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Symptoms of Salt Overdose?

Posted by Marc (Star City, IN) on 07/19/2007

I have two questions: What are the symptoms or signs of salt overdose? I use Himalayan salt and love it, but recently got severe aches and heaviness in my legs and some joint pain. I hope it wasn't the salt, but I'd like to know what things would indicate that I'm taking too much salt and/or salt water [sole].

My other question body temp is always low, usually averages 96. I take iodine internal and apply it externally too. Sometimes my temp will spike up to 97, but it goes down again. I eat very health and exercise too. Anything else I can do to get my temp up to normal? Thanks!

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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If sea salt was taken too much such as over 1 teaspoon of liter of water, that I think is too much. The remedy often requires only 1/4 teaspoon of sea salt to water. So this depends on the dose, if small than it is not likely if too much than it may cause heaviness. Drinking enough water or diluting the water with sufficient sea salt would not cause much harm.

Yes, Iodine may cause temporary spikes in body temperature if the dose is small but a more frequent dose may cause longer increase. Other supplements may also raise the metabolism such as small dose of lithium citrate 10 mg before bedtime, where some metabolic should increase over the course of a day.

While coffee sounds interesting from metabolism due to the caffeine content, it might lower the metabolism from the theobromine content, which tends to be antagonistic with the iodine as bromine competes iodine in the thyroid.

Vitamin A is synergistic with thyroid whenever iodine is taken so I would problably add vitamin A slso. The other thing is fluoride and other halogens such as chlorinated and fluoridated water and toothpaste should be avoided as they also block iodine function. While on the other hand taken bath in borax (boron) or a small pinch of borax in a glass of water now and then removes the body of fluoride, where fluoride might block the glandular functions as they tend to accumulate in the pineal glands which governs the circadium rhythm and hence, metabolism also.

Certain amino supplements may also raise the metabolism so maybe amino supplements may also be helpful, at least eating more fish and reducing the portion of meats in place of fish might help too. Oily foods and high calcium foods may block normal hormonal functions which may lower the body's metabolism. Therefore, taking some lime plus sodium bicarbonate remedy may remove excess serum calcium so that glandular functions don't get block increase oxygen into the blood, and hence, increase in metabolism.