, and dead sea salts often have the most. For me I simply will add the magnesium chloride separately and buy the sea salt locally as being a more practical means of getting the nutrients I need.

The detoxification is often due to the chlorides in the salts and the required added magnesium, borax and sodium thiosulfate which is really responsible most of your body's needs to detoxify by way of detoxifying the chlorine, fluorides and other poisons. Magnesium is generally important in the detoxification process as well as the bicarbonates and especially the citrate being mostly responsible for reduce inflammation and chelation of toxic free radicals out of your body.

I am currently experimenting whether reducing the surface tension of water will have biological effects, through the adding of sulfurated castor oil at the moment is just one of my many ways of doing it.

My experiments have shown that reduced surface water tension and reduced water molecular cluster is important, but finding the best means to do this I am currently looking into. Reduced surface tension of water will allow it to enter easily into the cells and remove the toxins.

The secret is really to imitate rain water and certain healing spring's water being the best ways to start. One additional element that you might consider of course is the ORP readings of you water, which should ideally be less then negative -200. Your drinking water is currently positive +400 generally which means it is a free radical drinking water, and is stealing your precious electrons. Only biologically active water is what your body needs, not dead ones.