Bulging Eyes

Posted by J on 02/05/2007

My girlfriend's daughter has a serious hyper thyroid case with bulging eyes she had iodine procedure done and recently had surgery. Today she was spitting up blood, we are still waiting to hear back from her as she is in the emergency room. What would you suggest? Thanks J

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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My personal opinion concerns a case of a horse that had hyperthyroidism and a biopsy performed which turns out to be some sort of fungus which initiated irritation and inflammation and hence causes excess production. The remedy was relieved with an antifungal remedy. In a simple human remedy an application of lavender in the throat area might remotely lessen that sort of irritation which caused the overproduction of thyroxin. Other anti-inflammatory remedies are also possible from dark cocoa, amongst other thing, which is a flavonoid antioxidant also. Although alkalization and perhaps even the use of sodium thiosulfate (dechlorinator) added to drinking water may also have reduce the inflammation. A longer term baking soda and potassium (plus 1/8 teaspoon xylitol to remove the offending organism) might have help. However, that's probably not answering your questions. Basically in a surgical recovery, the best remedies to help this appears to be aloe vera juice, and some vitamin K usually 100 mcg twice a day to help with the clotting, thus reducing spitting of blood. Ted

Replied by Bpamelac
Santa Fe, New Mexico

I have had my thyroid removed and they want me to take an iodine radiation capsule. I'm afraid, is there any alternative natural one? pam