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Posted by D on 03/06/2008

Dear Ted, I have a new problem (it is almost ridiculous for me): hyperthyroidsm! The fact is that I had hypothyroidism a few months after my daughter was born 3 years ago. So when I realized that I was gaining weight instead of losing it after the birth of my son in November I increased the amount of kelp that I had been taking since the first problems with my thyroid. Before I was taking two capsules a day of 640mg. After the birth of my son I started taking 4 of these capsules a day. I also got some vitamine E, some gugulpid and forskolin, herbs to increase thyroid function. I took very little of these herbs though. Sorry to bother you all the time (as if you were a paid doctor) but who can help me? I try to help people the more that I can on these issues out of gratitude for your free advice! My nurse at Columbia wants me to go see an endocrinologist. I think that I probably took too much kelp and herbs. I stopped taking them (but the goiter that I developed these weeks is still there) I haven't been taking them for 2 weeks now. Do you suggest me just to wait? Thank you so much again for everything!!!

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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Dear Daniela: The present state of hyperthyroid and hypothyroid right not is a lot of confusion and disinformation as well as certain key information not being mentioned that some people, at least me, needs to make some mention.

Firstly if you take too much iodine, the thyroid can swell up appearing like a goiter. On the other hand too little iodine the thyroid can swell up just the same.
There was a woman I have recently met, and she has a hypothyroidism, or a small enlarge thyroid that won't go away. But the cause has a lot to do with non-iodine issues, such as a simple thyroid infection, usually from a respiratory problems, or that there is thyroiditis, causing the enlargement which can mean a either a hypothyroidism or a hyperthyroidism. The most interesting fact is taking too much calcium lowers the iodine level causing hypothyroid, which is commonly found in many vegetarian and potato diets. Vegetables has high levels of calcium. Cow's need not drink milk to produce milk, there's plenty from the grass they are eating. So obviously taking more magnesium, less calcium and boron supplements will counter that effects. In fact too much calcium relates to increased fungus and mycoplasma which also tends to promote the thyroid function. One interesting fact I learned from an accident woman was that the head trauma and body trauma causes muscles alignment, stress and pulls to be out of place which tends to disturb the lymph node function. The disturbed lymph node function can accumulate and cause lumps on the throat too, and lack of lymphatic flows due to obstruction due to physical trauma can cause the thyroid or lymph in the surrounding area to swell up, and an infection can lead to excess thyroid function due to irritation and inflammation or even excess calcium accumulating in the pituitary glands (or lack of sleep) can result in lowered TSH (thyroid stimulating hormone) leading to hyperthyroidism. A hyperthyroidism is what leads to hair loss that I have noted in your previous postings regarding that although I didn't 'know about you having this condition, otherwise, the remedy would me much simpler.

A thyroiditis, or a thryoid infection is a more common one that has been wrongly explained where iodine or lack of iodine is the cause, when in some cases it was due to accident and respiratory illness. Therefore antibiotic supplements might help prevent thyroiditis, such as olive leaf extract, green tea no sugar, hydrogen peroxide 1% applied to the throat area, alkalizing using the lemon and baking soda remedy that reduces excess calcium buildup that can initiated an iodine deficiency by blockages. A mycoplasma or mycobaterium can cause the goiter to swell up as well as low grade sickness of viral causes is also quite possible and olive leaf extract can do that too. Excess heavy metals such as mercury, iron can also generate this problem too.

Interestingly a thyroditis can be an immunity issue due to lack of vitamin D3, K2 which is often occurs after pregnancy due to such a deficiency in giving milk, especially the vitamin D and it also relates to lowered magnesium, too much zinc or too little zinc, too much copper or too little copper that relates to the thyroid condition also.

The simplest way to get out of this condition at least from a sudden turn of events from hypothyroidism to a hyperthyroidism, at least is look over whether a person has respiratory illness, breathing difficulties, eating too much (most common) calcium or too little calcium, too little vitamin D, imbalances of copper and zinc, lymph nodes and lymphatic blockages are affected, and finally to treat them as a mycobacterium problems before dealing with the issue of iodine. Since in general people don't get hyperthroidism from taking kelp, since there is a lot of bromine in them to prevent too much iodine, but it could be moldy house, fungus, and other more common ones that I happen to see more than my fair share of goiter and enlarged thyroid due to excessive taking of antibiotics. Antibiotics by the way is a fungus and seems to support fungus growth, and if it happens to find its way into the thyroid glands it leads to the "autoimmunity", where anitfungal remedy is the borax 1/4 teaspoon in 1 liter of drinking water, plus sufficient alkalinity such as 1/2 teaspoon of baking soda in 1/2 glass of water twice a day, for example. Deep massage and lymphatic dranage and treatment of respiratory disorders as well as lower intake of carbohydrates and complete avoidance of aspartamen, and fluoride product is important as fluoride and chlorine found in water and toothpaste cause the pituitary to produce less TSH, causing hyperthyroidism, which leads to a swollen thyroid too. Therefore borax remedy should reduce the fluoride, while sodium thiosulfate drops should neutralize the chlorinated water. Alloxan found in bread seems to cause glandular problems, such as thyroiditis and certain propionic acid or other toxins found in the bread seems to block lymphatic drainage.

A more direct method of treating a thyroiditiis is the use of hot castor oil packs which consists of a small towel soaked with castor oil applied to the problem throat area with a not too hot water bag. Thyroidism and possibly autoimmunity initiated by fungus can be also reduced by reducing them through alkalizing as well as borax remedy too. Excess free heavy metals can also lead to this so chlorella and spirulina might still be considered too. It should be noted that goiter size can reduce or increase in a day from the things we do, and if observant enough should give us some clues what was done right or wrong too.

Still pituitary glands problems from calcium, fluoride, and chlorine should also be noted that it can also lead to hyperthyroidism due to lowered output of thyroid stimulating hormone by the pituitary gland.

Replied by Colleen
Minneapolis, Minnesota

Ted- Now I'm really confused as to what method I should start on with my hypothyroidism. I had my thyroid checked about five years ago and the doctor said I had a slight thyroid problem (It was over 7!!!), but the doc said that it wasn't bad enough to put me on hormones for the rest of my life. I did the Barnes Basal test and I had a low temp on all days. I can have a below normal temp with the flu!!! So I guess what I'm asking is what is the best way to start out. There's so much information out there and on this site (Which is great by the way) that it's difficult to know where to start.