Parathyroid Gland Remedies Needed

Posted by Carol on 06/26/2008

Hello Ted: I wrote to you several months ago but did not hear anything back so I thought I would write again. I was diagnosed with hyperparathyroidism and the only solution the medical community has is to remove one or more of the parathyroid glands which is a tricky operation and does not seem to me to be addressing the cause only the symptom. Right now I am seeing an Ayervedic practitioner who has me on several herbs. He says I have severe malabsorption and very low kidney function-this showed in the blood work also. I have tried eliminating fluoride from my diet and water as much as possible even buying a shower filter that is supposed to remove fluoride but who knows if it really does but I have read that fluoride is not good for the parathyroids. I am also taking vitamin D although there is controversy over taking it when you have this condition as you already have too much calcium in the blood and the concern is that you could make things worse and possibly cause a stroke. I am so frustrated with this-there is practially no information anywhere on this disease other than cut, cut, cut. Thank you in advance for any information you can give me.


Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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Parathyroid is an interesting one and hair mineral analysis will point to possible deficiency and excess of it. However if a parathyroid is affected, it requires a more effort in general to normalize them in supplements. For example in the condition of hypoparathyroidism, the use of vitamin D requires a dose of 50,000 to 200,000 i.u., while rickets require only between 5,000 to 50,000 i.u. per day. This does not mean more vitamin D or less vitamin D should be taken, but that a blood vitamin D level needs to be examined, whether they occur within a fairly normal range, since it is the kidneys which produces the active form of vitamin D.

Interestingly a magnesium may indirectly lower the vitamin D level as it opposes calcium, thus lowers hyperactivity of parathyroid. Sometimes however, in event of a kidney failure, a parathyroid hormone might produce a lot (one scenario) in order to cause the kidneys to produce more vitamin D. In any event hyperparathyroid may be related to kidney problems and blood vitamin D level can be one way to check for possible kidney problems. Assuming it was a kidney problem, then the guilty party may not be a parathyroid problems. For example, an infection of a kidney can lead to either overproduction or underproduction of active vitamin D levels. When this happens, a parathyroids tries as best as it can to balance the vitamin D, hopelessly, leading to either hypoparathyroid and hyperparathyroid problems. Therefore, fixing the parathyroid is not the answer in event of a kidney or renal failure.

Replied by Mary Ann
Albany, NY

Yes, most doctors want to remove the parathyroid gland even though it will cause underactive parathyroid and may even injure vocal cord! Yes, on the Internet there are many cases of folks who lost their voice due to this surgery! I have noticed improvement in my condition after taking herbs to improve thyroid. Yes, I know: they say that parathyroid and thyroid are two different glands but for me it helped to take herbs for thyroid and improve its funcitons (my thyroid levels were low). Next, taking estrogenic herbs (I am in menopause) helped me too! I am considering taking bioidentical hormones not only to relieve my ugly menopausal symptoms (I just hate menopause!!!) but also to slow down the bone loss caused by overactive parathyroid. This constant advice to remove parathyroid gland makes me just irritated because it looks like modern medicine just loves to remove body parts instead of addressing the underlying cause of all this. My next step this month is to see a Naturopathic Doctor and finally addressing the cause of this condition, not just removing the symptoms and cutting body parts! They removed my gallbladder ten years ago and I have not been able to digest foods ever since - it screw up my digestion totally and permanently! So, ever since that totally unecessary surgery I am very vigillant about surgeries: its easy to cut this or that body part but the consequences can be worse than prior to the surgery, like my unfortunate agreement to remove the gallbladder! I believe in alternative medicine, integrative medicine, and naturopathic medicine. At least they address the whole body - as it should be!!